Recording A Program for Kids

Kids tend to see each and everything in an interesting and worth learning manner, thereby; the array of programs that can be made for them is quite vast. All you have to do is grasp their attention and voila they will be interested in your show forever.

We see there are multiple kids programs on the television as well as on YouTube but parents avoid some of these shows because of the content they promote. So to make your show a success you also have to take the parents in the loop. Make sure you come up with a kid’s show that is educating the children as well as colorful and attention grasping. Some tips for making your children’s program a hit are:

Recording A Program for Kids

Recording A Program for Kids

Make a plan:

Before jumping to the recording part it is highly advised that you make a detailed plan of what you want to do. Making a TV or YouTube show is not an easy task. It requires a lot of money and effort so planning it is an important step.

You have to plan beforehand the kind of content your show will have, the age group it will target and most importantly its genre.

Without thorough planning and research, your show can be a big flop which will not only waste your money but also your effort and time.


Once you are done making a plan, choosing background should be the next step. The background you choose entirely depends on the type of show you plan on making. If you plan to make a show about music and its education then the background you choose should be related to that. It is advised that you put real music equipment on your set to intrigue the children. The characters can go and fiddle with these instruments which can grasp the viewer’s attention.

For example, you can put a beginner level drumming set in the background. You can look for best drum sets and get them customized for your show. If you are targeting 10-year-olds you can look for best drum set for 10 year old.

There are many drum sets available on the market. You can also opt for electric drum sets that are not very expensive and can look very good in the background. They don’t take a lot of space either and gives the best sound combinations as well.

They can also be used to integrate sounds that are already recorded which will be great for your show. This is the best thing about electronic drum sets. There is no limit to the sounds and tunes that can be played and integrated into them. They are not difficult to learn and also look very elegant.

There are many drum sets that are ideal for beginners and professionals alike. Moreover, you can get drum sets in different colors and shape combinations that can be according to your set.

They can also be used to combine different genre of music which is very intriguing for children.


The cast of your show should be no less than perfect. If you plan, your idea, your background, everything is ideal but your cast is not perfect your show will be a big flop. Make sure you opt for the cast that the children can relate to. If you are making a cartoon show, look for costume makers that can make bubbly and highly relatable cartoon character costumes.

It is advised that you hire child actors and anchors for your show if you are targeting children. Since they can relate to them better they will like the show better.

Backgrounds for A Short Video

Backgrounds for videos are quite important. They give your video the impact that you want it to make. You can choose one of the types of backgrounds, but you need to remember few things.

First and foremost thing; the background should not captivate all the attention. The focus of the video should be on you or anything else you would like to show to your viewers. The second thing is to keep your background interrelated to what you are trying to show or present in your video. There should be a significant correlation between the content of the video, voiceover (if any) and the background music, if these all are dissimilar, then it affects the quality of your video, and your video might not convey the message you are trying to express. For a professional video editor, it is essential to show consistency.

Backgrounds for A Short Video

Backgrounds for A Short Video

Furthermore, there are three main types of backgrounds. Read on to find out more about these:

  1. Fake Backgrounds:

These backgrounds contain paper backdrops, curtains, or sheets. While using fake backgrounds, you should always be very careful. Some backgrounds might end up looking unprofessional or sloppy, and that can ruin the impression of your video.

While choosing a fake background, concentrate on the color, texture and the print of the background because any wrong move can be a turn off for the viewers. If they do not like what they see, they won’t hear what you are saying, and that is the reason videographers put so much effort in making the background of their videos perfect.

  1. Real Backgrounds:

Real backgrounds consist of outdoors or any part of your house or office that comes in the background of your video. These kinds of backgrounds look good, but they can take the focus off you. These backgrounds should be used if you have professional cameras that can blur the background out a little. By blurring you neither completely take the background out of the video neither you let the background steal the focus off you.

Real backgrounds aid show your personality and give a personal touch to your video.

  1. Wall art:

Wall art is not a part of the real background or fake backgrounds. It is a part of your room. Meanwhile, it can be put up just for the sake of a video. Wall art can make a very good background for videos as it also gives a personal touch same as the real background, but can relate to the video like fake background.

Wall art adds liveliness to your room, and if you interpolate it to your video, it can add characters and liveliness to your video as well. Just like the fake background, you can customize your wall art. It can be an amalgam of colors or only one plain color. It can feature football players, flowers, maps, or anything you want.

In addition, in wall art, you can either put it up in one piece, or divide it into small pieces, and put it up on the wall. It is entirely up to you. You can hang them on two sides of your LED TV or a plain wall above your sitting area.

If you make videos related to nature, you can hang up a wall art of Amazon forest or any other Greenland. Apart from themes wall art, there are generalized wall arts as well. If you make videos on the random topic, you can choose the world map wall art, which covers all topics.

Chase and Fulfill Your Dream of Making a Film


Point of view shooting can be hard as it is, but when you are trying to encapsulate some incredible adventures, it gets tough. What are adventures without some thrill and danger?It is the reason why POV shooting fails here. Especially when it comes to bike adventures, POV shots can be extremely dangerous to capture.

Do you keep your hands on the camera or the handles? However, it does not mean you should miss out filming such a great adventure. Let the world see what you see on your next great biking trip. You might end up capturing some amazing footage.

Here are a few tips to do it in a fun way:

Choose the Right Camera:

Choosing the right camera is theimperative part of any shot. However, for POV shooting your old mobile phone or handheld camcorder secured by tape won’t do you any favors. After a full day of blazing the trail, you will be left disappointed if your video does not come out as you hoped. A sturdy, but light camera with ultra HD is recommended to capture your adventures as they truly are. Make sure it is easy to use and is waterproof and dust resistant.

Ensure You Have a Secure Mounting:

Make certain your camera stays secure by using a proper and stable mounting system. Biking is never smooth, especially when done outdoors. This makes the camera shake a lot and you can even lose the camera. A helmet-mounted camera is the best for POV shots as it provides the audience with the first-hand view of the rider. Furthermore, you can add a chest-mounted gimbal or a rotor (which is a helmet mounted rod) to stabilize your shots. The rod helps you keep centered and stabilizes the shot while reducing shakiness. You just have to be careful on tight trails or turn where you could hit or damage the camera.

Choose the Right Gear:

Selecting the right camera is not the only important part. Having the right gear and the devices is also crucial to good footage. USB drives for backing up footage, helmet, gloves, jerseys etcetera are all essentials when going for a biking trip. Choosing a bike is a hard task. It depends on the terrain you will be filming and the amount of flexibility you require. One of the most popular bikes is the BMX bike. They are simple and have a wide variety. If you want to find out which bike is the best for you, you can use an online guide like ‘Bikes Reviewed’. They offer an in-depth review of all bikes and elaborate on which bike to use on what terrain. Whether you want to find a BMX for your kid or for racing, they have all the options covered.

They have BMX recommendations for all price ranges. In addition, they also provide a buyer’s guide to help you chose the right bike for yourself. They provide a list of biking gear like gloves, padding, helmets, armored jerseys etcetera that should be used with your bike or would be useful in your terrain.

Use a Good Camera Technique:

Find out which angles suit you and your terrain better. Make sure your camera is locked into position and that it is secured. Otherwise, it might capture videos of the dirt or the sky. It is recommended to make sure your camera position is flexible and you can easily change angles. It would be better to take a test shot before the actual shot to know what you are getting into and where to improve. POV shots can provide your viewers with a thrilling adventure when done properly.

The Top Talking Cars That Ever Existed on TV

Anyone that decides to make a movie about a talking car has two major characteristics; a serious love for vehicles and a great sense of humor.  Most of these legendary talking cars provided viewers with hours of great fun, great laughs and great entertainment.  But the fun doesn’t have to end the TV.  CarVision is an award winning car dealership that has been in business for 20 years and they certainly did not lose their sense of humor over these long years.  Everything from their service to their marketing is proof of CarVisions supreme sense of humor and their will to connect with customers.  Where else will you find a car dealership that uses puppets to explain all the fine detail about their available vehicles?  If you are in the mood for modern car humor then this is definitely the best car dealership to check out right now.

The Top Talking Cars That Ever Existed on TV

The top talking cars in movie world

It would be absolutely fantastic to own a car that could talk to you while you drive.  Sure, the GPS is already a step towards talking cars but still a long way off from having a real conversation with your car.  Here are the top cars come to life on TV that delighted thousands of viewers

Kit – Kit was the hit of the show ‘Knight Rider’ in the 1980’s.  This fantastic car did much more than just talk; it was also a super spy that was specially developed by the Knight Industries to fight crime along with his rider, Michael Knight.

Herbie – Herbie is from the 1968 movie The Love Bug.  This movie may be old but everyone still knows and loves Herbie.  The little Volkswagen Beetle was a fast little race car that stunned the world by winning races against dedicated race cars but it is the sheer humor and journey of this little car and it’s driver that captivated everyone.

Christine – This 1958 Playmouth Fury is not a car you mess with and her driver should be handled with ultimate respect or she will find you… and kill you.  This horror based on a Stephen King story is definitely something to see and this talking car is someone you will probably remember for the rest of your life.

Alex – Alex is an average teen from the movie ‘Turbo Teen’ that has the ability to transform into a Corvette whenever he gets too hot.

MegaWeapon – MegaWeapon is a gigantic truck with lots of armor, weapons and even a cow-catcher in the front from the 1983 film; ‘Warrior of the Lost World’.  This truck doesn’t say much and is actually the bad guy since he is constructed to enslave and kill the human population.

Benny – This talking taxicab from the 1988’s film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ has the magical ability to instantly appear every time you stick out your thumb.  He will take you anywhere you need to go and he enjoys a chat throughout the drive.

How to Choose A Car to Use in A Film

Almost in all films and movies you will spot a car, guess it is because a car is part of our daily lives and no longer a luxury. The car used adds a certain feel to the film and thus one should be careful when choosing a car to use in a film. With many brands and models in the market it may be confusing which car to choose, well truth is so long as you consider some factors, then it will be a walk in the park.  Some of the factors to consider when choosing a car for a film include:

How to Choose A Car to Use in A Film

Setting of the movie

The setting of the movie has a big influence on the cars that may be used in the movie. The model of the car has to be in sync with the theme of the movie. For example if it’s an old school setting, then an old model such as the beetle can work well. If it is a modern movie, then the latest models of cars can work well. The theme of the film can also have an influence on the kind of colors that may be used for example red is mostly used in romantic settings. On the other hand some people would prefer to just go for neutral colors for more multi functionality.

Cost of hiring the car

The cost of hiring a car may be insane sometimes especially for some models. The cost of hiring will therefore affect the kind of car you will settle on. This will depend on the cost of production of the movie and the budget allocated. The cost of hiring a car should not be beyond the budget.

Availability of car

Sometimes one may be constrained on the available cars. You cannot use a car that is not available hence availability of a car is an important factor to consider when choosing a car. If you will not find the specific cat that you want then you will have to go for a neutral car.


If a car is more reliable it means that is convenience. The reliability of a car is therefore an important factor to consider when choosing a car. Since you are looking for convenience and a car that is less likely in need of repairs while doing the shoot then you should aim to hire a car that is as reliable as possible.


Car hiring is much easier than buying a car. Even though it is easy, we are all looking for value for money. More value for money will make us feel we are using money wisely. Suitability is also very important. Luckily with many great car dealers out there such as Car Vision, you can easily get a car that will best suit your needs. Most dealers will even go an extra mile to guide you to get a car that will be the most suitable for your needs.

Four Equipment to Buy if You Aspire to be An Independent Filmmaker

Independent movies are films made without a major movie studio or film studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Walt Disney Studios, or Universal Pictures. If you are a filmmaker who wants to make a feature film without affiliating it with the film studio system, then you are an independent filmmaker, and the genre of your movie is “Indie film.” Movies like Donnie Darko, Juno, The Blair Witch Project, Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Lost in Translation are few of the famous indie films made until this day.

The independent film industry is expanding day by day. However, making a film is a lot of hard work. It requires immense forethought to write a good screenplay along with knowledge about directing, producing, editing, promotion, and distribution of the film. If you desire to be as good as Thomas McCarthy, Steve McQueen, Lynne Ramsay, or Nicholas Winding Ref, then you need to have the necessary equipment to make a good film.

Four Equipment to Buy if You Aspire to be An Independent Filmmaker

Yes, you can make a film with just your iPad but is it going to win you a Sundance award? The answer is, not likely; you need to have the following four important things to shoot a good movie.

  • A good video camera:

Making an indie movie is how famous directors have entered into the film industry and garnered a name for themselves. A video camera is the actual star of your film. If you have a potential story line but the graphics of your film are lacking, your movie might not get the recognition it deserves. Don’t splurge on a top-of-the-line camera instead spend according to your budget.

Camcorders are the ideal option for a filmmaker because of their high definition video quality, which is the same or sometimes finer than the video quality of DSLRs. Camcorder trumps DSLR in many ways. Sony HVR-V1U is one of the best DV camcorders in the market, so be sure to check it out.

First, because of its built-in microphones which provide a better audio than a digital video camera. Moreover, this camcorder has an automatic zoom that is easier to handle than a digital camera, whereas DSLRs have a manual zoom which takes a lot of practice to handle.

  • Shotgun microphones:

Yes, your camera might have a built-in mic but don’t just rely on it to be the only source of audio for the movie. Get a shotgun microphone for a clear sound and audibility. These kinds of mics are attachable on top of the camera or a boom pole. A shotgun microphone must be near the sound source for better quality. It’s extremely handy when you are in a hollow and wide space because the voice it records doesn’t echo.

  • Support for your camera equipment:

Additional gear is necessary for cameras such as a camera support because often our hands shake. As a result, the shot we are filming is either blurred or shaky. Therefore, a tripod stand is essential for when you want to shoot a steady shot, as they help you in filming the scene without any bumps. Tripod stand also gives you a break, because you might tire your arm after holding the camera all the time, so they take some of the load off from your shoulders.

  • Artificial sources of light:

Improper lighting can ruin all your hard work. You need to have extra sources of light with you while shooting. Don’t just shoot with the glow coming from one bulb, except for when you are filming a horror scene.

So, switch on the floor lamps and open the windows. However, be careful not to make the room extra bright. Perfect lighting is a balance between not too much light and not too much darkness. You should also get a light reflector too, as they help you illuminate the actor’s faces and add a glow to their features.

Ways to Monetize Your Educational TV Show

You don’t have to rely on network to generate an income from an educational TV show anymore.  In our modern world with fast internet connections and with the popularity of live streaming, anyone can make a good income from a good educational show or any other TV show for that matter.  There are plenty of tricks for monetizing your TV show so you can generate a good income without having to rely on signed networks.

Good content is the key

Just because anyone can make money from a TV show it doesn’t mean that any TV show can make money.  You need good content that people will actually want to see because that is the only way to guarantee downloads likes, views and sales.  Educational shows are some of the best shows to make simply because it is something that you can do yourself that doesn’t require the help of actors.  You can get away with puppet shows or if you are good at design then you could even create your own 3D TV show.

Ways to Monetize Your Educational TV Show

Use Abraham Zaiderman Consulting

Abraham Zaiderman is a business consult that specializes in maximizing business growth and expanding.  He mainly focuses on restaurants, fast food outlets and franchises but should have no trouble in giving you accurate ways on monetizing your TV show as much as possible.  When you use a terrific consulting service like this one all of your show’s flaws and your marketing strategies flaws will be identified swiftly and you will quickly learn the best ways to grow and expand your show.

Sell TV show DVD’s

Educational TV shows don’t need to rely on just online streaming and downloading to be profitable.  There are plenty of institutions, crèches and many parents who love to invest in educational material in order to help shape young minds.  If you can reach those that might be interested in your show then you are bound to be able to make a good income from DVD sales.

Sell downloads

Streaming and downloading is the fastest way to deliver content to the user.  Create an ecommerce store on your website where the public can directly buy TV shows and download instantly.

Sell advertising space

Advertising other educational toys, or products can give you a valuable income.  Plenty of popular toy brands would love to invest in website adverts or even to have their products featured in your educational shows.  You can earn money and they will get a boost in sales when their products are seen on a popular and great TV show.

Earn commission from streaming channels

The great thing about the internet is that it gives concrete evidence.  Online channels and even popular channels like YouTube can see exactly how many people viewed a certain show.  This also enables them to see which shows are popular and which aren’t as good.  You can earn commission from these online channels based on the number of views you get for your shows.

Sell merchandise

You can sell much more than just your TV show.  Create merchandise like toys, figures or stuffed animals and earn while you brand your TV show to kids all over the world by giving them a physical item to cling to when they enjoy your shows.

A Few Tips on Making Your First Short Film

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? You are not alone. There are a lot of people who wish to create films that will be recognized in various parts of the globe. One of the stepping stones of filmmakers in order to start in the film industry is to create a short film.

It may seem easy, right because a short film means shorter shooting time for the actors that you will get. If you plan on making a documentary, it will also mean a shorter editing time. You also do not have to make a long narrative in order to explain what you are showing on the film. A short film can be complicated to do because you need to fit one whole story in a short amount of time. You do not want to create a film that will make people confused or unsatisfied.

A Few Tips on Making Your First Short Film

The first thing that you have to do is to find the topic that you want to talk about. Do you want to make a documentary about people who have managed to grow their businesses? You can consider Terence J. McCarthy who has done a lot of changes. The old hotels and complexes that he sees are all converted into facilities fit for people who would like to retire. This is not something that other people would think about doing. This can be a good topic for your film too.

No matter what topic you would decide to work on, there are some tips on creating a short film that you can use such as the following:

  • Have the right gear with you. You cannot expect to create a good film without the right equipment. Films usually look different because of the cinematic effect. If you do not have the right equipment though, you can make use with what you have. Be creative in making use of your limited resources and you may also become surprised with how well your film will turn out in the end. If in case you truly do not have any gear, you may have some friends that will allow you to borrow their equipment.
  • Do not worry if your first film is not as good as you expected it to be. This is okay because everyone makes bad films. You can ask even those who are already well known in the world of film making and they will also say that they have created films that they are not exactly proud of.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more that you create films, the better that you going to become at it. You just need to be constantly encouraged by checking out what other filmmakers have gone through before they created the film that has changed their career.
  • Upload your short film on YouTube. In order to make your film easier to see and for critics to start checking out what you can offer, make sure that it is easy to watch by people who are just searching for short films. Based on their reactions, you will know what things to retain and which ones you should change.


Remember that being passionate about making short films will get you far in life.

How to Create a Good Vacation Video

There are a lot of people who love going on vacation especially during the summer months wherein they can take their pic where they would like to go. People would like to document their vacations so they do it by taking pictures or even by taking videos. These pictures can be posted on social media while vacation videos may sometimes be too long to post.

In the beginning, people who would like to see where you have gone to for vacation will be interested in seeing your video but if it takes too long or if it merely composed of people saying hi to the camera all the time and obstructing the view, the video can become very boring to people who are watching.

It will always help if you are going to a place that is naturally good looking like the Occidental Vacation Club. There are different branches of this club located in various parts of the world and if you have a chance to visit one, it is normal that you want to take videos of the various spots of the location as well as the amenities that it can offer.

How to Create a Good Vacation Video

One thing that you have to remember is this: You do not have to make one hour long vacation videos. Even wedding videos right now are cut down to about 5 – 10 minutes. Only the highlights of the occasion are included and this is how you should make your vacation videos as well. Here are a few more tips that you have to know in order to create good vacation videos:

  1. Shoot shots that are short.

When you are taking videos of people, make sure that you are going to take short shots only. It is okay to take a picture of your brother as your brother does something but any longer than that, then it will become boring to people who are watching.

  1. While it is okay to take pictures of scenery, it will be more interesting if there are people included in the frames.

You have to remember that the scenery available in the tourist spot where you have gone to is great but there are other professional photographers and videographers who have taken better pictures and videos of these places. Make those spots even more interesting by adding people there. It will also make the vacation videos more personal.

  1. Create a story.

The vacation video should tell a story. You can shoot in sequence or edit the video in such a way that it will show just how fun the whole vacation is. If you took a cruise, show how the people that you are with entered the cruise plus how you have all gathered in one location. It will give people an idea about what you did for the trip. It may also entice them to visit the place and experience the same great vacation that you have just had.

Can you still think of other tips that will make taking videos more interesting? Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments you share.

Atlantic Club Sold to Florida Development Company

I have been trying to imagine if this whole scenery was caught on fill, with a lot of spice added to thicken and add spice to the plot. The read below could easily make a pretty interesting watch if put together properly. We have seen blockbuster movies made from just about any plot you can think of. Check it out:

Barely four months after it was closed down due to bankruptcy involving two larger rivals, Atlantic Club has found a buyer and been sold. TJM Properties Inc., a Florida development firm, purchased the casino hotel for $13.5 million, adding it to their real estate portfolio that also has another Atlantic City landmark, the old Claridge Hotel. Owned by Terence J McCarthy TJM bought the bankrupt club that is located in Atlantic City’s struggling gambling market.

The Atlantic Club was one of the smallest and most financially troubled casino hotels in Atlantic City, and it was declared bankrupt and shut down on January 13, 2017. Following that, their largest rivals Caesars and Tropicana had no interest in operating the club, rendering its 1,600 employees jobless. TJM Properties Inc., of Clearwater, Florida, agreed to buy the Atlantic Club property from an affiliate of casino giant Caesars Entertainment Corp. in May, but terms of the deal were not disclosed then. This month, TJM finally purchased the casino hotel, adding an additional $715,000 for adjacent property and inheriting leases with the city for beachfront property. Caesars Entertainment took possession of the property and buildings for $15 million, while fellow casino company Tropicana Entertainment Inc. bought the Atlantic Club’s slot machines and table games for $8.4 million. Since they had no plans of reopening a casino there, Caesars sold to TJM.

Atlantic Club Sold to Florida Development Company

According to TJM, they would like to reopen the Atlantic Club, but not as a gambling property, even though they don’t yet have specific plans. They will start making the plans once they are done with their renovations of the old Claridge Hotel this summer, turning it into a luxury boutique hotel this summer. TJM acquired the Claridge from Caesars Entertainment in February and it reopened as a 500-room non-casino hotel over Memorial Day weekend. Right now, they are working on finishing touches of the hotel. TJM now controls two major landmarks overlooking the Boardwalk. TJM also owns 10 hotels in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area.

According to Israel Posner, a casino analyst at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, the Atlantic Club will most likely be turned into a condo-hotel catering to retirees that are attracted to the sea shore, although the possibilities are limitless. It is located at a relatively remote location at the southern tip of the Boardwalk casino zone, and this might be an obstacle for its rebirth. It is detached from the hustle and bustle in the heavily developed middle part of the Boardwalk.

The Atlantic Club was first opened in 1980 as the Golden Nugget, an upscale casino owned by Las Vegas gambling mogul Steve Wynn. It went through several other owners before finally falling into the hands of Colony Capital, a California-based real estate investment firm. Losses mounted as they tried to rebrand the casino. PokerStars, the world’s largest poker website, had planned to use the Atlantic Club as a base for its Internet gambling operations. The bargain basement purchase of the club at a proposed $15 million did not fall through and hence the bankruptcy.