How to Be Like Your Favorite Movie Celebrity

Lots of people want to look like their favorite stars. And I’d be lying if I say that I don’t wish to also look like Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers or Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games! However, some people undergo painful procedures, such as plastic surgeries, just to get a famous look, which is uncomfortable and not practical for others.

In this post, I’ll show you how to look like your favorite movie icon without undergoing a dangerous, painful, and expensive procedure.

Ready? Let’s do it!

  1. Eat healthily


I know that this have been a very common advice for people who want to get good looks, but some people are ignoring this very important step. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dude or a lady, but eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential if you want to look and feel good.


There are tons of sources online, which can help you prepare the right meals for your goal. Just make sure that these meals only contain small amount of carbohydrates and fats, and have more protein, fiber, and essential nutrients. If you don’t have time to prepare these meals, you can hire your own personal chef.


  1. Follow a good workout plan


The next step to acquire the famous appearance you want is to follow a proper workout regimen. Did you know that celebrities also spend their time in gyms just to maintain their bodies? So, like them, you also have to get a good workout plan.


Of course, women’s fitness is different from men, so to achieve the desired level of fitness requires a different approach. If you’re a lady, doing cardio exercise works well. You can also try yoga for at least three times a week if you want to feel a lot better, and have some weight training to tone your muscles. If you’re a man, on the other hand, you’ll have to do a lot of squats and push-ups to build muscles. And if you want to have a more improved body, you should add additional exercises that target the muscle group that you want to build, such as pull-ups, bench press, and bicep curls.


  1. Style your hair


Styling your hair can drastically change your appearance, and can help you achieve your goal to look like your favorite star. Just find some images of your favorite icon online and pick the hairstyle you think will work best for you. If you’re not sure about which hairstyle to wear, ask your hairstylist to pick one, instead. If you want, you can also dye your hair similar to the hair color of your favorite star. Just be ready to pay for it because maintaining the hair can be expensive.


  1. Wear the right accessories


Another way to be like your favorite movie icon is to follow his or her jewelry fashion. And when it comes to jewelry, I’m not just talking about women here, because most male celebrities in today’s generation also wear different accessories to get in the latest fashion trend. Search around at any stores you like, and find the accessories that resemble the ones you have seen your favorite celebrity wearing.


If you’re a woman, you can search for fancy accessories, such as necklaces, earrings, and rings at your favorite jewelry shop. And if you’re a man, you can look for macho accessories, such as watches, rings, and bracelets, at your favorite accessory store.

As what they say, getting the look you want can’t be achieved over night. With the right attitude and patience, and by following the steps mentioned above, you’ll eventually transform into a hot Hollywood icon without any surgery or operation!

If it makes you feel, then the movie has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.

SHAWSHANKThroughout the history of movies there have been a plethora that center on humanity.  The focus of good use of humanity in a movie is the quality of kindness shown to us through humane and non-humane actions.  They are made specifically to focus on those who have that quality and then weave their tale be it fiction or non-fiction.

Many times a movie with such power and strength to bring a tear to your eyes or draw out emotions from within yourself due to the humanity being displayed is unfairly termed “a chick flick.”  That is not as it should be seen.  If a movie can draw out such feeling inside that you can’t just shake it off, then it’s done something special.  And usually it’s through humane acts of kindness and survival against the odds.

It’s cheering for the underdog who’s been given a chance to prove themselves which is usually due to someone showing them an act of humanity.  An act which in turn brings out even more humanity which is normally already represented in the recipient of such said act.  A character who has already touched us from the beginning.

A movie that should be mentioned when you think of a showcase of humanity on film is Shawshank Redemption.  That makes a fine example of a movie that drew out much emotion from those who have seen it.  It invokes a plethora of feelings throughout constantly changing from rooting for one character to the next and bringing tears to the eyes of those who pick up on their inner sensitive side being challenged.  It is a great movie of which you should see if you haven’t.  It’s a basic storyline woven into a marvelous tale of humanity that is in all of us, just some need to be tapped into a little more than others and to see the workings of that effect will invoke deep feelings inside you.

The story original penned by Stephen King, of which you automatically think is strictly horror based, shows a different side to horror in this story as what happens when one is faced with inhumane circumstances to find that humanity can still exist against the odds.  The story in short is a banker sentenced to life in prison for a crime he claims to be innocent of.  That’s all that will be said as to say even a word more about the story will draw a picture for you that won’t have the same effect as if you are to see it with your own eyes.

Take an evening and stock up on movie snacks and maybe a few friends to enjoy it with.  Better yet get a range of wholesale catering supplies at GotStock and make an event of it.  It is a movie that will draw out emotions of all sorts and makes you feel, and see humanity in action.  If you have not seen this movie, it is highly recommended that you do.  If it makes you well up inside, makes you feel, then it has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.


Top Four Electric Chair Movies

MOVIESWhat is it about the movies that sends electricity coursing through our veins? They’re tantalising, mesmerizing and glorifying. Watching a great movie is like getting a shock to the system. These four movies really are shocks to the system, as they’re our top four movies about electric chairs. Electricity is dangerous, you know, and if you need someone to fix yours, you should click here.

-       The Horror Show (House III), 1989

Possibly one of the worst movies of all time with one of the goriest executions ever. If you want to see classic 1980s special effects, then just check out the opening scene where Meat Cleaver Max is sentences to death by electric chair. They up the voltage, fry his brains, set him on fire and cause his veins to blow up. Yep, pretty disturbing stuff. It’s a pity the rest of the movie was a waste of time, but that opening scene is awesome gore.

-       Shocker, 1989

If you’d rather see an identical movie of a different name, try Shocker. It came out a couple months after the Horror show and, shock horror, deals with a death row inmate who is electrocuted to death and comes back to take his revenge. We can’t give them points for originality, but at least it’s a better movie than the Horror Show.

-       The Electric Chair, 1985

One of the oddest combinations of a comic and an electric chair, this movie with its grainy black and white film reel and languorous scenes, tells the story of a thoroughly unfunny stage comedian as he performs for a lethargic audience. Oh, and all the while he’s getting closer and closer to an electric chair. You can see where this is going. It’s an odd one, but there’s certainly layers of metaphor underneath the grain.

-       The Green Mile, 1999

Of course, any inclusion of electric chairs is going to talk about this classic. Based on a Stephen King novel and starring Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt and Michael Clark Duncan to name a few, is an ode to prison, death row, the killing chair and innocence. Truly on of Hanks’ best performances, and one of our all time favourite movies .Oh and there’s a cute little circus mouse in it, too.


Four Best Crossbow Scenes on Film

CROSSBOWS IN FILMThe Crossbow. Is there a more satisfying weapon? The clink as you load in the arrow. The click as you pull back the handle. The whoosh as it pierces the air and the thud as it hits home with devastating reality. Yes, the crossbow has to be one of my all time favourite weapons, and with just a bit of effort I am sure you can find the best crossbow for the money if you are a fan yourself. But here I present to you: the Crossbow on film.


-       Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal portrays the prince of Persia in this movie based on a console game. Although I preferred the game, one of my favourite scenes in the movie was when the Prince uses a heavy crossbow to plug arrows into a wall and thus create a sort of ladder for himself. Definitely the most ingenious use of a deadly weapon I’ve ever seen.

-       Mad Max Two: The Road Warrior, 1981

Mel Gibson is Max Rockatasnky. And he’s in the Australian Outback. Or something. Mad Max lives up to its name: It’s pretty mad alright. But in terms of awesome crossbows you have to give it credit for the armbow. The wild enemies roaming around the barren wastelands have managed to craft together a type of crossbow that fits on their hand and reacts when they need it to. You know, like Spider Man’s web device. Only less sticky and more killy.

-       Get Smart, 2008

Who can forget Brick, er, sorry, Steve Carell, in the ludicrous spy-spoof Get Smart? It’s that toilet scene that does it for me where he has to “Squeeze the lemon” and instead attempts to uncuff himself using a personal pocket crossbow. And yes, it goes about as well as Steve Carell manages to do anything on film. That is: badly. Crossbows in the ear. Up the nose. On the face. Through the walls. Pretty much anywhere that isn’t the cuffs on his hands. Oh, and all the while he sounds like he’s squeezing the most enormous lemon out of his rear end. Priceless.

-       Game of Thrones

Ok, so it’s not a movie, but come on. If you’re going to talk about crossbows how can we not mention King Joffrey the Spiteful and his “Two Whores One Bow” routine? Has there ever been a sadist on screen as diligent and deadly as the young king? The way he brandishes that crossbow, he doesn’t even have to use it to strike terror into people. Truly the stuff of madness.

Top Four Financial Characters on Film



Money makes the world goes ‘round. Isn’t that what they say? Well, I don’t know about the world, but it certainly helps in the movies. Hollywood is awash with money, with the latest blockbusters coasting hundreds of millions and raking in hundreds more, if not billions. And have you looked at the latest rates and bridging types that can pay for loans? But never mind behind the screen, what about those financial types on screen? Here are our top four financial characters for your viewing pleasure.



-       Wall Street, 1988

Any movie expert talking about finance is, of course, going to start with the nefarious Gordon Gekko, played expertly by Michael Douglas. This is a movie about liars, cheats, scandal and ruin, but most importantly: Greed. That’s the mantra here, and what we ourselves often think about those financial types: Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed is God.

-       It’s a Wonderful Life, 1946

To then move on to the exact opposite, let’s go for a golden oldie. It’s all about a Hollywood anomaly: a good financier. George Bailey, played by James Stewart, runs a community finance operation and helps out all the locals. It’s heart-warming and, for a moment, makes you forget the crashes, panics and distrust prevalent in most zeitgeist movies.

-       Other People’s Money, 1991

This one’s here to lighten the mood. It’s a comedy about a character called Lawrence “Larry the Liquidator” Garfield and the divide between the ‘real’ economy of goods and services and the ‘fake’ economy of wall street where guys make money out of making money. It’s got enough laughs to make it watchable, and yet the message is, at its core, quite a good one.

-       The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio, the greatest actor never to win an Oscar. And here he is, deservingly so, playing the corrupt, incredulous and utterly bizarre.  It’s a two hour long blitz of what it’s like to live, breath, eat and sleep money, and it ain’t pretty. DiCaprio is an expert in his field, and comes across as both a lunatic and somehow above the rest of us, like he’s onto something we can’t even begin to grasp at. Truly a masterpiece in financial movies, and yes, it did make a couple of people extraordinarily rich via its success. But that’s the way the world works, or, at least that’s how Hollywood works.

Popular movies in 2012-2013

POPULAR MOVIESSo over the past two years many movies have come out that have made a big impact on teens and adults alike. Some of those movies feature unique views on the future of our world. Some tell a story of the past. Whatever story these movies are telling they are unique to the writer and the viewer. They add interesting entertainment and provide for great fight scenes.



The Hunger Games

Take Hunger Games for instance, in this movie they feature a teen that lives in a desolate section of the planet and in order for them to eat she has to hunt down rabbits with a bow and arrow. The only problems is that it’s illegal for her to hunt these animals and she has to go beyond her territories boundaries to do so. They also hold something called Hunger Games which is held by the rich people of the world and in this game they take two people from each territory and send them to a dome built with electronic scenes and features, the games rules are to hunt each other down until only one territory is left alive. So they are putting people against each other to kill for entertainment and the rich can choose who they sponsor and who they don’t. Each sponsored person is given tokens of necessary items from there sponsor’s and the one team that wins gets more food and support for their community when they return home. If you are not popular or sponsored you will not survive, the sponsored ones get tokens such as the best hunting knife for their task at hand.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit came out in 2012 and was the sequel to the Lord of the Rings. This is a long time classic novel about what times were like in the fantasy of our past. In fantasy there are many creatures that never truly existed but many wish they had. Take for instance the centaurs and the hobbits and the ogres, these are all creatures that resemble human beings but are actually a mixture of one part and another. In the Hobbit a wizard comes to the hobbit to request he join a team that are headed to fight a dragon for the rights to their castle. The journey begins kind of slow but along the way they face many challenges and have to fight to stay alive. They use many weapons to fight with such as bow and arrows, hunting knifes, and even swords. The movie is so magical with all the different characters and creatures and it makes us ask ourselves if we truly believe in such a world where these creatures could exist?

Jack and the Giant Slayer

In Jack and the Giant Slayer we learn that Jack in fact opened the portal to the giants because of the love of a princess. The giants eat bones and fight to control the earth down below their castle where the humans live. Jack has to fight for his love interest because the ones that are sent to fight for her and return her to the king are actually evil and try to control the giants with a magical ring that fits like a crown on the human’s heads. This crown give the wearer the power to control what the giants do. So the evil knight gets the crown and tries to control the giants and send them to the land down below to over through the kingdom, but Jack defeats him and gets the crown and then in the end he defeats the giants and wins the princesses heart.




Top 5 Dentists in Movies

DENTIST MOVIEMovies are great. They cover, well, everything. From the human condition to life as a fly, from monsters and mayhem to sex and seduction; movies have it all. Something that struck my interest lately was different profession that crop up on film. Everyone knows about the spies and the evil scientists, but I got to thinking about something a little more obscure. Dentists.

I’ve always had a fascination with teeth (the real ones in your mouth, not the odd comedy-horror from 2007). I even looked into the best dental programmes and how to join them. Ultimately, however, I ended up watching dentists more than becoming one. Which is a shame as you can make a lot more money being one than watching them.

All the same, here are my top five on-screen dentists.

-       Marathon Man, 1976

Directed by John Schlesinger. Adapted from a book by William Golding. Starring Laurence Olivier as a Nazi dentist. What could possibly go wrong? Never before had anyone thought to use a cavity as a torture device. And I’m still asking myself, ‘Is it safe?’

-       Little Shop of Horrors, 1986.

Directed by Frank Oz and adapted from a Broadway musical, this cult classic stars Steve Martin as the sadistic, deranged dentist, Orin Scrivello. He likes to indulge on laughing gas and has a penchant for motorbikes and beating on his girl. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s fortunately), this dentists has a rather more ‘earthy’ ending. But I won’t ‘soil’ it for you.

-       Ghost Town, 2008.

Ricky Gervais wouldn’t be my favourite comic of all time (that privilege goes to Bill Hicks) but he’s certainly one of my favourite dentists. Directed by David Koepp, Ricky’s character Frank is a misanthropic dentist who has a near-death experience mid-colonoscopy. Since then, he can talk to dead people. Yep, it’s one of those kind of movies.

-       Finding Nemo, 2003.

The breakout movie of 2003, Nemo was a massive success for Pixar. But was I the only one shivering every time we entered that creepy dentist’s office? If it wasn’t the kid with ridiculous braces, it was the chair, or the paraphernalia. Something in the way all that polished steel glistens in the sunlight just set my heart racing. After all, isn’t every kid afraid of the dentist at some point or another?

-       The Secret Lives of Dentists, 2002.

Do you ever feel like dentists simply must have the best lives? I mean, all they do is yank out the odd tooth or fill in a small hole, and then charge you a gazillion bucks for it. Surely they have it all down to a tee, they get life, right? Well, if you want to see what dentists are like when the antiseptic gloves come off and the gas mask is pulled down, watch The Secret Lives of Dentists. Find out what’s really going on behind the idyllic scenes. You’ll also get a pretty decent view of what it’s like in the office, too, so, you know, bonus points.

Over a hundred movies about radiation? Why is radiation so popular in movies?

radiationNow don’t let’s get started by saying well there’s 100 times more than that about romance movies out there. That’s a given. We’re talking radiation here. Not the first topic that comes to mind when you’re thinking of hit movies. To be honest, very few were hits and you might even be hard pressed to think of any right off hand instantly. There have been a few though, albeit it when you hear radiation you think swamp thing and Godzilla and anything that creates a monster from it. There have been movies that walked a fine line and brought it to us that radiation doesn’t automatically mean monsters. Think of movies such as The Sum of all Fears and even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Elysium as of late too was radiation filled movie time. Even Bond took a taste of radiation in 1985’s A View to a Kill. After browsing it was easy to see that radiation is a hot topic.

It’s changed over the years. The majority of old school 50’s – 70’s had to do with radiation poisoning turning humans into giants or lizards into monsters. As of late, radiation movies have more to do with nuclear holocaust incidents. When you get right down into it, radiation can make for a good story line coming at you from many different angles. These types of movies were a big thing back in the day and then quietly disappeared for a while and now are coming back with a vengeance. Nuclear type movies intertwined with covert operations is a good place to start. Then the list hits you and you see that radiation isn’t something to just be fooled with to make giant lizards out of them. It’s the real deal.

Not everyone can deal with radiation either. It’s not just an elective course at school. They have schools dedicated to radiation therapy. Radiation therapists are needed and are a good paying job as there is a lot entailed in the constantly changing field. From MRI’s to chemo and more, it’s not just “put on a lead apron and let me snap a picture of your leg” X-rays anymore. It’s deep and involved and a field that is catching the eye of young students wanting to help make a dent in this constantly evolving field.

Don’t believe me? Check out and see exactly what there is involved and what kind of salary can be made at this job. First of all though, look at the help you can provide people who need a radiation therapist and their skills to help them with their varied situations.

Movies about radiation are back and not just talking The Incredible Shrinking Man type. There is more sci-fi come to reality being shown in movies that have radiation type themes to them these days. Things that were thought of as novelties a few decades ago have surfaced as realities today. Check them out and you’ll see.

Nature On Screen

NATUREDo you ever watch those movies where the landscape takes your breath away and almost steals the show? I find that happens a lot when watching movies were the natural environment play a major role in the essence of the film. These kinds of movies make me want to book a flight to the nearest destination and start exploring the lands. Even if only for a weekend getaway, the desire to escape into nature can pop up unexpectedly when watching some films. Here are my top 3 films where nature is king:


 1) The Lord of the Rings

I’m sure many would think of the rolling hills of the Shire and the majestic mountains of Middle Earth when you put nature and movies together. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was film in New Zealand, a place of true beauty and wonder. There were times in the movie where Frodo and his clan were just walking for days and weeks. Despite how tedious that became in the book, their footpaths sprang to life in the movie and made for a beautiful treat for the eye.

2) Motorcycle Diaries

This film was given to me as a gift and what a wonderful surprise it was. Although I knew about Ernesto Guevara and his political history, in Latin America, I had no idea that he took this extended road trip through South America as a younger man. This film is based on the memoir he wrote documenting his journey by motorbike that he took with his friend. They travel roads into villages and tiny mountain towns in places like Chile and Peru. Although the film touches on social class injustice the witnessed in South America in the 1950s, the strength and beauty of Latin culture remains unwavering and inspiring. It was through this film that I first saw the beauty of Peru’s Machu Picchu. After that, I knew that one day I would go to South American and see what Guevara saw with my own eyes. I know much of the landscape has changed due to natural events as well as heavy tourism, but it will be worth it nonetheless.

 3) Into the Wild

This is another film based on a book, which is also a true story. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, this film takes place in the Alaskan wilderness in the 1990s. Into the Wild follows a recent university grad who was an ace in the classroom and on the field. Soon after graduation he decides to give his life savings to charity and hitch a ride to Alaska and live off the land. It’s a truly breathtaking story of humility and humanity and if this film doesn’t inspire you to pull out your best hiking boots for men (or women) and take a walk, I don’t know what will. The simplicity of nature in the Alaskan environment is so serene and untouched. Of course there is extreme weather to prepare for if you really do feel inspired to travel to Alaska but still, the emotion evoked through nature in this film is strong. People forget that America is beautiful too. The locale doesn’t have to be the mystical mountains of New Zealand or the rocky roads of Chile. There is beauty in film from around the world and that includes our own backyard. Although Into the Wild was stressful at times, the environment held certain calm, even when things were tough. If I ever make my way that far, I would definitely love to see Alaska for myself.

A Film Topic Favorite: Johnny Depp’s Best Movies

JOHNNY DEPPEvery woman loves Johnny Depp, he can make any women swoon. This is especially shown in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissor hands. In both these movies he is trying to sweep a girl off his feet. Another great on he played in is “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”, in this one he is very young and very attractive. But one scene that I really love is the scene where Edward Scissor Hands is cutting the trees into beautiful creatures and topiaries. An Arboreal specialist is someone that will trim trees and cut trees down. They can specialize in the art of decorating a tree into a beautiful animal or shape. But you should always use a qualified tree surgeon when cutting trees.

Many people have never seen trees so beautifully cut until watching that scene in Edward Scissor Hands. Ever since that scene more and more movies are adding tree’s that are decorated into different shapes and animals. Take for instance at Disney Land in Florida, when you walk in the gate the first topiary you see is of Mickey and Minnie standing made out of a tree. The movie Edward Scissor Hands really brought some interesting art to the topiary world.

Another movie that has awesome Johnny scenes is Blow. It’s not a well-known movie but it’s a very good movie. There is a lesson to learn behind Blow. That money doesn’t buy everything and once it’s gone it’s gone. Even though in the movie it shows that he made a lot of money, he also lost everything he ever cared for. His father dies, his daughter leaves him, his wife leaves him, his buddies set him up, and in the end he still ended up lonely in prison. Although his father wasn’t in prison per say he was in a sort of prison since his wife would take off for a few months then come crawling back making it hard for him to move on from her. But Johnny Depp’s character never accepted her apologies and avoided her.

In many movies Johnny Depp has played an outlaw, living life on the edge and fighting for freedoms. He has played a pirate, a drug exporter, a brother to an autistic kid, a monster with scissors for hands, a gangsta, and many more feature films. Other roles he has played are as voice overs for Rango, and Corpse Bride. One movie that just recently came out is Lone Ranger, which has had great reviews. These are just a few of his movies that he did pretty well in. Johnny Depp has character and imagination that runs deep and he knows just how to make his scenes the best ever. He can pick up on the characters story and turn it into real life events instead of fiction. So head on to Netflix and watch you some of that awesome movie magic that Johnny Depp brings to the big screen. Check out those movies I mentioned and see which ones attract you.