Skateboarding’s Most Challenging Tricks

Most experienced skateboarders are aware that successfully landing medium-to-advanced skateboarding tricks will instantly capture the attention of even the most unassuming onlookers and passers-by. Herein lies a large part of the draw of skateboarding; constantly challenging yourself with more difficult, intricate and flamboyant moves. Even for beginners, learning some of the most basic tricks can help catch people’s eye, while also helping to gain an appreciation for the difficulty of the more challenging aspects of skateboarding.

Before getting into some of skateboardings more advanced maneuvers, the first thing to become comfortable with is the Ollie. This is a common trick that begins with the rider crouching low, before springing into the air. As the rider jumps, they t press down on the back of the board, causing it to hit the ground and raise the front, resulting in a “jump” of both board and rider. The Ollie is a good place to start if you are interested in developing an arsenal of tricks.

skateboarding tricks

There is a variation of the Ollie, the Ollie 360 nosedive, that adds a full rotation and grind to the standard ollie, truly making it a high-level trick. In order to accomplish this tricks, you will have to learn how to effectively shift your body weight to specific parts of the skateboard when you are landing in order to be able to complete the proper rotations.

Another skateboarding trick that is really difficult to master is known as the 900. This trick was completed in 1999 by Tony Hawk, who even had a patent on it, but even he had a lot of difficulties performing it during competitions. In fact, Tony Hawk attempted to perform this trick 11 times before being able to do it successfully at the 1999 X Games.

One of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding is known as the Triple 360 flip. This trick has only been accomplished by a few people and takes years of practice in order to master. While many people have tried to accomplish this trick, they find that they will suffer from accidents and injuries many times over before they gain any success.

For the most part, these difficult tricks will only be performed when the skateboarder is in a competition in order to impress the judges and keep their scores high. While some people may try to do this for fun at the skate park, many of them are truly difficult and should be left to the professionals to complete. Heading to Skateboard Express and purchasing a board won’t guarantee that you’ll be able to perform like the pros, but with a bit of practice you’ll be on your way.

These are just a few of the skateboard tricks that you can try out that will challenge you due to their difficulty level, but it is always advisable to start simple and work your way up. In addition, its always worth being on the lookout for new skateboarding moves, which can help you to have even more fun, and to push you even further in this sport.

Custom Fixie: The New Era of Bike Stunts

The bicycle is an excellent type of transport and a way of saving money. By riding bicycles, the person can easily pass traffic jams even at rush hours. It has several advantages such as saving time and money and a form of good exercise; all free of cost.

There are several words people use to categorize single speed bikes. These are boosters, brakeless, fixies, fixed gear and more. Regardless of the terms, art is the common denominator which best describe all of these. As a person, you have the freedom to express what you want in every part and design for a custom fixie. These bikes serves as mirror for personality of persons who owns it.

Nowadays, there are different types of fixed gear bikes available in the market place that bests suits an individual needs and type of personality. One can buy desired fixie within his or her budget as it is with commercial rates and affordable. A fixie is a bike without a freewheel. This does not require coasting and often without brakes. Whenever the bike is in motion, there is a continuous circling of the pedals making the rider pedaling always.

Benefits of Riding a Custom Fixie

  • Most suited for inner cities and urban areas where it is flat
  • Provide control, low maintenance, simplicity and reliability
  • Fits the rider’s personality

Reasons Why Custom Fixies are Popular

Custom Fixies are very popular these days. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Unlimited customization. The bike is an extension of a person’s personality. If one decides to change how the bike looks, he or she can do it in an instance. One can change a bike design for multiple times and for as long as the owner wants.
  • Cheap price. An old bike can be converted to a fixie and just spending a little for modifications and customizations. If a person resorts to all new bike, a brand new fixie is budget friendly and affordable.
  • Light and Clean look. The fixie has light frames, less gears and thin tires. Sometimes, simplicity itself attracts potential buyers.
  • A trend. A trend has a chain reaction effect. If a person sees another person having the latest trend, one will go with the flow and will acquire it.

Use Custom Fixie for More Bike Stunts!

With its control and freewheel, one can easily create his signature stunts. Riding a custom fixie let one explore more bike stunts. There are two basic stunts with different variety. These are:

1. Wheelie – to lift the front wheel and ride the rear wheel

There are several types of wheelie:

  • 10 o clock Wheelie
  • 12 o Clock Wheelie
  • Can Can
  • CandyBar or Banana Split
  • Crossed Highchair wheelie
  • Fender Drag
  • Fender Grab
  • High Chair Wheelie
  • Lazy-E Boy Wheelie
  • Nac Nac
  • Nose Grab
  • One Handed Superman
  • One Handed
  • One legged side
  • Rear Peg
  • Sidesaddle Tank
  • Sidesaddle
  • Sit Down
  • Stand Up
  • Surfer-Boy
  • Tail Grab
  • Tank
  • Tony Shagdaddy Combo

2. Endo or Stoppie – to stop on the front wheel so the rear wheel is lifted in the air while balanced on the front tire.

  • Crossed-over
  • Crowning Endo or Cross up
  • Fender Grab
  • Rolling Endo
  • Skitch
  • Sloppy
  • Tail Grab
  • Tank
  • Weber
10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

YouTube is the most popular video hosting website almost everyone of us use in our day to day life for entertainment or information. Some video clips make us laugh while others make you applaud for the amazing things what people are capable of doing. These videos have a light hearted look at some amazing abilities and feats that can be viewed on YouTube. It is mixed of both musical skills, artistic aptitude, athletic acumen or even plain old geekiness. All the clips have something in common – they all feature the most talented people.Read more information on some Amazing Videos of 2014

Below are some of the most talented and amazing things doing people which are featured on YouTube.

  1. The Fastest musician

    Who doesn’t love the music of violin. Whether it is sad or happy mood, violin music is pleasant to listen. The guy featured on the video has sold his entire soul to the wonderful music and has dedicated his whole life for it. His fiddling skills have impressed millions of people all around the world. The fastest version of ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ is available to play and enjoy on YouTube. Read more on Flight of Bumblebee at here

  2. Danny MacAskill’s inspired bicycles

    Mr. MacAskill does amazing stunts using his bicycles and is popularly known as the BMX God. His abilities are unbelievable. This video which is featured on YouTube can draw millions of people’s attention towards the end.

  3. Junior Breakdance

    Most of us have seen and enjoyed a lot of breakdance moves in the past. But this time, it is totally different. Junior’s breakdancing abilities are very impressive and comparable to nothing.

  4. Official world record – Rubik’s cube

    This video features Erik Akkersdijk who has broken the official world record in 2008 by solving Rubik’s cube puzzle in a tad over 7 seconds. The video captures the notable feat.

  5. 2009 Hot dog eating contest

    Joey Chestnut ate 68 hot dogs and digests them in just 10 minutes. He has surpassed his own records by 9 seconds.Click here to watch the video10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

  6. Spiderman climber

    The human spider, Frenchman Alain Robert has climbed over 80 giant structures all around the world. In Abu Dhabi he has climbed 150 meter in just 20 minutes.

  7. World’s fastest clapper

    You may be wondering what is so special in this skill. Why do you ever care about the clapping speed? Well, whatever the skill is, it is the fastest and no one has been able to beat this skill level so far. Hence it is the record that is note worthy. Play the YouTube video to know how the talent show cases his skill of clapping 14 claps per second and you would be amazed by looking at it on the video. This is really a mesmerizing skill.

  8. Human beatbox

    This video has 28 million views and it is even harder to believe that Scratch makes all these sounds vocally. This human scratching and beatboxing are the masterclass and it is one of the spectacular show anyone could listen to.

  9. World freehand circle drawing

    Most of you might have tried this type of skill in your early childhood days. Alexander Overwijk is one exceptional case who impresses his pupils by displaying his unique skill of freehand drawing you tube video here

  10. David Belle

    He is the live spiderman and YouTube showcases his free running talent. He has been featured in many Hollywood movies as an amazing stuntman.

Top 5 recent popular documentary, 2014

Top 5 recent popular documentary, 2014

The initial months of the year 2013 was clouded with the fame of movies and documentaries. Not many are lovers of documentaries – however, it reveals fiction and non-fiction, so you can find a mix of various flavors of life in the documentaries. Though some people might find documentary very boring, it is one of the most popular form of media that people would want to use for communicating their message. If you are wondering how much does documentaries influence our life, then the proofs of the remarkable strength of the documentaries are very evident. With more and more people showing interest in the real life stories in the form of documentaries, going back to 2014’s top 5 popular documentaries are listed below in this article.


Though this is not a light hearted documentary, there is a pensiveness in the entire enterprise. The engaging portrait featured by the earth sculptor Ra Paulette who is the subject matter of the entire series displays an intricate, hand carved dwellings done on the Mexican sand stone cliffs. This documentary leads to a totally new meaning for the term we usually use as ‘man cave’. This is worth to be seen before believing blindly and the documentary does an amazing showcase of this wonderful art. The part of the documentary that shows Paulette’s process and output may be quite boring for some audience. However, it gets interesting when the commissioning clients interact with Paulette and follow the conflict between the business obligation and the artistic impulse.Watch the Official Trailer here

Facing Fear

Facing FearThis is a study of reformed forgiveness and prejudice in Los Angeles. This film is directed and produced by John Cohen and features the remarkable story of a gay man who is beaten brutally by the white supremacists gang in the street for over 25 years becomes homeless and yet comes face to face with his attacker in the Los Angeles’ Museum of Tolerance. The making of this scene is really touching. Cohen has imposed a portentous narrative style. The stories have been told in parallel while the principles have been separated and highlighted. Though this is just a 22 minutes featured documentary, the issues featured here would register in the minds of the public.Read more on people doing amazing things on youtube here

Karama Has No Walls

This Sara Ishaq’s movie has impressed the journalistic boundaries a lot influencing the tension and urgency of a thriller in the Yemeni Revolution in which 53 anti Government protesters have been killed when there was a violence triggered by snipers on the non-violent.

The Lady in Number 6

The Lady in Number 6Nicholas Read and Malcolm Clarke are the masterminds behind this formidable movie. This is a movie about a Holocaust survivor. Alice Sommer who was a 109 year old Czech concert pianist has shared her life story in a unquestionable way and featured the forgiveness of her oppressors. The movie story and the scenes are quite inspiring and moving.

Prison terminal

Prison terminalThis documentary is almost 40 min long and is emotionally and intellectually engaging. In this movie, documents and protected death of an ill prisoner Hall whose criminal story is questionable. It features the day to day realities, small and empathetic concessions of in-prison medical care and the relationships developed by his jail mates turned caretakers.

7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

With so many amazing people with great talents moving around, there has always been a craze not only among the children but also among the adults to view such great talented people. Youtube helps you reach to those amazing personalities on just a click of your mouse. If you are wondering whether superheroes exist in life, then yes you are absolutely at the right place. Though the superheros may not be able to fly or banish themselves as shown in many cartoons and fiction movies, there are still people who do unbelievable things which is no less than what superheroes do.Check out interesting post on 10 youtube video of people doing amazing things.

Below are the top 7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills:

  1. Incredible brain

    Daniel Paul Tammet, and autistic savant can perform most complicated mathematical operations, sequence memory, and other natural language learning techniques on his own. He verbally describes the numbers as landscapes and creates artwork in watercolor.

  2. Boy who can see with sound

    Ben lost both his eyes in his 3rd year because of cancer. He still plays basketball, bicycle and leads a normal life. He uses echolocation like sonar or a dolphin to navigate around the world without using any guides, or dogs or even his own hands. The click noise bounces back and guides him all the way.Read more about Ben here

  3. Rubberboy

    7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

    This rubberboy is the 5 times Guinness Record holder and is very well known for the amazing flexibility. He is also a great contortionist besides being a professional baseball and basketball player. This amazing guy dislocates his arms to crawl through a tennis racquet and performs amazing acrobatics. He has performed in popular TV shows like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Best Damn Sports Show Period, ESPN’s Sports Center, HBO’s Carnivale and many more.

  4. Mister eat-it-all

    Michel Lotito eats metal, rubber, glass, bicycles, television and almost anything in this world. He does not even suffer from any stomach upsets even after consuming poisonous materials. He parallelly consumes water and mineral oil for digestion.

  5. Magnetic man

    70 year old Liew Thow Lin has an amazing gift of sticking objects magnetically to his skin and now has added car pulling to his skills list. He pulls car almost 20 m by using an iron chain hooked to iron plate on his midriff. This is a hereditary skill which is present in his children and grandchildren.

  6. Torture king

    Tim Cridland doesn’t have any feeling for pain. He pushes needles into his arms without flinching and performs the most terrifying act for all audiences throughout America. Tim can tolerate higher pain levels than usually possible for any human being. He can even push skewers through his body and subject it to heat or cold in extreme conditions without harming his body.Read more on Tim Cridland

  7. The Lion whisperer

    Kevin Richardson, who is an animal behaviorist wins the hearts of lions, play, cuddle, caress and spends night with them without a slightest fear. This magic works on other animals such as cheetahs, hyenas and leopards.

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2013

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2013

The entertainment world is always waiting for the most amazing people videos to be released every year. People are amazing is the best series of videos on YouTube featuring the amazing acts of various people showcasing their unique and mesmerizing talents to the public. Everyone wants to do something or the other before they leave this world. However, not everyone is as talented and gifted like the few of them who have great talents and stand totally different from the other. Some of them are heart pounding, while others are very exciting to watch and experience.Click here to read more about some of the most daring and Amazing Videos of 2014

And Here are some 5 best people are amazing videos selected and liked in 2013. Death riders as what we can call these daring people doing some of these dangerous stunts mentioned below.

  1. Volcano boarding

    Volcano boardingMost of us might have heard or done snow boarding. This is almost negligible with the upcoming dangerous sports like volcano boarding. If you have heard about the Cerro Negro slope region in Nicaragua, you would definitely want to go on volcano boarding if you are a dare devil. The live volcano is the host spot to most of the visitors to the location though the volcanic eruption occurred in late 1999. The boarders can reach up to 80 km/hr speed as the volcano can course down.

  2. Insanity ride

    Insanity rideIf you are not scared of heights, then trying this sport is a must. Hovering 270 m above the ground and 20 m over Las Vegas’ Stratosphere tower, the spinning mechanical arms allow you to pound your heart while you are latched to the seat at 350 m stratosphere tower which is the tallest observatory tower in the US. Though this is not a new one, it was still featured in the People are amazing series of 2013.

  3. Zapcat powerboating

    Zapcat powerboatingEnthusiasts sail in the inflatable catamaran hulls which are decked out with the most powerful racing engines you can ever imagine and those which are built on speed and thrills.However, they can be brutal on jumps and can hurt you terribly. The video features amazing moves of river rafting that sports men have played. You would not even differentiate if you are sailing or flying riding these zapcat boats.

  4. Deans blue hole free dive

    Deans blue hole free diveThis is the most popular sports in Bahamas. This is a dark, deep and intimidating as well as dangerous location for free diving. The tropical deepest well known sea water blue hole can help you feel that life is short and you must enjoy. After William Trubridge broke the unassisted free diving record of 100 m in 2011, this location has been much more popular and many videos have been posted on YouTube.

  5. Cage of Death

    Cage of DeathIf you love crocodiles, you must definitely watch this video on YouTube. The cage houses biggest saltwater crocodiles. Visitors are allowed to go inside the cage and closely view the crocodiles from a near distance. Just imagine if the crocodiles are awake and are curious, what would happen to you. The video looks amazing and adventurous and the experience looks a bit scary.

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

People are amazing videos are the series posted on YouTube which showcases the amazing personalities, adventures and stunts performed by daring people. Though not all may not be the world’s biggest, scariest and dangerous stunts, they are still breath taking ones. Not everyone is capable of performing those dangerous moves. Some people are gifted for these actions and are very fond of showcasing their unique talent to the whole world. The program people are amazing has posted some of these dangerous videos online on YouTube.Here is a good post to read about 7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

Here are some 5 best people are amazing videos featured in the year 2014. Though each of these amazing stunts are very unique, they are still not comparable with each other or can be compared with the ones listed for previous years. Each year the crazy stunt men have been inventing innovative way of showcasing their talents and dare devilness to impress the public through people are amazing videos.

  1. Scariest parkour

    This video is one of the scariest of all those featured in the people are amazing video series of 2014. Mustang Wanted, a crazy Russian showcases his best talent and climbs in just one compilation. This is one of the scariest videos you might ever see. Probably he was born with no fear and likes scaling heights by performing dangerous stunts. People who watch this crane climbs and stunts would definitely want to check their blood pressure first. It is so scary to even imagine climbing cranes, just imagine and watching Mustang do it without any protection.

  2. Hot air balloon walk

    This video features the French dare devils walking over the tight rope between the hot air balloons. Off course we can make out from the video that the people do use precautionary measures while walking between the hot air balloons, however, it is still very dangerous act and very scary for the audience.5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

  3. Canyon cliff jump

    Can you ever imagine this kind of breath stopping stunt? People are amazing videos have captured cliff jumping in one of their videos which has received thousands of likes. This is the world’s most insane cliff jumping and rope swing ever. People who do this stunt are really dare devils and strong hearted. Video link

  4. Dangerous magical tricks

    Harry Houdini’s dangerous magical performances are captured in the people are amazing videos. If you ask what is so special about him, then the Chinese water torture cell featuring how well he can magically perform the tricks to free himself from the water torture cell with his body wrapped up in iron chains and thrown in the water cell.

  5. Cannonball

    David Smith, the human cannonball has been performing one of the most daring and entertaining stunts featured in the people are amazing videos. It is said that he was fired out of his cannon more than 500 times leaving the audiences all over the world astonished by the daring stunts. David maintains the position of the highest flying human cannonball in the world.Click here to Watch David Smith video