3 Best Videos on Fracking

There has been a sand rush after the potentially boom of hydro fracking for natural oil and gas which has been resulted in the boom or sand rush in the east coast of United States of America. With the increase in the speed, scarcity of land and intensity of fracking, frac sand mining has been moving closer to the habitation area day by day. The proposals for continuing to mine frac sand have strong arguments including job creation, energy security and wealth creation.

Below are the top 3 most popular videos on fracking. For other videos on fracking you can visit SwitchEnergy


1. Fracking explained – is this an opportunity or danger?

This video speaks all about the basics and essentials you need to know about fracking and is thoughtfully designed by the Munich information designers. Though this is a controversial topic, the video has been gaining high popularity among the initial and new comers who are not much aware of this topic. Fracking deals with one end trying to gain support from the citizens who are opposing the drilling method, while on the other end is dealt with the gas drilling companies. The owner of this video has been striving hard to neutral look on their opinion over fracking. Because of the growing prices of energy and polluted drinking water, it is essential that every citizen should be aware of what is going around them. This video mainly focuses on the current issue going on in Europe due to fracking. There is however a public outcry against the fracking factor and this video explains all the relevant facts.


2. Fracking Hell – Which Narrates the Untold Story

This video is the original investigative report and the collective effort of UK’s Ecologist film unit as well as Earth focus. Though there are various means of preserving and generating natural gas, this process is quite dangerous and health hazardous when it comes to fracking. The video also talks about the radioactive materials which can cause potential harm to citizens of Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Ohio, etc. Some untold truths about how the radioactive materials are being dumped without taking appropriate precautions have been clearly shown in this video. Also the future plan of increasing the natural resources in a more natural way is being planned and an initial draft is presented in this video.


3. The Fracking Facade – Unearthed

This is a documentary series that exposes flawed claim which is most commonly abused for promoting development of shale gas. For over 60 years the mines have been drilled for the natural gas. However, till today there is no proper documentary evidence that this can potentially cause any harm or contamination to the ground water with the help of fracking or hydraulic fracturing as it is called professionally.

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