Top 5 Dentists in Movies

DENTIST MOVIEMovies are great. They cover, well, everything. From the human condition to life as a fly, from monsters and mayhem to sex and seduction; movies have it all. Something that struck my interest lately was different profession that crop up on film. Everyone knows about the spies and the evil scientists, but I got to thinking about something a little more obscure. Dentists.

I’ve always had a fascination with teeth (the real ones in your mouth, not the odd comedy-horror from 2007). I even looked into the best dental programmes and how to join them. Ultimately, however, I ended up watching dentists more than becoming one. Which is a shame as you can make a lot more money being one than watching them.

All the same, here are my top five on-screen dentists.

-       Marathon Man, 1976

Directed by John Schlesinger. Adapted from a book by William Golding. Starring Laurence Olivier as a Nazi dentist. What could possibly go wrong? Never before had anyone thought to use a cavity as a torture device. And I’m still asking myself, ‘Is it safe?’

-       Little Shop of Horrors, 1986.

Directed by Frank Oz and adapted from a Broadway musical, this cult classic stars Steve Martin as the sadistic, deranged dentist, Orin Scrivello. He likes to indulge on laughing gas and has a penchant for motorbikes and beating on his girl. Unfortunately (or maybe it’s fortunately), this dentists has a rather more ‘earthy’ ending. But I won’t ‘soil’ it for you.

-       Ghost Town, 2008.

Ricky Gervais wouldn’t be my favourite comic of all time (that privilege goes to Bill Hicks) but he’s certainly one of my favourite dentists. Directed by David Koepp, Ricky’s character Frank is a misanthropic dentist who has a near-death experience mid-colonoscopy. Since then, he can talk to dead people. Yep, it’s one of those kind of movies.

-       Finding Nemo, 2003.

The breakout movie of 2003, Nemo was a massive success for Pixar. But was I the only one shivering every time we entered that creepy dentist’s office? If it wasn’t the kid with ridiculous braces, it was the chair, or the paraphernalia. Something in the way all that polished steel glistens in the sunlight just set my heart racing. After all, isn’t every kid afraid of the dentist at some point or another?

-       The Secret Lives of Dentists, 2002.

Do you ever feel like dentists simply must have the best lives? I mean, all they do is yank out the odd tooth or fill in a small hole, and then charge you a gazillion bucks for it. Surely they have it all down to a tee, they get life, right? Well, if you want to see what dentists are like when the antiseptic gloves come off and the gas mask is pulled down, watch The Secret Lives of Dentists. Find out what’s really going on behind the idyllic scenes. You’ll also get a pretty decent view of what it’s like in the office, too, so, you know, bonus points.

Over a hundred movies about radiation? Why is radiation so popular in movies?

radiationNow don’t let’s get started by saying well there’s 100 times more than that about romance movies out there. That’s a given. We’re talking radiation here. Not the first topic that comes to mind when you’re thinking of hit movies. To be honest, very few were hits and you might even be hard pressed to think of any right off hand instantly. There have been a few though, albeit it when you hear radiation you think swamp thing and Godzilla and anything that creates a monster from it. There have been movies that walked a fine line and brought it to us that radiation doesn’t automatically mean monsters. Think of movies such as The Sum of all Fears and even Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Elysium as of late too was radiation filled movie time. Even Bond took a taste of radiation in 1985’s A View to a Kill. After browsing it was easy to see that radiation is a hot topic.

It’s changed over the years. The majority of old school 50’s – 70’s had to do with radiation poisoning turning humans into giants or lizards into monsters. As of late, radiation movies have more to do with nuclear holocaust incidents. When you get right down into it, radiation can make for a good story line coming at you from many different angles. These types of movies were a big thing back in the day and then quietly disappeared for a while and now are coming back with a vengeance. Nuclear type movies intertwined with covert operations is a good place to start. Then the list hits you and you see that radiation isn’t something to just be fooled with to make giant lizards out of them. It’s the real deal.

Not everyone can deal with radiation either. It’s not just an elective course at school. They have schools dedicated to radiation therapy. Radiation therapists are needed and are a good paying job as there is a lot entailed in the constantly changing field. From MRI’s to chemo and more, it’s not just “put on a lead apron and let me snap a picture of your leg” X-rays anymore. It’s deep and involved and a field that is catching the eye of young students wanting to help make a dent in this constantly evolving field.

Don’t believe me? Check out and see exactly what there is involved and what kind of salary can be made at this job. First of all though, look at the help you can provide people who need a radiation therapist and their skills to help them with their varied situations.

Movies about radiation are back and not just talking The Incredible Shrinking Man type. There is more sci-fi come to reality being shown in movies that have radiation type themes to them these days. Things that were thought of as novelties a few decades ago have surfaced as realities today. Check them out and you’ll see.

Nature On Screen

NATUREDo you ever watch those movies where the landscape takes your breath away and almost steals the show? I find that happens a lot when watching movies were the natural environment play a major role in the essence of the film. These kinds of movies make me want to book a flight to the nearest destination and start exploring the lands. Even if only for a weekend getaway, the desire to escape into nature can pop up unexpectedly when watching some films. Here are my top 3 films where nature is king:


 1) The Lord of the Rings

I’m sure many would think of the rolling hills of the Shire and the majestic mountains of Middle Earth when you put nature and movies together. The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy was film in New Zealand, a place of true beauty and wonder. There were times in the movie where Frodo and his clan were just walking for days and weeks. Despite how tedious that became in the book, their footpaths sprang to life in the movie and made for a beautiful treat for the eye.

2) Motorcycle Diaries

This film was given to me as a gift and what a wonderful surprise it was. Although I knew about Ernesto Guevara and his political history, in Latin America, I had no idea that he took this extended road trip through South America as a younger man. This film is based on the memoir he wrote documenting his journey by motorbike that he took with his friend. They travel roads into villages and tiny mountain towns in places like Chile and Peru. Although the film touches on social class injustice the witnessed in South America in the 1950s, the strength and beauty of Latin culture remains unwavering and inspiring. It was through this film that I first saw the beauty of Peru’s Machu Picchu. After that, I knew that one day I would go to South American and see what Guevara saw with my own eyes. I know much of the landscape has changed due to natural events as well as heavy tourism, but it will be worth it nonetheless.

 3) Into the Wild

This is another film based on a book, which is also a true story. On the other side of the Pacific Ocean, this film takes place in the Alaskan wilderness in the 1990s. Into the Wild follows a recent university grad who was an ace in the classroom and on the field. Soon after graduation he decides to give his life savings to charity and hitch a ride to Alaska and live off the land. It’s a truly breathtaking story of humility and humanity and if this film doesn’t inspire you to pull out your best hiking boots for men (or women) and take a walk, I don’t know what will. The simplicity of nature in the Alaskan environment is so serene and untouched. Of course there is extreme weather to prepare for if you really do feel inspired to travel to Alaska but still, the emotion evoked through nature in this film is strong. People forget that America is beautiful too. The locale doesn’t have to be the mystical mountains of New Zealand or the rocky roads of Chile. There is beauty in film from around the world and that includes our own backyard. Although Into the Wild was stressful at times, the environment held certain calm, even when things were tough. If I ever make my way that far, I would definitely love to see Alaska for myself.

A Film Topic Favorite: Johnny Depp’s Best Movies

JOHNNY DEPPEvery woman loves Johnny Depp, he can make any women swoon. This is especially shown in movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissor hands. In both these movies he is trying to sweep a girl off his feet. Another great on he played in is “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”, in this one he is very young and very attractive. But one scene that I really love is the scene where Edward Scissor Hands is cutting the trees into beautiful creatures and topiaries. An Arboreal specialist is someone that will trim trees and cut trees down. They can specialize in the art of decorating a tree into a beautiful animal or shape. But you should always use a qualified tree surgeon when cutting trees.

Many people have never seen trees so beautifully cut until watching that scene in Edward Scissor Hands. Ever since that scene more and more movies are adding tree’s that are decorated into different shapes and animals. Take for instance at Disney Land in Florida, when you walk in the gate the first topiary you see is of Mickey and Minnie standing made out of a tree. The movie Edward Scissor Hands really brought some interesting art to the topiary world.

Another movie that has awesome Johnny scenes is Blow. It’s not a well-known movie but it’s a very good movie. There is a lesson to learn behind Blow. That money doesn’t buy everything and once it’s gone it’s gone. Even though in the movie it shows that he made a lot of money, he also lost everything he ever cared for. His father dies, his daughter leaves him, his wife leaves him, his buddies set him up, and in the end he still ended up lonely in prison. Although his father wasn’t in prison per say he was in a sort of prison since his wife would take off for a few months then come crawling back making it hard for him to move on from her. But Johnny Depp’s character never accepted her apologies and avoided her.

In many movies Johnny Depp has played an outlaw, living life on the edge and fighting for freedoms. He has played a pirate, a drug exporter, a brother to an autistic kid, a monster with scissors for hands, a gangsta, and many more feature films. Other roles he has played are as voice overs for Rango, and Corpse Bride. One movie that just recently came out is Lone Ranger, which has had great reviews. These are just a few of his movies that he did pretty well in. Johnny Depp has character and imagination that runs deep and he knows just how to make his scenes the best ever. He can pick up on the characters story and turn it into real life events instead of fiction. So head on to Netflix and watch you some of that awesome movie magic that Johnny Depp brings to the big screen. Check out those movies I mentioned and see which ones attract you.

How to Prepare for a Movie Role

MOVIE ROLEMany actors are faced with movie roles that are completely different from their personality and from there body size. So how do they prepare?

They can prepare for roles that require them to beef up by working out more and adding a supplement to their diet. Supplements are good for pre-workout, post workout and even great for women.

Pre-workout supplements are great for adding energy, elevating your performance, and aiding in pushing you further with your workouts. Post workout supplements are taken after your workout and they help with burning fat after the workout so that you get ripped like a super hero. Check out to find out which one is right for you and your needs. Other ways to beef up for a role is to start doing crossfit on a regular basis. This will increase your muscle tone and your stamina and help you to build a leaner body with more muscle definition.

Preparing for roles that requires them to get fatter is simple also by taking weight gainers and by eating everything you see and working out less you will put on that extra ten to twenty pounds you need for your next role. These are options to weight gain, but make sure when the role is over that you get back into your regular workout and eating routine so that you don’t keep the weight on. This can be bad for your health.

  • Just a Few Tips

Some roles require actors and actresses to be different people than who they normally are. One way to accomplish this is to take some acting classes to learn how to be mean, or depressed, or crazy, or any other role you are trying to act out. There are all kinds of roles out there that actors are hired for and each role comes with challenges. Some people have to play gay when they are straight or vice versa. This could be a very difficult role to master. Having friends with all different types of attitudes, religious beliefs, sexual beliefs, and habits will give you some insight and training into how to portray someone with a similar affliction or attitude. Pretending that you are a smoker without actually smoking can be one of the challenges of a movie role. But it can be done with a believed feel to the scene. When playing like your drinking alcohol use liquids that are similar in color but are not alcohol related so that you can do your scene and do cuts over and over without actually getting drunk. Many famous actors have played drunks and drug addicts so perfectly that it was hard to tell they were even pretending.

  • A Rewarding Skill

Acting is a skill that is very challenging and rewarding. When you have a challenging role the actor’s guild and the people will vote to give you awards for doing such a stellar job on your performance. Some actors strive for these awards for a lifetime and never receive one however, some actors and actresses will do their first role and do so well they receive one on their first movie. The better you are at playing someone else the more recognition you will get by the people that matter. So practice all the time and take as many opportunities to learn something new as you can to better and further your career.

Want to know more? Just click here for more info!




Movies Are Big Business!

CSS AND FILMMovies and movie related sites are big business. Every few months a new movie comes out and with that new movie they need people to advertise for them so they hire people to write press releases and make commercials. Each press release has to be sent to publication and many bloggers receive compensation for releasing the press release. Many bloggers are movie buffs who write a daily or weekly article dedicated to movies and the characters in them. These bloggers need buttons for their pages and the best way to get buttons for your site are css button maker applications online. You can make a button for anything you like. Movie buttons are a great way to show your like of a movie or to direct people to your press release page.

Movie blogs are great to follow, they know all the new movies and all the best actors, and they love to write about them. There are many types of movie blogs online. There are ones geared only towards scary or horror and there are ones geared towards action and adventure. The most popular movie blogs are the ones that discuss every movie and give a rating based on likeability. Movie rating sites are one of the go to sites for movie goers now. Why would you want to watch a movie that you have no idea if it’s good or not? With the economy so rough these days how can you afford a ticket to a $10.00 or $12.00 movie if you don’t even know if it gets good reviews? So review sites get lots of business and are the go to site to check before watching a movie at the theater.

Imagine having the ability to stay up to date on all things movie related. That is what a movie blog does for you, they take the time to go to the premieres, pay the cost of the ticket or get invited to the feature premiere for publicity and then write their opinions and feelings related to the context of the movie. Movie bloggers are some of the most sought after bloggers. They get to walk down the red carpet and see the featured premiers of the movies before anyone else does. They get to hob-nob with the actors, interview the co-stars and stars, and write the press releases for magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs.

If you could do one thing in the world that involved movies, but couldn’t act or direct, then movie blogging would be your ideal option. You get to work on your own time and create awesome buttons and articles related to your favorite subject. You get free trips to New York City for premiers and to Los Angeles to view the making of some movies. This is a dream job for some movie buffs. Making a movie blog is as simple as writing a blog geared towards your favorite movies, getting your blog name out in the world, and pitching your blog to serious movie studio PR reps. It can be done and is one of the best careers to have.

Movie night with friends and family

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHTMovies have a long standing relationship with parties and BBQs. Many movies feature cookouts such as Fast n Furious, and of course The Cookout which is appropriately named, to name a few. But one thing is for sure, you can’t have a movie night without a cookout. Invite the neighbors get the electric smokers out and start some meat on the grill. The best time to have a movie night with a cookout is the summer times. Since the kids are out of school, bedtimes are a bit more lax and parents are a bit more fun.

Feature movies that celebrate family time and summer fun during your movie night. Use an affordable projector to project the movie on your back wall of your house. Just hang a white sheet up over the back wall of the house and shoot the movie there. Start the cookout mid-afternoon so the food is good and done by the time it gets dark and start the movies when darkness hits. This is a great way to enjoy movies and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Cookouts are an all-time favorite of families. Adding a movie to the mix just makes it even more enjoyable. If you don’t have an electric smoker then do a little research and read more on which one is the best, most affordable option for your needs. Not every smoker is going to be right for you and your family’s needs. But you should be able to find the right one for your needs.

Choosing the movies to watch should be super easy. IF you have kids over then you first want to show something for them to watch that is also entertaining for you such as the new movie Nut Job. It adds entertainment for the whole family. Once the kids are asleep you can put in an adult movie such as Ride Along, which adds comedy to the night. These are great choices but you don’t have to go with them you can choose your own feature films by getting input form the kids and guests. Sometimes you can do a theme evening geared around a certain actor that everyone enjoys, or a certain subject like comedy or action.

Having kids over for a slumber party is a great way to use the projector as well. Showing tons of kid’s movies that are all geared towards summertime fun can be a great way to enjoy the evening. Kids love movies but what they love more than movies is popcorn. So make sure you have lots of popcorn and snacks for them to chow down on.

Making movie night fun is all about what you put into it and how much fun you make it. Movie night is a great time for all. Having lots of snacks and drinks and options for movies is a great way to celebrate the summer and a holiday or special occasion. Slumber parties, birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays are all great times to throw a movie party with lots of friends and family.

Movies and technological advancements

MOVIES AND TECHNOLOGYMany movies feature new and nifty gadgets that we all want to have in our homes. Some of those gadgets can be found at movie auctions and some of them are sold on eBay. If you’re looking for something truly unique you can find it on Tres Cool Gadgets which is the go to site for the most awesome and cool gadgets that are featured in movies or just new in the technological world. They offer many different things that are tres cool, here is a list of items that you too can have that the movies also have.


Imagine having a watch that you can talk to like in Star Trek. Well now you can buy the LG G Smartwatch. The LG G is water and dust resistant making it the perfect smartwatch for your futuristic lifestyle. In Star Trek they had these super cool watches that they would communicate through to each other. This made the movie seem so much more interesting with all the technological gadgets that they showcased.

Tablet Computers and Military weapons

Star Trek was the beginning of our view into the future of the world of technology. They had the first tablet computer, which in Star Trek they used for computers and listening to music and videos just as we do today. They also developed weapons that we actually see the military use similarly in the Iraq war.

Star Trek brought about many different inventions that scientists and students later developed into useable technological advancements for the military and for the world at large. These advancements have made the technology so advanced that we are surpassing the gadgets that were invented for movies such as Star Trek.

Cars from Movies

There are also some really cool automobile advancements that where featured in movies from the past such as the DeLorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future. That was one car that really made history and made so many men want one. Or take the Aston Martin Vanquish from the Die another Day movie in 2012, where the car completely vanishes. Mercedes has actually accomplished this recently but not to the extent that Die another Day did. The most memorable automobile in a movie would have to be the Bat Mobile from Batman Begins from 2005, this car is famous for being an icon. Batman is one of the most popular movies of all time and everyone has seen the Bat Mobile. Every boy has fantasized about the Bat Mobile and drives the toy car all over their bedroom floors. Who wouldn’t know about the Bat Mobile?

Throughout movie history there has been many inventions that have made it into the real world. Some of them you can buy from dealerships like the DeLorean and some you can buy from specialty websites such as the one listed above. One thing you must remember is that whatever technological advancement you are interested in purchasing from a movie then you can most definitely find it online, because if you want it chances are someone has invented it or has it for sale.


Stunt Doubles in Movies

STUNT DOUBLEMovies play important parts in our lives. We watch them when we are happy, we watch them when we are sad, we pretty much watch them all the time. They are a staple to everyday life. That is why the movie industry is a huge businesses. Children will even try to get by with a book report without reading the book by watching the movie associated with the book, but not all movies tell the whole story.

Producers are tasked with the problem of rewriting the books chapters to fit into the time allotted for a movie. Some stuff will get discarded and some stuff will be made more film friendly so that the movie goers will be drawn in more. This can make it difficult to write an accurate book report on a book if all you see is the movie that is why they also sell cliff notes for each book. Cliff notes are the shortened, get to the point version of a book for students that aren’t interested in reading the whole book, they can be very helpful in writing a book report without reading the whole book.

There are many movies about different fitness themes such as dancing, running, wrestling, boxing, and so much more. Each actor trains differently for their fitness scenes, some even use stunt doubles. For instance if your have to do a scene about running long distances and you choose to do your own scenes one way to train is to get a running machine for your home. This will help you get the most training you will need for scenes like in Forest Gump when he runs across the United States.

Other ways to get training for your movie scenes could include taking up boxing. There are many gyms that catered to the elite movie stars and train them for all the different scenes they have to do. Many movie stars like to do their own scenes instead of hiring a stunt double, this gives them training in different things, and they learn something new and sometimes find they like it. But some actors do stunt doubles which is perfectly acceptable in the movie industry. Some actors that don’t use stunt doubles are Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Natalie Portman, and Vin Diesel just to name a few. They enjoy learning new things for the characters. Jackie Chan is a well-known martial arts master and has always taken part in his stunts. He has been trained for many years and knows the right and wrong ways to do martial arts and stunts. Lots of times you won’t even be able to tell there is a stunt double in movies. They resemble the original actor so much and when there are face scenes you will see the original actors face instead of the stunt doubles. Stunt doubles come from all lines of work such as demolition, martial arts, kick boxing, car drivers, body doubles, and many more. Stunt doubles are paid pretty well and even get their names in the credits of the movies they participate in. If you are trained in a special field and find you would like to be a stunt double there are many agencies in Los Angeles that will help you get work.

To be picky, or not to be, that is the question, well, that and when.

BEST MOVIESYou take the time to enjoy things that life has to offer. You think outside of the box. Even when it comes to movies. You’ve found yourself drawn into the fanfare of the onslaught of movies that come out this time of year over the summer and find yourself having a hard time to pick which one to go see. That’s not news to you though, you’ve always been quite picky. You want to make sure your hard earned money is well spent on a movie where you’ll get the most from it.

There are so many movies to choose from, and watching trailer commercials just make it worse because they are taking the best parts of the movie and putting it into 2 minutes, enough to pique your interest and draw you in. Thing is picking which one, because a trailer makes even the bad ones look good. Then again you remind yourself you’re picky and it’ll come down to picking the right movie.

You’re picky about a lot of things though, not just movies but you’ve even taken it to a personal level. You’re picky about keeping the environment green and are learning there are so many ways to do it. You even take it to a higher level, such as even you’re hair care. You want to use all naturals, and good organic products, it just seems like there’s so many out there to choose from and your picky nature isn’t helping matters out. You found a helpful place though, that listed all sorts of types of benefits so you could make a list of pros and cons and pick the perfect one for you.

If only it were that easy to pick a movie. They seem so expensive these days and you don’t like the feeling that you have when you leave a movie that you saw the best parts of already in the trailer commercial. You’ve already learned to stay away from Oscar pics until the verdicts are in because a nomination doesn’t necessarily mean a good movie in your book.

It’s also quite hard to do research on a movie to find out if you’re going to attend it or not. The reason being you’re not big on reading reviews whether professional or otherwise is that no matter how hard they try, something spoils it. Yes, when looking up a movie, there usually is a spoiler to be found. Some places warn your first not realizing the temptation to keep on reading. However, a lot of places do not warn you that there’s a spoiler on the way with a nice little spoiler alert. So you tend to avoid those places and I definitely don’t blame you.

So in the long run, being picky has its benefits and it’s struggles, but in the long run you wind up getting your money’s worth when it comes to picking a movie. You’re learning to get your money’s worth by trying to live a green lifestyle. It seems like being picky doesn’t hinder, it actually helps put you in the game right where you want to be.