4 Must-See Family Comedies

best double strollerFamily comedies have made a serious comeback in the last decade. Instead of painting the Partridge Family picture of a perfect life with “perfect” children, these movies focus on the real, hilarious ups and downs of parenting. The following movies are kid-friendly and riddled with adult humor to make the enjoyable for the whole family.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting – This movie was built around the best-selling parenting book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The movie take a realistic yet humorous approach to everything you never want to talk about when it comes to pregnancy. The characters showcase different types of parenting relationships including a couple who is attempting to adopt, a girl who gets pregnant and then subsequently miscarries from a one night stand; a celebrity parent who is impregnated by her lover, and a couple who is struggling to get pregnant. One of the most popular scenes from the movie is where the hoping-to-adopt-dad runs into a “dad’s group” at the park. Each of these men shares their personal take on being a parent right down to choosing the best double stroller and what really matters when it comes to your kids.

Grown-ups 1 & 2 – Movie buffs agree that choosing between Grown-ups 1 & 2 is impossible. Both movies highlight the entertaining but competitive world of being a parent today. The movies chronicle five families and all of their natural dysfunction. In the first movie, a high school coach dies bringing together five men and their families. When they decide to have a week-long reunion at the local camp they are met with old rivals and competitive parents. In the second movie, four of the families have settled down in their home town and aim to relive the glory days when they find themselves at odds with the local fraternity who thinks that they run the town. Hailed as two of the best comedies, these movies make you really appreciate all the obstacles and quirks of being a parent.

The Back-up Plan – In The Back-up Plan, Jennifer Lopez plays a successful woman who is tired of not finding the right man. She finally decides to give in-vitro fertilization a try and ends up pregnant, with twins. Right after she finds out, she meets her ideal man. The movie chronicles the couple as they deal with starting a new relationship and being bombarded with pregnancy all at the same time. There are plenty of critical friends and family but in the end, what matters is that they two love each other and can survive anything. The end of the movie showcases the couple with their twins in a stylish double jogging stroller just before she learns that she is pregnant – again.


Parental Guidance – When a couple needs to go out of town for an awards ceremony they do what any responsible parent would do – bring in the grandparents. Unfortunately these grandparents – played by Bette Midler and Billy Crystal – live by a set of rules that is completely different from their own. Parental Guidance follows a successful couple who works hard to keep it all together in their Type-A world as they combat their free-spirited parents. With two active boys and a driven teenage girl under their wings, grandparents Artie and Diane are determined to show them just how fun life can be when you stop being so serious.

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