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Drone Documentaries

Given the covert capabilities afforded to drones, it is not surprising that we will soon start seeing drone documentaries popping up everywhere. In fact, it is this sneaky ability of drones that keeps people trepidatious about their existence. No one wants to be spied on by a drone and yet somehow there has to be […]

6 Shocking Documentaries About the Food That You Eat Everyday

While fast food is an inevitable part of our lives today, there’s a huge difference between the qualities of foods that are served in such restaurants. A restaurant that lives up to hygiene and health standards is the Pacific Pizza Brew that uses locally grown ingredients, fresh dough, healthy and unprocessed meats, and freshly made […]

Doctors as humanitarians

“Living in emergency” is a film described to go beyond the adrenaline and drama to show how far doctors without borders will go to provide medical care to less fortunate companies. It is said that they encounter blood, pain and panic daily and have to sometimes face their own wavering faith. It makes perfect sense […]

Inhumanity of insurance fraud

Sicko is a film that mainly focuses on health insurance fraud in America. This documentary has a tongue in cheek approach highlighting the concerns that people have to face when in a position of fraud. There are many cases where people have fallen victim to fraud and it has left them destitute and worse off […]

Documentaries about Trash and Waste

The increasing amount of garbage in the world’s landfills is a well-known issue.  Not only do these films aim to change how we look at our planet, and how we manage our waste, they often make interesting recommendations on how to help.  While the traditional recycle, reduce, reuse adage still applies, some of these take […]

A Few Facts About Cyber Bullying

There are a lot of documentaries that are being made right now. All of these documentaries tackle various things. There are some that tackle drug use and addiction while there are also some that tackle the wars that are going on in different countries. Just recently, some documentaries on cyber bullying have surfaced. Adults, teenagers […]

Documentaries that Shine a Light on the World of Investment Banking

There is a wide variety of information available about investing.  Whether you are looking for information about different strategies and tools, like the Inside Bar Indicator, or are interested in the history around the profession, consider looking for a documentary to help shine some light on the subject. Documentaries about finance, banking, and investing are […]

Addiction Documentaries

Documentaries are fascinating. They open up truths to us that we would never experience had their producers not had the foresight and gall to delve deeper into the world around us. We are catapulted into the lives of people we might never have known. And, we are exposed to situations and circumstances that vary greatly […]

Best Baseball Documentaries

Baseball is an All-American sport. It is well loved by millions and the investment that some players have made over the ages has been memorable. These same ball players have affected history in ways that created a desire for film makers to document their greatness. Unfortunately, very few of these documentaries about baseball and its […]

Documentaries that Restore Your Faith in Humanity

If you’re a fan of influential documentaries, then there are a few must-watches that cannot be missed at any cost. These are documentaries that tell you about the universe, the world, it’s people – and last but not the least, restore your faith in humanity. All such documentaries can be found on ShowBox, so head […]