LGBT: ‘Coming out to parents and family’

LGBTDeciding to tell your parents you are gay is a big decision and one many people find hard. None of us like being judged and we care about what people, and especially our family, think about us. But being gay or lesbian is not a crime nor is it something to be ashamed of so if you haven’t told your parents about your sexuality yet, or you have decided now is the right time, here are some tips on how to go about telling them.

During a meal

OK, we don’t mean while your parents have Great Aunt Maud around for dinner, but sometimes the best thing to do is to just simply say it during a conversation if you feel comfortable. For example, if you go home at weekends, or during holidays then when you are all having something to eat, you could try ‘I have something to tell you…’ then just come out and say it. You will probably be surprised to find out that your parents already know, or have suspected for some time. Parents, as much as we don’t like it, often know their kids quite well and they might have noticed you seem attracted to the same sex. When people are sat down eating together they are often relaxed so that is a great time to tell them. You also have the added benefit of your parent’s listening carefully to what you are saying as there are no distractions.

Hint dropping

Sometimes if we are not comfortable to tell someone something directly, we like to go about it indirectly, for example dropping a few subtle hints into conversations. Comments such as mentioning a person on TV that you find attractive is a good one, or telling your parents that you had a good night out at the university gay bar is another one. You will probably find they will then just ask you if you are gay and you simply answer yes and the job is done.

Ask a trusted family member to be with you for support

If you are worried about how your parents might react to the news you could seek out support from another family member that you are not worried about disclosing your sexuality to. Perhaps you have an understanding brother or sister, or an auntie or uncle you trust. You will feel more confident if you have someone supporting you when you do break the news to them and your alley will make sure there are no over-reactions and everyone listens and talks in a calm and rational way.

Tell each family member individually

If making an announcement to the whole family in one go is too daunting then you could consider telling your family individually. Don’t ask them to do the job for you and tell everyone else on your behalf. This is something that is best coming from you and your family will be hurt if they hear the news from someone else.

Just remember that it is your life and you can make your own decisions without needing approval. If your family react badly to the news just give them time to adjust. It’s very unlikely they will stay angry or upset for long. If this does happen then you could consider getting a puppy to take your mind off it all. You can find some adorable little cuties for sale online by clicking see their dogs for sale.

Prenuptial Agreement 101

Are you getting married sometime soon? That’s great news. Getting married to your significant other is a heavenly feeling. Most of the couple believes that their wedlock will last “till death do us apart”. Why wouldn’t they? They certainly do not want to think about a sad, tragic ending to their life together. But bad things do happen. What if this feeling doesn’t last long? What if you are cheated by your partner? What if there is a sudden demise of your better half? There are tons of other “what ifs” that can make your marriage go wrong. This is where prenuptial agreement 101 can come to your rescue.


What is a prenuptial agreement?

Nothing can kill a romance faster than the word “prenup”. And nothing can save you from a messy divorce faster than a prenup. So it is very important for the couples to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their marriage. But this is entirely a personal matter and both the partners should discuss openly about it before signing the agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is a smart and legal financial planning by two people before they get married. It can also be called premarital agreement or ante nuptial agreement. Its sole purpose is to settle monetory matters in advance in the event of either a divorce or death. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a millionaire to need a premarital agreement. Many non-famous, ordinary people are now opting for prenups before their marriage.

How to obtain a prenup?

If you and your partner are planning on signing a prenuptial agreement, then these basic guidelines might come in handy:

  • Take a healthy move towards to talk to your partner about the finances and then discuss what will happen to the money and posessions you share if you break up
  • Talk about this as soon as possible. Don’t wait till the wedding draws near.
  • Study the laws surrounding marriage and divorce and decide whether or not you need a prenup
  • Before seeing your attorney, talk openly with your partner, be honest and get on the same page
  • Sign the agreement as early as possible before your marriage because if the document is signed few days before the wedding, the judge might think that one party was forced into signing it an will reject the contract
  • Sign the agreement in the presence of a lawyer and sign three copies; one for each partner and one for an independent lawyer
  • Finally, think whether you can trust your spouse or not. If you cannot trust that person, then rethink the upcoming marriage

Perks of the prenuptial agreement

The many advantages prenups bring to you are as follows:

  • Protects your financial stability
  • Supports your estate plans
  • Protects the financial stability of your children
  • Reduces conflicts between the partners as the agreement dictates how the issues should be handled
  • Keep the assets separate as the state divorce laws decides what is and isn’t a marital asset
  • Protects against joint liability for debts and preserve assets for both spouses

So there you go. The gist of what a prenuptial agreement is.

Through the looking glass: How the world sees our flaws, even on film.

dermatololgyWhat if I told you that our blemishes are about as visible to the all-seeing eyes around us as a penny inside the lens of a microscope? When you really think about it, do you even need to use a microscope to see the penny at all? Fascinating perspective? But if you still don’t buy into the idea that our faces are literally walking billboards to the general public around us then I am afraid that you currently live inside a dream world. I am here to tell you that the time has finally come for you to wake up.

On average there are about sixty million Americans with active acne. According to recent studies twenty percent of these Americans are adults. Of these acne sufferers, twenty five percent will eventually retain acne scars from their current skin conditions. For this reason, many dermatologists believe that the secret to healthy skin is in our diets. Thus they pride themselves on leading a more natural practice through holistic medicine. Other dermatologists have taken a more commercial approach through the hands of science. Both ways have been proven effective as many dedicated dermatologists fight for a cure.

When it comes to skin care issues those of us who are not so fortunate might sometimes ask ourselves these questions. Who is currently treating our flaws? And on average how much does a dermatologist make off of them? It is time we all take a deep look into the looking glass and into our own reflections. Whether we like who we see gazing back at us or not, it is important to understand the science of what it takes to have a flawless face.  It just looks either when we view faces and complexions seem flawless on film.

I know what you are thinking. What do you mean by flawless? After all beauty is subjective right? In the eyes of a dermatologist this perspective is considered inaccurate.  A truly flawless face lies deep within the hidden layers of a patient’s epidermis. A career as a dermatologist is kind of like becoming a minor. The dermatologist is in charge of extracting a face’s potential impurities via chemicals, creams, and medication.  If you are interested in pursuing this profession, you should expect to make well in the six figures starting out around $150,000. After experience these numbers tend to double. After all, who said that our imperfections don’t pay? For more information on health care careers read more here.

All in all, a career in dermatology could prove to be very beneficial. We currently live in a world that prides itself on appearances. So whatever you consider to be beautiful in your eyes, it is important to remember that this beauty begins only internally. If you wish to start a career in dermatology it is imperative to remember that though the world sees only our outward appearances, it is still vital to nourish and cultivate the beauty that lies within. As our faces change this will remain an important mission.


Why wasn’t it 101 Kittens?

Talking of animal flicks, I hope many people do wonder on a question that had had me thinking until now.

Well why was it 101 Dalmatians and not 101 Kittens? Funny isn’t it?

This particular question could have been pondered upon by many a movie fanatics and flick reviewers. The internal debate but wouldn’t have surfaced into a real heated one on the forefront out of the head in the real world.

Well to tell the truth cats can make good pets. They are owner loving and very much possessive about their owners. As says, cats can be really jealous of their owners’ pampers even for their friends.

101 cats?

Kittens could have offered a wonderful replacement option for the 101 Dalmatians that the evil anti-heroine wanted to bake up in a large oven and ended up getting baked herself. Kittens in the story could have portrayed a much needed emotional attachment to the owners. They could have helped the two protagonists of the story keep their house in a much cleaner and orderly manner. Cats are also much more revengeful when it comes to getting between its babies. With their soft paws and stealth moving, Cats could have raised the anti-heroine’s manor to dust with their sharp and well maintained claws.

A cat generally maintains itself in every way possible to bring out its beauty onto the forefront. They can be more frequently seen beautifying themselves than any other animal. Pedicure, Manicure, skin care, fur improvement, etc. they know it all. If you are thinking on similar lines as well and have a soft corner for cats lets appeal together in here. If you want to see lovely kittens instead of the drooling puppies, then we are talking moreover on similar lines.

Imagine the purrs and meows at the end of the movie. Cute little kittens are obviously better than the drooling puppies. Cats could have been a cleaner option for the movie. I think Walt Disney should take our advices and go for a remake of the wonderful timeless classic in a cleaner way. The kitten way.

There Needs to be a Popular Movie about How Inorganic Products can harm Us

Every week that goes by, it seems like the more we learn about how the products we are using are harming our bodies. Some people are suffering rashes, burns, and other harmful effects when they use certain skin care, cosmetic, food, deodorant products, or any other type of product that is inorganic. There are even some people who have been badly harmed by these products and are suffering major detrimental health effects because of them. However, it seems like there are many consumers that are still ignorant of the harm these products can cause. That is why there should be a movie about how inorganic products can harm us.

The thing is that a movie like this needs to be approached correctly. It shouldn’t be a movie that just bashes inorganic products and calls them “wrong.” If that is the strategy then the movie would be written off as a boring old film that is just trying to promote the left wing agenda. The film needs to take a more scientific approach to its subject matter to rise above the prejudices and get across its message.

harmful inorganic product

A movie like this needs to rely on well researched facts that back up any claims that are made by it. It doesn’t need to be another Supersize Me, and contain factual inaccuracies and methods that can’t be proven. If care is taken in this area, then experts would be willing to take it seriously and perhaps even get behind the methods that are suggested to fix the problem.

Subject matter is also an area where the film would need to be careful. Films like this almost have to be a documentary. If a film maker could swing this in some other way, that would be great, but something like this lends itself to the documentary genre. It would need to be careful not to be too touching and not to focus on too few people. A touching film is great and a little emotion can really get a point across, but if it is the only way you are trying to get a point across, many won’t take it seriously. It also needs to focus on enough subjects to get the point across that there are enough people harmed by Inorganic products that something should be done.

On the other end of the spectrum, the film needs to be careful about being too general. Some documentaries have the problem of being too general and fail to have the impact with the viewer that they are meant to have. Documentaries that are too general tend to be bland and are written off by the watcher.

A heavily advertised feature length movie like this probably has not been made or garnered much publicity because not only are filmmakers not sure how to approach this subject, but they might be stepping on the toes of the very sponsors that are willing to pay for their film. Someone who wants to make this film must stick to the guidelines in this article and be willing to take a risk. If they can do that, then they just might be able to strike cinematic gold.

If this article has you are interested in getting organic products for yourself, there are many places online you can find the best organic deodorants and other organic products.

How a Movie can Make us Thankful and Give us Hope

Although it is viewed as one of the biggest movie clichés of all time, sometimes it is good for us to watch a movie about a protagonist who is down on their luck and does what they can to overcome all odds. Wendy and Lucy is an independent film that was released in 2008 that follows this type of plotline.

Wendy is a young woman who travels to Alaska with her Dog named Lucy. She is going in hopes of starting a new life, on the small budget of $500. Unfortunately her car breaks down in Oregon and she has no hope of fixing it, so she is forced to walk. Things just get worse from there, and she has to do things like sleep in the woods (which probably wouldn’t have been so scary to her if she ended up finding the right headlamp to see in the dark), and other desperate things just to survive. Her financial situation crumbles around her, and all the while, you are hoping that things get better for her. Even though, in the back of your mind, you figure that they won’t.

These types of movies aren’t as popular as they used to be, because they are a worn out trope. That said, it is sometimes a necessity to be reminded that there are people out there who suffer great catastrophes. Even though the odds are against them, they keep going. They don’t stop because the world does not let them stop or take a break. If they do, they will cease to exist or be put in a situation that they can’t get out of.

Seeing movies like this help us reflect on our daily problems. We realize how little our problems are in relation to problems other people in the world are suffering, and sometimes how we are too quick to give up. But aside from that, they show us that if we are willing to fight and work our way through a problem, no matter how big, we can overcome it. They also show us that we should be thankful for what we have, and even though we may not have a whole lot, we still have something to give thanks for.

I understand that this sounds like a really bad speech that a kindergarten teacher gives to her class just before they are getting ready to go on Christmas break, but it is amazing how quick we forget these things. It’s easy for us to forget that there are others who are less fortunate than we are (check out this article and see for yourself). It is very easy for us to overlook the homeless person on the street begging for money, or the child walking home from school in winter without a coat.

We really don’t think of these things because we are wrapped up in our own world of social media and technology to notice the things that are going on around us. We are sometimes too busy with our own minor problems to see the big picture. We think that one little problem is the end of the world and that nothing will get better.

Try seeing one of these movies that has this “clichéd” message. Give Wendy and Lucy a try for that matter. It will give you a nice catharsis, and give you hope during even your most distressed times.

Four Movies About a Frozen World

ICE AGESummer’s here and we’re all enjoying the hot weather, but as the winter approaches we’ll start throwing on the woolly jumpers and pumping up the thermostat. Of course, a great way to stave off the cold is with space heaters, and you just have to locate the perfect source to find them. There are plenty of movies about weather, from Volcano to Dante’s Peak, but what about those stone cold movies featuring ice, snow and all things frigid? Well, here’s out pick of the top four movies featuring the cold.

–       Ice age, 2002

This film premiered in 2002 and features a woolly mammoth, a sabre toothed tiger, a sloth, and a little baby human. For all its coldness, it was truly heart warming and has since spawned a whole franchise. If you have kids, or want an easy going movie to watch on a lazy weekend, then this is the one. And of course how can we forget the nut-crazy Scrat?

–       Day After Tomorrow, 2004

Laden with a heavy dose of geo-politics, directed by Roland Emmerich and featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ian Holm, this movie looked like it was going to rock the box office. Unfortunately, the story got a little bogged down under all that ice, but the special effects were pretty top notch and it’s always a pleasure to see entire cities succumb to frantic ice storms!

–       Frozen, 2013

There’s not much to say about this movie except: Wow, yes, more please. One of the greatest Disney movies released since the Lion King, it topped the box offices and set up all aglow. Two sisters battle to remember why they love each other, and one is an Ice Queen brought to life with the wonderful voice of Idina Menzel! Thank you very kindly, we’ll have another one of those with a side of the soundtrack.

–       The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, 2005

Another Ice Queen, this time in the form of Tilda Swinton. This movie broke new ground for special effects and really brought C. S. Lewis’s novel to life. Can’t say much about the sequels, but this one was jam packed with action, drama, thrills, humour and just the right about of sadness. Always winter, but never Christmas. Well, at least until the four Pevensie enter the picture. Oh yeah, and Liam Neeson voices Aslan for the w in.

Watching some of these frozen movies might be making you cold, so check out these infrared heaters for the winter.


Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to see their point of view from a different angle.  Theirs.

HUMANITYLet’s see, if you were to hear a story about humanity, what are some of the things that you would look for in the story?  You’d look for a story about someone who was going about their days in what was normal to them.  Then this person would fall into some type of tragedy.  You’d feel for them, root for them and want to see them overcome.  You’d see their struggle, and the kind person that comes into their life and is sympathetic to their situation.  In conclusion, the end of the movie would show the person either overcoming their issue, finding a way to live with it, or just not feeling alone anymore.  They wouldn’t be a victim anymore.

You wouldn’t know these things unless you walked a mile in their shoes.  A documentary by Jason DaSilva called When I Walk shows all those things.  It shows humanity at work, in his reality.  See he was a young, up and coming film maker who one day things started not working well with his body.  All of a sudden he could barely walk and went from using a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair to a motorized chair.  He documented it.  He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS.  His whole life changed.  You get to see it from his point of view.  From the looks he got from people at the odd way he walked at first, to progressively getting worse.  During the progression as his condition worsened, he went through stages where he was looked at and treated rudely, where he couldn’t access places because of steps or has no handicapped access, and more obstacles to face.

Eventually he met a woman who didn’t have MS or any type of handicap or disorder.  A perfectly normal woman with a heart of gold.  She lived an active life.  She’s was the type of person you’d picture eating healthy and being into home gym fitness.  She was living a life he once did and she thought none the less of him because of his situation. Together they came together as a team to film his story and grew close even though every day was a challenge for him.   Long story short, they married and they danced their first dance as he sat her on his lap and they rolled around the dance floor on his scooter with her arms around him.  It was a classic ending with the humanity inside us all coming through in the end.  In watching this documentary, you’re watching a real story. Not fiction, or “based on” movie or video, but a real story.  From the eyes of someone who filmed people who were in dire situations before he had his own to film.

This is the kind of video that evokes feelings in us that show that we are human.  That we all have our struggles, that we all try to overcome, and that sometimes, if we’re lucky enough we find someone to share our lives with.  Someone who learns to walk a mile in our shoes.  In this case, drive a mile in someone’s scooter.  Humanity isn’t scripted in films, it’s lived every day with every breath we take.  Take a break from the sports movies, horror, or chick flicks, and watch a good documentary sometime.  Maybe you’ll come out better for it as you see life through someone else’s eyes.  Walked in their shoes.  Don’t just watch humanity.  Live it.

How to Be Like Your Favorite Movie Celebrity

Lots of people want to look like their favorite stars. And I’d be lying if I say that I don’t wish to also look like Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers or Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games! However, some people undergo painful procedures, such as plastic surgeries, just to get a famous look, which is uncomfortable and not practical for others.

In this post, I’ll show you how to look like your favorite movie icon without undergoing a dangerous, painful, and expensive procedure.

Ready? Let’s do it!

  1. Eat healthily


I know that this have been a very common advice for people who want to get good looks, but some people are ignoring this very important step. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a lady, but eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential if you want to look and feel good.


There are tons of sources online, which can help you prepare the right meals for your goal. Just make sure that these meals only contain small amount of carbohydrates and fats, and have more protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. If you don’t have time to prepare these meals, you can hire your own personal chef.


  1. Follow a good workout plan


The next step to acquire the famous appearance you want is to follow a proper workout regimen. Did you know that celebrities also spend their time in gyms just to maintain their bodies? So, like them, you also have to get a good workout plan.


Of course, women’s fitness is different from men, so to achieve the desired level of fitness requires a different approach. If you’re a lady, doing cardio exercise works well. You can also try yoga for at least three times a week if you want to feel a lot better, and have some weight training to tone your muscles. If you’re a man, on the other hand, you’ll have to do a lot of squats and push-ups to build muscles. And if you want to have a more improved body, you should add additional exercises that target the muscle group that you want to build, such as pull-ups, bench press, and bicep curls.


  1. Style your hair


Styling your hair can drastically change your appearance, and can help you achieve your goal to look like your favorite star. Just find some images of your favorite icon online and pick the hairstyle you think will work best for you. If you’re not sure about which hairstyle to wear, ask your hairstylist to pick one, instead. If you want, you can also dye your hair similar to the hair color of your favorite star. Just be ready to pay for it because maintaining the hair can be expensive.


  1. Wear the right accessories


Another way to be like your favorite movie icon is to follow his or her jewelry fashion. And when it comes to jewelry, I’m not just talking about women here, because most male celebrities in today’s generation also wear different accessories to get in the latest fashion trend. Search around at any stores you like, and find the accessories that resemble the ones you have seen your favorite celebrity wearing.


If you’re a woman, you can search for fancy accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and rings at your favorite jewelry shop. And if you’re a man, you can look for macho accessories, such as watches, rings, and bracelets, at your favorite accessory store.

As what they say, getting the look you want can’t be achieved over night. With the right attitude and patience, and by following the steps mentioned above, you’ll eventually transform into a hot Hollywood icon without any surgery or operation!

If it makes you feel, then the movie has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.

SHAWSHANKThroughout the history of movies there have been a plethora that center on humanity.  The focus of good use of humanity in a movie is the quality of kindness shown to us through humane and non-humane actions.  They are made specifically to focus on those who have that quality and then weave their tale be it fiction or non-fiction.

Many times a movie with such power and strength to bring a tear to your eyes or draw out emotions from within yourself due to the humanity being displayed is unfairly termed “a chick flick.”  That is not as it should be seen.  If a movie can draw out such feeling inside that you can’t just shake it off, then it’s done something special.  And usually it’s through humane acts of kindness and survival against the odds.

It’s cheering for the underdog who’s been given a chance to prove themselves which is usually due to someone showing them an act of humanity.  An act which in turn brings out even more humanity which is normally already represented in the recipient of such said act.  A character who has already touched us from the beginning.

A movie that should be mentioned when you think of a showcase of humanity on film is Shawshank Redemption.  That makes a fine example of a movie that drew out much emotion from those who have seen it.  It invokes a plethora of feelings throughout constantly changing from rooting for one character to the next and bringing tears to the eyes of those who pick up on their inner sensitive side being challenged.  It is a great movie of which you should see if you haven’t.  It’s a basic storyline woven into a marvelous tale of humanity that is in all of us, just some need to be tapped into a little more than others and to see the workings of that effect will invoke deep feelings inside you.

The story original penned by Stephen King, of which you automatically think is strictly horror based, shows a different side to horror in this story as what happens when one is faced with inhumane circumstances to find that humanity can still exist against the odds.  The story in short is a banker sentenced to life in prison for a crime he claims to be innocent of.  That’s all that will be said as to say even a word more about the story will draw a picture for you that won’t have the same effect as if you are to see it with your own eyes.

Take an evening and stock up on movie snacks and maybe a few friends to enjoy it with.  Better yet get a range of wholesale catering supplies at GotStock and make an event of it.  It is a movie that will draw out emotions of all sorts and makes you feel, and see humanity in action.  If you have not seen this movie, it is highly recommended that you do.  If it makes you well up inside, makes you feel, then it has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.