How to Make Your Makeup Look Natural in Videos

You would see a lot of actors and actresses who would be wearing different makeup look on television and in movies. Some of their makeup would look completely natural. At times, they want their makeup to look over-the-top.

Makeup artists are incredibly skilled to make people look more beautiful on screen. If you know that you are going to be filmed but you do not have any budget to hire a makeup artist, how are you going to apply your own makeup? The very first thing that you have to check is if you have the right makeup at home.

How to Make Your Makeup Look Natural in Videos
How to Make Your Makeup Look Natural in Videos

There are some companies that give out makeup samples for free. You can try them out and who knows? When you are convinced of the makeup’s staying power and easy application, you may want to get the actual product. You may have a few ideas of the makeup that you would like to use for a long time. Or at least, until you need to replace them.

You have to remember that cameras have the ability to accentuate wrinkles even though they are not actually that visible in person. They can make people look bigger than they are actually are. Makeup that looks shiny will normally look washed out in videos. You need to choose the makeup that will bring out your natural skin color and will make you look really great.

These are some of the things that you can do to have more natural-looking makeup in videos:

  •  You need to use a shade of eyebrow pencil that is lighter than your natural skin color in order to help define your natural eyebrows more. It will also be easier to create the desired lines that will make your eyebrows look more natural. If you would choose a dark-colored eyebrow pencil, it might make your eyebrows look like one big blob.
  •  Learn the art of applying your lipstick with a brush. There are some people who have more natural-looking lips on camera because they have managed to apply their lipstick properly. Applying lipstick with a brush will reduce the possibility of having a lipstick that is applied too heavily. Lipstick that is too thick will have the tendency to make anyone look older on video.
  •  You truly need to use a concealer to make sure that your problem areas will not stand out in pictures. You should just use a minimum amount of concealer and make sure that you will blend properly.
  •  It is important that you will blend your foundation properly because the light from the camera will always bounce off your face. If there are uneven areas, this will be obvious through your pictures. In order to blend properly, you need to have a beauty blender or a concealer brush.
  •  If you are going to use eyeshadow, you can use three shades to make your eyes appear larger in photos. The first shade will be used to highlight and they will be placed at the corner of the eyes. The darker shade will be placed near the fold of the eyelids and the neutral shade will be placed on your eyelids.

If you would follow all of these tips, you can have makeup that will look amazing not only on videos but also in pictures.

Ways to Launch a Film Career

Most people think that getting into the film industry is as simple as picking up a camera and going to shoot a movie. The truth is that there is a lot more that goes into the process, and success is usually after numerous failures. In this article, we are going to take a look at some ways to launch a film career.

Connect with Mentors

The first step to launching your career in film is by getting a mentor who can guide you through the whole process.

Hustle Smart

It is important to work smart and ensure that the hustle actually pays. Instead of just acting, for example, one can also learn how to write scripts, generating their own material, something that will definitely make you a better director in the future.

Progress Slowly

Your success isn’t going to come overnight, and so you shouldn’t think that as soon as you’re done shooting the film you’ll emerge a huge success. You need to take it one step at a time, film after film until you finally get there. It could even take you up to two decades, which requires a lot of patience and resilience. That is the reason why film really has to be your calling and not something that you just want to get into to make a name and money. It has to be a dream that you’re ready to fight for.

Ways to Launch a Film Career
Ways to Launch a Film Career

Top 10 Sci-Fi Anime Shows

Still, in film, we are now going to take a look at some sci-fi anime shows. Science fiction is something that plays with our imagination and can be in all manner of genres. In this part of the article, we are going to take a look at the top 10 science fiction anime shows according to Anime Whiz.

Cowboy Bebop

This one tops the list, based in the future, 2071, when the earth is an unlivable place due to a hyperspace technology accident. There is a bounty that is put on the worst criminals, for cowboys to find them. The story revolves around Spike Spiegel and his partner, Jet Black. Behop is their home. Both of them are cowboys, whose stories the plot follows.


This is a Production I.G. property that has been influenced by movies like Blade Runner. It is also set in the future, where humans have technology that can detect those that are likely to omit crimes. If a person’s “Psycho-Pass” is lower than the set standards, that person is arrested. It revolves around pursuing fugitives by enforcers.

Ergo Proxy

This movie revolves around a doomed city in a completely automated and controlled world. An inspector has to investigate murders done by corrupted androids.


This is about a guy that has a bounty on him, but the thing is that he can’t remember what led to his having such a huge bounty on his head.


This story revolves around a biker gang that gets involved in a military recovery of an escaped experimental subject.

Steins Gate

This revolves around a scientist that is mentally unstable, and on a conference on time travel.


This is for those that can handle a lot of violence and gory images that include guts. It revolves around characters that died and resurrected.

Crest / Banner of the Stars

This show revolves around the relationship between a human boy forced into an alien culture, and another that is supposed to be the heir of the empire.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

It is similar to the 1995 Ghost in the Shell film, but not an exact adaptation. The timeline is different and it revolves around high-grade military cyborgs in this crime serial and sci-fi action series.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

This anime revolves around two galactic powers that are grappling for political and military powers.


The anime mentioned above are some of the best in sci-fi. These are some of the flicks that those wishing to join the film industry can consider aping.

How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pets are good but sometimes getting rid of their fur can be cumbersome. There is also a large population that is allergic to pet hair but still love pets, so the solution is a strategy to get rid of the hair. While there are many vacuums in the market, there are those that are particularly suited for pet hair. Filmmakers can, therefore, have pets without worrying about pet fur or allergies. Some of the factors that they can keep in mind when looking for a pet vacuum include:

How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair
How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair

Filter system

One of the most important components of a pet vacuum is the filter system. Most of the common standard vacuums only do away with dust and large particles sending the microparticles back to the air which may not be very good if you have allergies. If you are looking for a vacuum that will deal with fur and per allergens, then you will need a vacuum with fine filters to filter out even the tiniest particle. While checking the filter system, make sure that it is HEPA certified. When it comes to filters, there are also filters that do odor filtration hence if you are sensitive about odors that’s the path to take.

Suction power

If you are looking for a vacuum to clear away microparticles and allergens, then you would want to go for a machine with strong suction power. Just because a machine is a fancy or high end does not necessarily mean that it has a strong suction power and hence it is important to check for that. The good thing about a machine with a strong suction power is that it can suction dirt off cracks and hard to reach places. It can get rid of all the fine hairs that may be left by pets beneath carpet fibers.

Bagged vs Bagless

Vacuums can either be bagged or bagless. For allergy sufferers, they prefer to go for bagged vacuums as it contains all the suctioned dirt well and all you have to do is throw away the bag without having to empty it. Bagless vacuums also work out for some people too and save them the hustle of having to purchase bags. You should, however, be aware that emptying the trash bag will release allergens back into the air while you have been trying to get rid of it, so it doesn’t make sense.

Cord vs cordless

Vacuums can either be battery operated or corded. If you will be working where there is no socket nearby, it is better to go for the cordless variety. Both corded and cordless do the job, it all depends on your preference. If you decide to go for the corded variety, be sure to check the length to make sure it is a comfortable length so that it does not inconvenience you. The cordless is very convenient but the problem is it uses a battery and you may be obliged to change your batteries often.

Click here to learn more on vacuums.

8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet

We all like to snuggle up with our furry friends when it is cold or wet outside or when we are battling the nasty flu.  One of the best things to do as you snuggle with your beloved dog or cat is to catch a movie, eat some popcorn, have a cup of hot chocolate and simply relax while giving your pet some tender loving care.

8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet
8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet

Lots of people miss out on the fun of spending time with their pets and of snuggling up on cold days because they fear pet hair on clothes and upholstery.  If only you had the right cleaning tools such as a pet hair vacuum like the ones found here, you too would be able to make your pets part of the family by bringing them inside for cuddle time.

If it is time for you to turn into a couch potato and if you love animals then you will absolutely adore the following best animal and pet films ever created. 

1.     Lady and the Tramp

This is one of the most romantic movies ever created.  Even you as a human can relate to Lady as she falls for the rough and courageous back alley guy with his charming personality.  The film was released back in 1955 and is still just as entertaining to this very day. 

2.     101 Dalmatians

The Dalmatians series are good for a watch whether you prefer the original animated version or have a need to see real life spotted dogs in the 1996 films.

3.     The Lion King

If you haven’t seen this movie just yet then there is something very wrong in your life. Seriously.  The Lion King is one of the all-time best movies ever created and a modern version is expected to be released in July 2019.

4.     Free Willy

Free Willy was a big hit in 1993 and will provide you with lots of entertainment if you are looking for something deep, classy and dramatic to watch.

5.     Seabiscuit

Love horses?  Then you definitely need to watch Seabiscuit right now.  This movie is based on the life of a thoroughbred racehorse that obtained multiple winnings in his life.  While the movie doesn’t reflect the life of the real Seabiscuit it sure is an interesting watch.

6.     Hachi – A Dogs Tale

This is a good watch for anyone that loves beautiful dogs and for those that have always been in love with Richard Gere’s charming looks.  Hachi is a superb family drama to watch with your pet or with the entire family.

7.     Air Bud

If you have a love for Golden Retrievers or are busy enjoying your movie festival with one of these beautiful dogs then you can certainly look out for Air Bud.  The whits of the dog in this 1997 film will amaze you.

8.     Eight Below

This survival drama is based on the events of three members of a scientific expedition and their findings in the very cold arctic.  This is a good watch for anyone that loves adventure films or Huskies.

Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

Making A Film? This Is How You Can Keep It Legal!

When you are in business, the best way you can keep doing it without any trouble is to meet all the legal requirements. When we talk about the filmmaking industry, there are some legal prerequisites you must meet.

Otherwise, you might end up in a situation where you have done more than half of your work but now it is all closed. Getting out of such troubles can cost you a lot. To help you keep your work trouble-free, pay attention to these tips and make your profession smooth for you.

  1. There is a license for royalty music. Keep a copy that with your video files and make sure you understand what’s written in it and how you can use it.
  2. If you are using clips from the copyrighted film, it should be cleared because you cannot use it without permission whether it is music or recognizable people in the clip.
  3. There are conditions if you are making a realistic film. You cannot make a product part of the story or make a camera stay on it for a while without permission.
  4. Using things without permission will get you in trouble. You better create your own thing if you couldn’t get permission.
  5. Oral permissions are just like no permission. So, better keep it in writing. Some are good with verbal on-camera permission but it is still better to have it in writing. Because the distributors might require it.
  6. Keep the alternatives in mind because you do not always get permission.
  7. You can film people in public places without their permission. It is legal but the same is not the case with private people. Distributors show concern over it and due to such reason, they often pass on the project.
  8. You cannot use a license plate, a street address and the name of an identifiable person in your film. For this very reason, many filmmakers just blur just kind of information. Your legal department should know about all this.
  9. When you are making a film/video, you need to understand the legal issues. Some filmmakers have an attorney hired who can help them make decisions for them. You can also find books by famous attorneys who have worked as intellectual property law or entertainment law attorneys.
  10. In case you are facing a lawsuit because someone put you in harm, make sure you do not get into a budget-trouble. Because some legal processes require a lot of money and they also demand your time. There are possibilities that you start spending most of your time running through those legal processes and your budget gets shackled. Meanwhile, your profession gets affected. How can you cope up with all this? You might be thinking of a way where you can get your money before resolution of the case. Well, this is possible as you can obtain a loan on your lawsuit.

Borrowing against your settlement would make it possible for you to get the best possible amount settlement amount. In order to get this loan, you would have to approach a funding company. They would look into your case and make an assessment of the amount you might get against the lawsuit. You can just stop waiting for the case to the end and get your money from a good funding company. The best part about this loan is, you won’t have to pay it back even if you lose the case. This is why it’s different from the bank loan.

Ways of Creating Happy Memories

There are those happy memories that we keep dear, whether they are from our childhood, events, or experiences. When we visit exciting places we often have good memories of those places and even hope to relieve them again. When we propose to our spouses and they say yes, go ahead and wed, and thereafter, go on honeymoons, those are memories that we might never relive, but will forever cherish. One of the best ways of ensuring that we can see or relieve these memories is through videos, which we can take of the events, which makes the film industry very important. In this article, we are going to discuss ways of creating happy memories.

Ways of Creating Happy Memories
Ways of Creating Happy Memories

Notice and highlight positive attributes and behaviors

Despite the need to always ensure that the kids are being raised in an upright manner, which could mean correcting, reprimanding or disciplining, it is also right to recognize their positive attributes and even reward them when they do well. Show interest in the things that interest the kids. These attributes forge better relationships and also resilience.

Play with your kids

Whenever kids laugh and enjoy themselves, it gives them something memorable to think about. That is the reason why we should play with them regularly. Spending happy times with parents makes kids more confident and gives them a feeling of self-worth.

Make a big deal about little things

Kids are excited by little things that wouldn’t actually matter to adults. Things like stopping to take a look at a bug with a child make it memorable to them. The child is growing and is just getting to notice some of these things, and even get excited about it.

Go on adventures

Adventures have always held dear for children, and just the thought of going on an adventure would excite any child. Going on an adventure doesn’t have to be an expensive affair as it could even involve letting the child choose the groceries, or choose the shopping.

Take time every night to be grateful

Never take anything for granted. Take your time to appreciate everything that has happened during the day. Let the kids write down the things which they are grateful for before they go to bed. Creating a journal will help to keep everything in perspective.

Custom Star Maps

Earlier we mentioned that one of the best ways to remember your memories is through videos. In this part of the article, we are going to focus on another way to remember those memories, through custom star maps. The custom star map keeps memories such as an engagement, a wedding, the first kiss, graduation, and many other memorable events. Custom star maps are available in sizes of 8×10 to 24×36, and are made of the best hand stretched canvas or museum quality matte paper for a stunning finish. Custom star maps make great gifts for anniversaries, weddings, engagements, and the birth of children, among other things. People can create their star map, choosing the designs and styles from the database that is packed with hundreds of thousands to choose from. The print arrives a few days after placing the order. The orders from Modern Map Art:

  • Come with free shipping in the US and Canada, which includes framed or canvas orders
  • Personalized gifts that people will love
  • Amazing quality matte paper and hand stretched canvas


We should all try and create memories for our children and even save them for future reference. Custom star maps are a great way of remembering those memories.

What to Do When You Get an On-Set Injury

What to Do When You Get an On-Set Injury

We all love to see those daring stunts that our favorite movie and series characters pull out on those exciting action and adventure shows that we love to watch so much.  But for the casting crew creating all of those stunts are not that easy to do or that safe to create.  Plenty of actors use stuntmen and women, not just so they can stay safe themselves but also so cameras can catch the best and most fascinating moves that are often just out of the reach of an average actor.  In fact, very few actors to perform their own stunts.  Jacky Chan, Christian Bale, Gina Carano, and Tom Cruise are a few of the most popular actors that actually do their own stunts.  There is nothing wrong with hiring a professional stuntman during filming but if these marvelous actors have inspired you to also do your own stunts then you need to know what to do in case of an on-site injury.

Ensure That Medical Personnel Are Standing By

If you are taking on something particularly dangerous then it is always best to ensure that a medical expert is close at hand to help you in case you fall or break something.  A medical expert on site can even mean the difference between life and death if your stunt is incredibly dangerous.  Kate Winslet, Jamie Alexander, Johnny Depp, Jason Statham, Aaron Paul, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Brenden Frasier are all-stars who came close to death while filming on site. 

Know What You Are In For

One of the biggest reasons some actors nearly died or got injured on site is because they didn’t know that they were in for.  When Brenden Frasier almost died while filming the hanging scene in The Mummy he didn’t know that the noose would actually be choking him or cause permanent damage to his vocal cords.   Try to find out exactly what your stunts are all about before diving in so you can stay safe.

Get Acquainted With a Good Lawyer

Befriending a personal injury lawyer like Blackburn & Green is one of the best things you can do if you are doing your own stunts.  These lawyers will guide you to the best safety steps so you can receive fair compensation should something go wrong while you are busy doing dangerous things while filming.  These lawyers are especially good for protecting you if the right safety protocells weren’t followed n site or if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence.

Is It Worth It To Get A Thrive Cart for Your Website?

If you have an online website that sells products, a thrivecart is what is responsible for beautiful checkout pages that are high converting.  The best part about having thrive cart is that you don’t have to know how to code in order to get monthly subscriptions or manage everything efficiently. There are different alternatives for thrivecart and they all have t heir own pros and cons depending on what you are looking for. Some of the features of thrivecart include: simple and well-done checkout pages, embeddable carts, coupons, payment systems, funnel builder, pop carts and popup upsell, webhooks among many others. You can use thrivecart for your website if:

Is It Worth It To Get A Thrive Cart for Your Website?
Is It Worth It To Get A Thrive Cart for Your Website?

You use autoresponders

Good thing with thrivecart is that it is well integrated with email autoresponders. It has several so you have the flexibility of choosing which ever is pleasing to you. Setting it up is a simple affair and it only takes a few clicks. Even if you use a different email marketing system, thrive cart can still work out for you. You can also use webhooks to send data to other services with an API.

Physical product seller

Thrive cart has mostly been embraced by those who sell physical products. It is best suitable because of the integrated payment systems since it has been built in to take payment. IN addition to that, it can get shipping information from customers which makes it very easy. It can take the shipping address from any country if there is need.

You deal with digital products

Digital products have risen in popularity in the recent past. With thrive cart, customers have the option of asking for details for the products of their choice. It also gives customers different payment options including PayPal and stripe. Thrivecart can be used in selling different digital products such as books, SaaS products and digital courses among many others.

You have subscription products

Subscription is one of the sure ways to keep your customers hooked. If you need to sell a subscription product, then you will need thrivecart. It will make it easy to take and manage subscription payments. It also gives you the flexibility of doing automations. In addition to that, it makes it easy to do customer management as it has a built-in customer management system.

You are a consultant

If you are a consultant who is looking for optimization and efficiency, then thrivecart will be the right solution for you. It will help you when it comes to an invoicing system among many other things. In order to be sure if thrivecart will work out for you, you need this Thrivecart review and also do additional research. You first need to start by defining your needs then you can compare the features and what thrivecart offers if it can meet your needs. As much as thrivecart will work for most ecommerce stores, it will not work for all of them such as multiproduct stores.

Are You A Car Fanatic? Must Watch These Top of All Time Car Films!

With new car movies being released every year, the list of top of them keeps on changing. For a car lover, it wouldn’t be a just one movie that he can put on the list of top movies of all the time.

Asking them to rank would be like asking a food lover to choose one favorite meal he can have all the time. That would not be enough for him, right? There’s a long list of best car movies and choosing just 5 of them is not really easy. Therefore, we have narrowed down the list to 5 best movies. Have a look!

Are You A Car Fanatic? Must Watch These Top of All Time Car Films!
Are You A Car Fanatic? Must Watch These Top of All Time Car Films!
  • Two-Lane Blacktop:

This is a film back from 1971. Main lead of this film is a young James Taylor and Dennis Wilson. They begin a journey across the united states racing a 1955 Chevy. A girl joins along the way and the role is played by Laurie Bird. This also results in a love triangle. Things get even more interesting when they meet a crazy man in a Pontiac GTO.

  • Dust to glory:

This is basically a documentary released in 2005. It is on world-famous Baja 1000 off-road race. You would have some adventures in mind to try on your own after watching this movie. This is very inspiring even if you are not a car-race kind of guy. You will get to see many famous racers in this documentary. Individuals from the automotive industry will also be seen such as Sal Fish and Mario Andretti.

  • Bullit:

You might have heard about Frank Bullitt if you really are into racing movies. This was the role, very famous, played by Steve McQueen. Many individuals still recognize him as Bullit who was a tough San Francisco cop. Green Ford Mustang and black dodge were the cars in car chase scenes. This is quite a thrilling movie.

  • Love the beast:

This is a documentary about a famous Australian actor Eric Bana. He loved cars and racing. He was chasing the role that could let him do what he loves. Later, he decided to make his own documentary where he shared his 25-years’ journey with a 1974 Ford XB Falcon Hardtop. Jeremy Clarkson, Jay Leno, and Dr. Phil made an appearance in the documentary.

  • The Fast and The Furious:

You have probably watched this one. This series has a special place in people’s heart since 2001. All its parts are inspiring and full of mind-blowing racing scenes.

Important: These car movies often prompt the viewers to practice some actions with their cars that can be dangerous. You must avoid them. Another imperative thing is, whenever you are on road with your vehicle, make sure you and your vehicle are insured whether it’s your personal or you are driving a commercial vehicle. Many insurance companies are offering really good deals where you get most of the benefits while saving your money. Yes, this can happen.

The alliance is getting popularity for commercial auto insurance Florida and other types of insurances i.e. health, home, life, and retirement. The best part of this insurance company is that you don’t have to stop by offices to offices in search of a fair deal. This is online and affordable. They have a form on their website that you fill and they give you a free quote. They also have happy customers and you can get to know what they say form the website. If the information on the website doesn’t suffice, you can directly call them to ask any question you have in your mind.

Top Documentaries to Watch While You Move

Moving from one city or state to another isn’t much fun unless of course, you have the right type of entertainment that you can watch on your tab during those boring car rides.  You will be surprised as to just how fast time flies when you are watching something intriguing like a fascinating documentary.  Turning your moving expedition into an educational spree certainly makes the entire move a lot more fun but the only way to have a blast and to save time so you can actually screen documentaries is by using a moving company. 

A trusted moving company like Umzug Luzern will take care of all of your moving needs for you.  They have all the needed transportation vehicles, they are highly experienced and they even have storerooms to keep items safe for you. With a company like this taking care of the move you will have plenty of time for the following terrific documentaries?

Top Documentaries to Watch While You Move
Top Documentaries to Watch While You Move

Farmlands (2018)

If you want to view something truly surprising then this is the right type of documentary to screen.  Farmlands involve an investigation to the present South Africa where ruling governments are trying to implement racial laws that enforce white landowners to give up their land without compensation.  The documentary also takes a look at mysterious nationwide farm killings of between 5,057 – 5,710 people since 1990 in the most gruesome methods you have ever heard of.

The Act of Killing (2012)

This documentary focuses on an anti-communist purge in Indonesia that happened between 1965 and 1966.  The documentary focuses on mass killings that totaled 400,000 – 3,000,000 victims and it gives viewers a closer look at all surrounding elements that lead to these mass killings.

The Fog of War (2003)

This is an Oscar-winning documentary from Errol Morris.  The documentary surrounds U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and his and the government’s involvement in the Vietnam War.  It is a terrific documentary for history lovers and for those who have always been interested in the larger context that surrounded this devastating war.

Sound and Fury (2000)

It is always good to take a hard look at what disabled people go through on a daily basis and this documentary certainly is a good place to start.  The documentary follows the Artinians that consist of three generations of deaf and hearing members and their journeys.

The Up Series (1964-2012)

This series certainly is an interesting watch for anyone and especially parents.  The series was created by Michael Apted who profiled 14 children for a television series 7 Up.  The series showed children and interviewed them about their dreams, hopes, and desires.  Every few years a new documentary would be released showing how these specific children changed physically and emotionally as they grew.  The last of the series was 57 up.

The Holocaust Auschwitz Documentary (2015)

The Holocaust is to this very day one of the most destructive times in existence and it is important to never forget the lessons that can be learned from what happened in this time.  During this time of genocide that stretched from 1941 – 1945 between 700,000 and 2,500,000 Jews in the Soviet Union were killed by German soldiers in some of the most shocking acts of mass murder the world had ever seen.