4 Reasons We Love Law Enforcement Films

best tactical flashlightIt is hard to find an action-packed movie these days that does not have some sort of law enforcement character. From comedies to dramas, there is always an officer or two waiting to kill a good time or chime in with a funny line. We love films with law enforcement and here are four reasons why:

Cool Stunts

The best law enforcement officers on film also get the best stunts. Let’s think about the numerous officers that have played in the Fast and Furious franchise. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking at the racing maneuvers of Paul Walker or the best tactical flashlight carried by Dwayne Johnson; these officers just rock. They leap out of buildings, run across speeding cars and sometimes dangle off bridges all while barely breaking a sweat.

Spiffy Gear

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to watch any law enforcement film today and not fall in love – and envy – of the gear that the characters are sporting. From the latest tactical vests to the best sniper rifles, it’s easy to be green. Filmmakers love to use props that are modeled after the best merchandise on the market. We know they use fake weapons for safety. However, you can easily pick up ideas on the best flashlight, gun holster or breathable clothing just by watching your favorite film.


Maybe being an officer in real life isn’t as exciting as it is on film, but we can all dream – right? Law enforcement officers on film get to chase down notorious criminals, use their mental deduction skills to determine who’s a killer and sometimes they even use the evidence to solve the case. Even movies that take a hard look at the reality of the job, like End of Watch, keep us on the edge of our seats and filled with excitement.


Not all law enforcement movies are full of mind-blowing action. Sometimes they are just designed to be funny. Next time you need a good laugh, check out the movie Super Troopers or Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Both Movies will keep you in stiches for a solid 90-minutes. From goofy antics to witty lines, it’s no wonder why these movies are rated as some of the best comedies.

They Get the Girl

Maybe Iron Man and Batman aren’t law enforcement but they sure do a lot to help out the team and save their cities. Nothing perks our spirits more than seeing the good guy get the girl. One of the best parts of about quirky law enforcement movies is that they ALWAYS get the girl in the end. And it’s usually the really pretty girl. This pinch of feel-good that is tossed into movies makes them even more worth it.

Law enforcement movies are a dime a dozen. Sometimes they take us to scary places like Lakeview Terrance, and other times they take us on a psychological thrill ride like in Se7en. Then there are times when they remind us just how scary the world is, like in Training Day. Whatever feel you are after, you can find it in any of the popular law enforcement movies.

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