5 movies with the best twists in the plot


The film-making and movie industry is a multimillion dollar industry that creates numerous movies annually, from thrillers, to comedies, and sci-fi, series and cartoons, Hollywood producers, actors, cameramen, directors and script writers work day and night to give us something that will be thrilling, mesmerizing, hypnotizing and something that will impress the audience so much that the movie’s popularity will skyrocket and it will stay on top of the charts for weeks after its release.

One of the tricks to raise the audience for your movie is through the actors that will star in them, and though this immediately raises the budget, it is worth it, in that actors are today’s biggest celebrities and heroes – their lives are closely followed by millions of people who want to know everything they do and watch all the movies they appear in. But the biggest technique yet, is to create a movie with a surprise element, with a clever twist in the plot that will keep the viewers emotionally attached to whatever will be happening on the screen in front of them. Though this is the toughest method, there are a couple of masterpieces that have managed to do that successfully:

1.     Now You See Me

In this relatively new movie, 4 magicians unite in order to achieve a greater goal, higher than anything they were dreaming of before. They call themselves ‘The 4 Horsemen’ and perform breathtaking illusions on stage. At their first show they manage to rob a bank in Paris through teleportation, something that attracts the interest of the FBI, who starts a hunt to reveal that the magicians are thieves. The race begins and as the shows take place, there are more intelligent and sensational tricks that they use. The end is completely unpredictable and this movie definitely deserves to be watched.

2.     Indecent proposal

A great movie that tells a story of a young couple (Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore) who go to Las Vegas in an attempt to win money, so they can afford their mortgage payment. Instead of winning, they end up losing every penny, and that is when they meet an influential man, who is fascinated with Diane and offers her husband an indecent proposal.

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3.     Butterfly effect

An absolute must-see, a movie that tells a story about a boy (played by Ashton Kutcher) who suffers from strange seizures, followed by short-term memory loss. He can travel back in time to re-live the most traumatic experiences that he has witnessed in his childhood to change the destiny and the path of events that follow. Though to his disappointment, every time he changes one thing, the reality is not satisfactory, and he continues traveling back in his memories to find the best scenario. It is a remarkable movie in that we learn how life can be quite multidimensional.

4.     Fight Club

Tormented by chronic insomnia, materialism, mundane and unremarkable life, a 30 year-old clerk (played by Edward Norton) starts attending meetings of terminally ill patients to change his attitude on life. During one uneventful evening, he meets a certain someone called Tyler (played by Brad Pitt), a charismatic soap manufacturer who has a strange philosophy on life. He is alien to all materialistic, leads a life of self-destruction and is completely opposite to the main hero. After a short time, the two are seen beating each other senseless in front of a bar and deriving supreme bliss from it. By advocating the simple pleasures in life, they start recruiting more members into a secret society that they call – the Fight Club. This movement becomes a huge success and gives many men a reason to live for. The audience is in for a shocking discovery at the end of the movie, which can lead to the most unpredictable events and outcomes.

5.     The Prestige

This was a screen adaptation of the drama written by Christopher Priest, about the confrontation and endless competition between two illusionists. Both are talented magicians and were performing ticks and shows together in a show. One day, during one of the shows, the wife of Robert (Hugh Jackman) dies in an accident and Alfred (Christian Bale) is to blame. From then on the two become the worst enemies and rivals, who dedicate their lives to destroy the other one and overshadow the glory of each other. They go through a series of unbelievable tricks, illusions and performances that are great and thrilling to watch and the character development is colossal!


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