10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

YouTube is the most popular video hosting website almost everyone of us use in our day to day life for entertainment or information. Some video clips make us laugh while others make you applaud for the amazing things what people are capable of doing. These videos have a light hearted look at some amazing abilities and feats that can be viewed on YouTube. It is mixed of both musical skills, artistic aptitude, athletic acumen or even plain old geekiness. All the clips have something in common – they all feature the most talented people.Read more information on some Amazing Videos of 2014 https://www.humanrightsfilmfestival.ca/5-best-people-are-amazing-videos-of-2014/

Below are some of the most talented and amazing things doing people which are featured on YouTube.

  1. The Fastest musician

    Who doesn’t love the music of violin. Whether it is sad or happy mood, violin music is pleasant to listen. The guy featured on the video has sold his entire soul to the wonderful music and has dedicated his whole life for it. His fiddling skills have impressed millions of people all around the world. The fastest version of ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ is available to play and enjoy on YouTube. Read more on Flight of Bumblebee at here

  2. Danny MacAskill’s inspired bicycles

    Mr. MacAskill does amazing stunts using his bicycles and is popularly known as the BMX God. His abilities are unbelievable. This video which is featured on YouTube can draw millions of people’s attention towards the end.

  3. Junior Breakdance

    Most of us have seen and enjoyed a lot of breakdance moves in the past. But this time, it is totally different. Junior’s breakdancing abilities are very impressive and comparable to nothing.

  4. Official world record – Rubik’s cube

    This video features Erik Akkersdijk who has broken the official world record in 2008 by solving Rubik’s cube puzzle in a tad over 7 seconds. The video captures the notable feat.

  5. 2009 Hot dog eating contest

    Joey Chestnut ate 68 hot dogs and digests them in just 10 minutes. He has surpassed his own records by 9 seconds.Click here to watch the video10 youtube video of people doing amazing things

  6. Spiderman climber

    The human spider, Frenchman Alain Robert has climbed over 80 giant structures all around the world. In Abu Dhabi he has climbed 150 meter in just 20 minutes.

  7. World’s fastest clapper

    You may be wondering what is so special in this skill. Why do you ever care about the clapping speed? Well, whatever the skill is, it is the fastest and no one has been able to beat this skill level so far. Hence it is the record that is note worthy. Play the YouTube video to know how the talent show cases his skill of clapping 14 claps per second and you would be amazed by looking at it on the video. This is really a mesmerizing skill.

  8. Human beatbox

    This video has 28 million views and it is even harder to believe that Scratch makes all these sounds vocally. This human scratching and beatboxing are the masterclass and it is one of the spectacular show anyone could listen to.

  9. World freehand circle drawing

    Most of you might have tried this type of skill in your early childhood days. Alexander Overwijk is one exceptional case who impresses his pupils by displaying his unique skill of freehand drawing circles.watch you tube video here

  10. David Belle

    He is the live spiderman and YouTube showcases his free running talent. He has been featured in many Hollywood movies as an amazing stuntman.

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