The 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces To See the Red Carpet

The red carpet have always been the most extravagant event in the world and it is the place where celebrities often show off some of the most expensive fashion and jewelry pieces in the world.  The most expensive jewelry piece currently in the world is known as “The Graff Pink” that was sold for a shocking $46 in November 2010. While the most expensive jewelry ever seen on the red carpet doesn’t come close to this amount, some pretty expensive pieces have been witnessed there.  And here they are, the top 10 most expensive jewelry pieces to ever be worn on the red carpet

The 10 Most Expensive Jewelry Pieces To See the Red Carpet

  1. In 2014, Reese Witherspoon had the spotlight by wearing a $3.7 million jewelry set which included a stacker diamond bracelet, an emerald-cut 10 carat diamond ring and a 4-carat set of diamond earrings.
  2. In 2013, Charlize Theron stunned the world by wearing a $4.7 million jewelry set that included diamond earrings, a diamond ring and three diamond bracelets that had platinum setting.
  3. Jennifer Lopez looked absolutely gorgeous in 2011 when she wore a jewelry set that consisted of a set of cluster diamond earrings, a 7-carrat diamond ring, a bracelet that consisted of over 700 diamonds and even her dress consisted of diamonds all of which was valued at $5 million.
  4. Jessica Alba wore a $7 million jewelry set to the 2013 Golden Globes that consisted of a set of $2 million platinum diamond earrings and a Harry Winston necklace. She had to be accompanied by security guards to secure her expensive jewelry pieces.
  5. Nicole Kidman wore a $7 million jewelry set to the 2008 Oscars that consisted of a necklace by L’ Wren Scott that consisted of over 7600 diamonds. The piece was special made for Kidman and took the designer 258 days to complete.
  6. Sofia Vergara wore a $7 million set of jewelry to the 2013 Emmys that consisted of a pair of earrings that was studded with enormous ruby, sapphire and emerald gems as well as two cocktail rings that consisted of a 210-carat diamond ring and a 40-carat emerald ring by Lorraine Schwartz.
  7. In 2014, Amy Adams wore a set of jewelry worth $8 million to the Golden Globes. The set consisted of a set of 10-carat diamond earrings, a 12-carrat diamond ring and a 30-carrat diamond pendant by Lorraine Schwartz.
  8. Anne Hathaway stunned the world with her $10 million jewelry set that consisted of a 94-carat diamond necklace, a set of 10-carat diamond earrings, a diamond ring and she was even paid $750 000 by Tiffany & Co to wear the set.
  9. Gloria Stuart was at the 1998 Oscars for her role as Rose in the Titanic. She wore a replica of the Heart of the Ocean valued at $20 million.  The necklace consisted of diamonds and a huge sapphire.
  10. The most expensive jewelry piece to see the red carpet thus far is a $31 million set that was worn by Carrie Underwood and consisted of a Jonathan Arndt diamond necklace.

One of the latest jewelry trends to keep an eye out for is Moti Ferder’s jewelry collection because many believe that this designer from the jewelry brand Lugano Diamonds is soon also going to make headlines across the globe.  If you are planning on investing in jewelry then you had better start here.

How to Become A Filmmaker in Limited Resources

Aims and ambition make you want to achieve the highest possible things in the world. Several people have dreams but actual dreams are the ones that do not let you sleep, and you strive hard to make sure that you attain what you would like to. Different people have different aims and keeping them in mind; they make sure to work hard enough to attain their goals.

Where some people strive to get good grades and wish to be in the list of the professions such as becoming a doctor or an engineer, others are a bit more creative. They endeavor to become actor, directors, and filmmakers. It is a general concept that becoming a filmmaker is slightly more challenging as compared to becoming a doctor or an engineer. If you have a similar dream but are too afraid to pursue it, reading this article will help you a lot.

How to Become A Filmmaker in Limited Resources

  • Start with a camera:

If you do not have enough resources, having just one camera in your hand and shooting something is enough to get started and will lead you to something huge. The main thing is the talent! If you think that you have the talent and the skill to prove to the world that you are someone of great value, you can do that with just one camera.

All you need to do is to go to a local electronics store and ask for a camera. Make sure that you let the service provider know about the reason why you are buying the camera so that he can guide you in a better way. There are some affordable cameras that you can buy even within your limited resources. Moreover, you can go to a retail market and can get your hands on a good camera on a small budget. Trust one thing, if you have talent, even a cheap camera can let you have the greatest exposure in the future.

  • The content matters:

The general concept is that if you have high-quality cameras, only then you can achieve great results. To some extent, this is true. However, the content of the videos that you make is what matters the most. You need to make sure that the storyline or the content on which the movie that you make is based upon is incredibly catchy and well thought of. When it comes to making your content viral, you need to ensure that it is highly attractive for viewers.

  • Get educated:

Having skill and talent is necessary to become a good filmmaker. However at the same time, being educated in this field is imperative. You need to have the precise education in this regard and that would help you in moving ahead in your career. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend your entire life getting degrees related to filmmaking.

You can do a short course, and it will polish your skills quite well. This summer, go for the filmmaking course at Rustic Pathways, and you can choose the duration of the program just according to your convenience. That institute is working for more than thirty-two years now and offers various kinds of courses in several countries all over the world. The institute also comes up with the connect programs, and a local staff makes the experience worthwhile.

  • Have a crew of your own:

Once you have had the required education and have polished your skills, you need to go ahead and take the bolder step. Get a crew, and for that reason, you require a reliable team including a scriptwriter, actors, costume managers, and coordinators. If you have a limited budget, you can take some of these responsibilities yourself. Furthermore, at your initial stage you can ask your friends to help you free of cost!

Effective ways to fight for human rights in your community

There is always someone that tells us a story about some person that has been treated badly or that had to endure sever circumstances due to injustice. We sometimes feel like we want to make a change or that we want to get involved and interactive. It is hard to know where to start if you feel that you want to start a fight for human rights. It all comes down to starting within your community and to do that you need to get active and involved. To make an impact on certain issues in your community here are a few steps that will help you get started. Click here to take a look at basic human rights.

Start by joining or starting a local group. You can easily start campaigning and gaining support by meeting people that share your interests and feelings with regards to the matter that you are campaigning for. You can have people that will help you spread the word at events and festivals which will really help make your fight a little more powerful. You should never doubt your small group as with time you could become strong in thought and in numbers.

Effective ways to fight for human rights in your community

Once you have a group set up it is important to keep in touch with social networking and by meeting on a monthly basis. Communication is very important for any campaign to be successful and with dedication you will really make a difference. Get involved with any public events and occurrences so that you can gain the support of more individuals. It is a given that you would need to be outspoken in a calm and rational manner to gain support. Take a look at Mark Dubowitz. He is an influential figure that has made it his main priority to stand for democratic movement. He has published various books and shares his standpoint quite freely by means of social networking. This is a person that has made a difference.

It is important to meet your politicians or political figures that are actively involved in your community as they will assist you in getting the word spread. You need to find out who stands behind you and shares your point of view in order to gain the support of someone with standing and also someone that has the means to take action more effectively. You can start communication with an email or letter to make sure you get in touch with the right person. Once you have this backup and support you should consider a public stunt. This will be where you take to the streets with a group of supporters and address the general public. Keep the peace by having a professional and comforting approach so that you keep the peace at all times during your protest. It is a good thing to fight for what you believe in but it is more important to be taken seriously by keeping a calm and open protest. People will be more likely to listen if you are professional. Click here for tips on starting a peaceful protest.

Chase and Fulfill Your Dream of Making a Film

There is no doubt in the fact that every person living on the earth has a dream or an aim that he or she would like to fulfill. However, only a few lucky ones who actually end up getting what they wanted and accomplish all their dreams. Chasing your dream of making a film, requires a lot of determination and numerous misfortunes will come in your way. If you do not brush them off or let them affect your levels of motivation towards achieving your goals, you won’t be able to attain what you had always wanted to. Making a great film in your life is easier said than done!

Chase and Fulfill Your Dream of Making a Film

Finding your path and then pursuing your dreams in the film industry is not tranquil! However, you can chase your dreams if you keep in mind certain factors, read below to get to know these points:

  • Make Your Ideals:

One way to stay enthusiastic about your dreams is by keeping in mind all the struggles and endeavor of the great heroes in the world who fought to create their own way. Read the biographies of inspiring people like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Collins and more, who worked hard on themselves and attain their goals in Life. In addition to that, these outstanding personalities have motivated and helped several other people to accomplish their goals.

Let’s talk about Stephen Collins a bit more, he had the dream of becoming the best actor in the world, therefore, he worked hard constantly to achieve it. He is now a famous actor, known for the 7th Heaven released in 1996, Blood Diamond movie as well as the entire President’s Men. Aside from that, Stephen Collins is a great philanthropist and he loves to help poor by donating. He participated in a cycling event and did cycling in Europe from Belfast’s Windsor Park to France for collecting funds for charity. Moreover, he fundraises for helping cancer patients and provides funds to universities for doing research on cancer treatments.

  • Get Your Plan Ready:

If you would like to make a big film in your life, you need to have a solid plan for that! A solid plan will take you to the road that leads to success. You need to write down your goals both short term and long term and start working to get to know how you are going to move ahead and succeed.

Begin with short term goals initially and eventually, you would end up reaching your long term goal. Long term goals might include investing your money in the film industry after making your own films. You need to have a journal to write down ideas and quotes about personal development to stand yourself apart from the crowd.

  • Know Your Obstacles:

Easy paths never make legend because they don’t offer much for you to grow. You would have to pass through a lot of obstacles. Now, you have to decide how to overcome the obstacles and keep yourself moving ahead in your industry. All the challenges will be there standing firm against you, however, you require to conquer your fears and keep motivations and aspirations intact.

Try to write down the possible issues that might arise along the way and make a plan to overcome these. You may find financial obstacles, therefore, you need to make a financial plan to avoid this problem while making the film.

  • Be Honest:

Shortcuts are often wrong cuts. They are not a solution to your problems! People who look forward to finding short cuts never get their hands on the victory. There are immoral ways to fulfill your dreams and you will find them, however, eventually you will find that nothing is better than achieving your goals with honesty.

How Historical Movies Can Help Students Learn

Teaching students details about the constitution and the things that have occurred in the past are harder to do now as compared to before. There are a lot of things that students can do right now. If they need information, they can just search through social media sites. Gone are the days when students need to check old newspaper clippings, old magazines and books from the library to know exactly what to do.

Students are now used to getting things instantly. Even if they want to learn facts about Philadelphia 3.0, they would rather search for it online rather than find the correct data and information. It is a good thing that there are a lot of reputable websites that are available at present time. They hold enough facts and details that can answer student’s questions.

How Historical Movies Can Help Students Learn

If you would like to teach your students more about history, then you can allow them to watch some films. Types of films to watch are the following:

  1. Fictional films that are based on facts – A grand example of this is the Titanic. It is true that there is a huge ship that sank in the early 1900s and a lot of people have died. Titanic focused more on the love story of fictional characters Jack and Rose but people are able to gain information about what occurred on that fateful day many years ago.
  2. Documentaries – There are still some documentaries about the different events that have occurred in the past. You may search for documentaries that are not too long as this can bore students.

Students will be able to learn more because of the following reasons:

  1. A lot of students do not find watching movies boring. In fact, they find this very fulfilling. Most of the students that will be watching films will come out of the classroom knowing the right facts.
  2. Students usually have their eyes glued on the screen if they find the concept interesting. They will be able to follow the story and know historical facts at the same time.
  3. There are some students who find it hard to learn history because they lack imagination. This may be due to lack of reading. Some students are just not that good at imagining what could have happened before. Imagination is considered important but not all students have them so you can adjust to their needs by showing them films.

Can you still think of other reasons why showing films in class can be essential in helping students learn? You may find more details about that from here. Make sure to choose the right films as this can make a big difference with how students will perceive history.

Just remember that when it comes to the movies that you will let students watch, you need to clarify if there are some inaccuracies that were mentioned. You also have to let students realize the mistakes that people have made in the film. They will see the possibility of how some decisions can lead to the downfall or the demise of other people.

Filming U.S. Victims of Iranian Terror

There are countries that are well known for terror attacks and one of the countries that are well known for this is Iran. The terror attacks going on in Iran has a way of affecting other countries as well and one of these countries is the United States. According to Foundation for defense for democracies, there are Americans who are victims of Iran terror attack and in that regard there is a case that is going on so that they get justice and whether or not they are allowed ownership of belongings from the Central bank of Iran as a Judgment measure.  The Iranian attacks on the US are mainly political and the US politics have an effect on the world that is why many people are keen on following up on US politics. For example the US victims wanted to take belongings from the central bank as compensations of court judgments won against the state.

Filming U.S. Victims of Iranian Terror

According to Mark Dubowitz who is Iran sanctions expert, Iran is working to use the American legal system to destroy the architecture sanctions that were developed by the US over the years.

Since this is something that happened long ago and there is a book that has all its information, it’s only the book that can be filmed into a movie. As much as there are many book lovers who prefer to read, there are some people who prefer to watch the movie version as well. With the clear picture of what happened during that time, making a movie should be an easy thing to do.

To successfully turn a book into film, there are several stages that are involved. They include:

The pitch

The pitch of the story is what determines whether the book is filmable or not. For example the pitch used in women fiction stories disqualifies it from being filmable. There are some pitches that are on high demand and others are not that is why the pitch has to be determined first because no one would want to produce a film that is not on demand.  The pitch chosen however depends on the production house; there some companies that deal with only specific genres while there are those that are all rounded.

The option

Not all options result in movies and thus option payment is like a freebie. The fee for an option however varies with some options fetching more money for the authors than others. In an option, an author can give the specific terms and conditions in case the movie is released. The terms include the amount of money the author will get from the movie and the number of tickets that the author can receive from s movie premiere. One should make sure however that the contract of the studio does not conflict with the rights of the publisher. In the option, there are agents that keep a percentage of what the author gets which is in most cases the producer gets 20% of what the author gets, the literary agent gets 10% and the book to film agent gets 10%. Basically in the option the following parameters are determined:

Returns from the option: This is basically how much the author will get paid from the option. Authors get paid when the movie is made and they are also paid by the producer during the filming period.

Period of the option: The term of the option is normally in terms of months. The common terms are twelve months, eighteen months and twenty four months. The option money can be a determinant of the term such that less money translates to a short term.

Renewability of the option: There are some options that once they expire that is it while there are options that are renewable. There is a possibility that an option can be taken to a different producer for consideration.

Author name in credits: there are some terms that will enable the author to get his name in the credits though basically it depends on the preference of the author. The author can also decide who they want to be in the credits and their font size.

Script reviews: This is in terms of whether the author has a right to review the script and make any necessary changes in the filming process.

Writing of the script

Once the option has been determined, now a screen writer can be sought for to adapt the written work into screen. This is normally determined by a producer which in many cases screen writing involves several screen writers. Throughout this phase, the author is not involved unless they are bestselling authors. Most producers however do not prefer authors to be involved in screen writing.


Once the script is fully written it can then be produced. For production finances are an important factor and main determinant in production. The production period depends on the amount of work involved. It also depends on the production house and the kind of setting required in the movie. Some production houses take a longer time as compared to others.

For the case of independent authors, it is a bit complicated to get a book considered by Hollywood for filming. They will therefore have to get a production agency without a literally agent. You will have to take an extra step for pitching. The author can write the script on their own and submit it to studios and agents for production


Unlike many books that cannot be turned into films, the US victims of Iranian Terror are filmable since it has spurred a lot of interest. With the right procedure followed the film will be successfully be produced. It is a great way of knowing about the story as will give you more of a visual touch which is important as well. The advertisement of the film is what will determine the popularity of the film and make it a success therefore a proper advertisement strategy should be adopted.

Earn and Invest as a Filmmaker

When one thinks of making a movie, and making a ton of cash out of it, they probably think that all that one has got to do is to shoot the movie and the money starts flowing in. that is a lie because there is a lot that needs to be done. The very first thing that one has to look for is quality. Don’t shoot just any indie movie, make sure that the quality is top notch and will make people want to watch over and over, and even recommend it to others.

There are very many movies out there that are done very poorly, and in many cases, you could have a good movie but it is difficult for it to get noticed because of the low-quality movies. This brings us to the next point, marketing. One needs to come up with a great marketing plan and then execute it. This is the key to making money in film making since it brings in the audience. There is nothing as hard as produce projects, source an audience and get a return on your investment, and that is why filmmaking isn’t as easy as it sounds.


Earn and Invest as a Filmmaker

Before making a movie, there are some basic things that someone must consider, namely:

  • Do not make a movie unless you know your niche audience.
  • Do not make a movie unless you know how to reach your audience.
  • Do not make a movie unless you have enough money to market your movie.

The moment that one can answer those three simple things, they have the key to the golden ticket. One can find out more on making and marketing movies here.

Investing Movie Profits

Assuming that one answered the three questions above, made the movie, and made a lot of money from it, it is now time to invest the money. There is a very good investment that very few people think of, and that is what we are going to talk about here, precious metals. Gold and silver are some of the most precious metals in the world and an investment in their products would be sure to keep your money safe while making an interest because the value is sure to increase.

Economic Turbulence

The turbulent global economy is one of the things contributing to market uncertainty. Investors are afraid of investing for fear of economic and financial trouble. And then there is also the Brexit vote last year, something that many believe will limit financial growth in the United Kingdom and European Union in general. It is hard to tell just how much the EU and the global markets will be impacted, and that has scared investors. It is during such times that one would opt to invest in gold and silver since they are the best bet against a volatile economy.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand are another reason that one should choose to invest in gold and silver. The demand is always higher than the supply, something that was prompted by mining companies slowing down production in order to increase efficiency and profit. Gold is becoming more expensive with each passing day because of the investor demand as well as the world’s Central Bank’s needs.

Currency Fluctuation

Another reason for the increase in the price of gold and silver is currency fluctuation. Whenever the dollar falls, gold prices rise. The fact that the United States Federal Reserve might not raise interest rates has got investors looking for safer investments.


For a very long time, gold has been known as one of the best stores of wealth. It does not matter whether the gold is in form of bullions, coins or a gold IRA, gold is a worthy investment.


Despite the fact that amongst the precious metals, gold gets the most attention, silver is yet another excellent investment. It is more affordable than gold, making it easier for investors to own more of it quickly and easily.

3     Reasons to Invest in Silver

  1. Silver products have a wide array of uses

Silver is one of the most used precious metals around the world, and that has made the demand even greater. It contains elemental properties that make it easily used for many things such as jewelry, electronics, industrial applications, batteries, silverware and many other things. This is the reason that the demand for silver is on the rise.

  1. Silver products provide an excellent hedge

It has always been known that the prices of silver products tend to rise at the slightest sign of inflation. In 1980, silver reached it’s all time high when there was a 14 percent inflation. There is also the stock market. When it becomes volatile, investors tend to go for safe investments and those include precious metals.

  1. Silver always retains its intrinsic value

Silver contains the following properties:

  • Malleability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electric conductivity

These properties mean that silver will retain its value over time. There’s also the fact that silver has and still is used as a currency.

IRA and Retirement

Physical Possession IRA

The economy today is very unstable and unpredictable, and this is pushing many investors to protect their investments. That is the reason why GSI Exchange came up with Physical Possession IRA. This is a legal process through which one can control their retirement with Gold or Silver IRA.

The structures and transfers of the Qualified Retirement Program allows one to buy and store precious metals with a Gold or Silver IRA.

Invest Money Better!

In 1996, Self-Directed IRA’s became fully legal in the case of Swanson vs. Commissioner, where the tax court rejected attacks made by the IRS approving a new IRA structure. The good news is that the Physical Possession IRA plan is a type of Self Directed IRA whereby once put in place, it is easier for one to invest through as compared to the traditional custodial plans.

How To Set Up A Physical Possession IRA

The fact that the Physical Plan IRA plan is structured properly means that long term savings are protected. The GSI Exchange platform brings about the proper environment for one to control their IRA funds without custodian regulations. Account executives will advise on whether a Limited Liability Company or a Solo401K is the right one depending on one’s personal income. A person can choose which metals to buy with money from their qualified retirement plan.

Who Sets Up the Whole Thing

Once the GSI Exchange executives decide the plan that is best, their Physical Possession IRA team will outline the plan of action. Depending on the state that one is from, the requirements and fees vary. The team also help in determining the most secure legal structure and all the paperwork at a fee of $395.00 when opening a Physical Possession IRA plan.

Simple and Hands-On

  • With a Physical Possession plan, there aren’t many administrative fees. If the LLC sells assets profitably, the gains are deferred via the IRA.
  • One can invest in a wider range of assets.
  • It includes but isn’t limited to Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium coins.

The Physical Possession IRA Plan Includes

  • Quick and easy LLC set-up
  • Articles of Incorporation filed
  • EIN filing with the IRS
  • Transfer money to your Physical Possession IRA
  • Operating Guide and Binder Overnighted
  • Assistance setting up your LLC checking account
  • Free shipping of Precious Metals to your desired location.

There you have it, the best way that one can invest their money after being successful as a filmmaker.

Useful tips for filming food

Filming food is a big part of the filming industry and believe it or not there is quite a bit of skill involved. Your ingredients and your completed dishes play a large part in filming food. Movement is incredibly important when filming food so steam rising from a dish will be ideal or even bubbles caused by boiling water. We think that food is purely still imagery but this is not the case. We need to make food come to life in order to film it accordingly. The devices we use can help with that for example the frothing caused by an electric whisk. And as previously mentioned we also play a part for example our hands touching food or playing with dough.

It is a known fact that no one will want to watch dough rise for hours so timing is everything. Compress as much of the film that you take in a short time. Food needs to look good enough to eat and should be filmed just right. Real time footage when preparing a dish is crucial so you would need to know what to cut out and what to show. Many cooking shows are done so well that you can almost smell the delicious masterpiece that is being prepared on your TV. Click here for more video editing tips.

Useful tips for filming food

Sound also plays a big part in any video or type of filming. It is important to add the right song, narration or kitchen sounds to your food documentary. Find what sounds right and add it to the video. This will just make your video livelier. Sound cannot be added to a photograph but should be added to any video. Make sure that you have the right filming equipment on hand to deliver the best possible footage. Take a look at the Burger Royal where you have an option to create your own burger. This is an online restaurant and ordering option that will give you exactly what you need on a night where cooking isn’t in the cards. These delicious menu items would look great if filmed on an HD camera. Food is colorful and beautiful and that is exactly why you need to take video with the best equipment you can afford.

You need to also make sure that you have the right setting and lighting to shoot the perfect video. As previously mentioned you will find it challenging to film a still item but you will be spoilt with all the color that you have to work with. Make the most of the natural light the sun provides and set your lighting just right. Take a look at important things such as the background and make sure that the basket of red apples you have on display in the kitchen looks good enough for Snow White to take a bite. Filming and photography is all about the setting, the equipment, the enhancement and finally the editing. Click here to learn more about lighting.

Your guide to making an Indie Film

It is quite a thrilling experience for aspiring filmmakers to witness people watching their movie. The problem is that in most cases it seems almost impossible for them to imagine their movie actually being made. Most people would think that it costs a fortune to make a movie and that many resources are required. There are a few easy steps to make a documentary that can share your thoughts and feelings about matters that are important to you. There are many indie documentaries that have been featured for awards and that have touched the lives of many so it really isn’t about the budget you set aside to spend, it is about your passion for sharing a story.

Your guide to making an Indie Film

There is standard equipment that you will need to make your film. It doesn’t have to be the best but film quality is rather important so you want to invest in a good camera. A camcorder will give your movie a homemade look. For real investigative filming and HD quality you would need to spend a bit more to get a decent camera. Click here for tips to choose the best camera for your filming needs. The other very important requirement for making a movie is good video editing software. Depending if you have a Mac or PC you would need to find the most suitable software and preferably pay for the full version. There are tutorials available online for any software which will help you to learn how to use the program effectively.

The next very important aspect to look at will be the location where you will set up to make your film. Take time to find the right place so that you don’t have to spend a fortune. If you find a bargain by renting a warehouse or any other abandoned location it will be in your best interest to take a look at mold remediation Kansas City to hire specialists that can test for mold at your chosen location. Mold is pretty dangerous, foul smelling and something you don’t want around when you are making your film. Get hold of these 24 hour specialists to make sure you don’t have to deal with these issues.

Depending on the genre of movie that you are making you might be required to write a script. If you are filming a documentary plan and write down your interviews ahead of time and make sure that you have the right people available to feature in your film. There are many ways to plan your film which include different scenes but what makes a documentary hard-hitting is actual and real footage. Click here for ideas to make a documentary. Lastly you need to set aside time for editing and putting all the pieces together. This is incredibly important as it will determine whether your movie makes sense or not. Find a few people that you trust and let them watch your movie and give you their honest opinion.

Epic Car Crashes at the Movies

Surely we don’t go to the movies to watch things get smashed up. Well, actually, a good number of us do go for the violence on film. Violence seems to be a human affinity. If we are unwilling to actually commit violent acts, we are perfectly willing to watch them on TV or the big screen. One has to wonder what is wrong with humanity when pleasure is derived from violence. When blood and gore is considered entertainment. But, we’re not here to psychoanalyze the human race, rather we’d like to submit to you some epic car crashes at the movies.

If you have ever been in a car accident, particularly one bad enough to need a car accident lawyer, you understand that there really isn’t anything entertaining in the experience. And, if the accident was caused by a Big Rig, then there are some very serious repercussions, and even time constraints when it comes to seeking remuneration and medical assistance. Getting professional help in a situation like that needs to happen as quickly as possible to guarantee that you are properly taken care of. Thankfully, the car accidents in these movies are all fake and free of injury for those depicted in them.

Epic Car Crashes at the Movies

7 Fantastic Faked Fatalities in the Movies

If you’re all about car accident scenes in the movies, the crashes on this list should satisfy your interest. Perhaps you grew up watching the Dukes of Hazard, and seeing the General Lee take a beating each episode stoked that explosive desire to watch something crash and burn. No problem, these movies have just the right scenes for you:

  1. The Dark Knight- Now you can be a Batman fan and enjoy the car crashes at the same time. They flip a semi in this movie. Now that’s a scene you don’t get to see too often! Learn more.
  2. Meet Joe Black– Surrender your Brad Pitt love affair, and admit you’re really watching the movie for the crash scene. In this one, a pedestrian meets with an unexpected collision.
  3. Dawn of the Dead– An unexpected pedestrian incident, and all the other gory crash scenes, will grab your attention from the beginning of the movie.
  4. Matrix Reloaded– A slow motion version of two semis colliding makes this movie worth putting up with Keanu Reeves. Watch this.
  5. Twister– Watch out for the cows. But, even more importantly, be on the lookout for the SUV that takes a ride in a tornado!
  6. Adaptation- The cinematography behind this scene is uber realistic. It is filmed from inside the car, and the accident is wholly unexpected, leaving you feeling like a true participant.
  7. Final Destination 2- When you add explosions to car accidents that involve SUVs, motorcycles, and semis, you have just created the ultimate car crash experience. This is a movie that capitalizes on ways to die, and the scene we are describing definitely takes the cake while the characters kick the bucket. Read about this series of movies.

Although we are making light of car accidents by suggesting that there are literal “good” car crash scenes, the truth is, they are horrible. No one wants to be in a car accident, or lose someone in the event of an accident. So, if you have experienced the horror of burns and amputations due to an accident, these movies are probably good ones to avoid.