5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2013

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2013

The entertainment world is always waiting for the most amazing people videos to be released every year. People are amazing is the best series of videos on YouTube featuring the amazing acts of various people showcasing their unique and mesmerizing talents to the public. Everyone wants to do something or the other before they leave this world. However, not everyone is as talented and gifted like the few of them who have great talents and stand totally different from the other. Some of them are heart pounding, while others are very exciting to watch and experience.Click here to read more about some of the most daring and Amazing Videos of 2014

And Here are some 5 best people are amazing videos selected and liked in 2013. Death riders as what we can call these daring people doing some of these dangerous stunts mentioned below.

  1. Volcano boarding

    Volcano boardingMost of us might have heard or done snow boarding. This is almost negligible with the upcoming dangerous sports like volcano boarding. If you have heard about the Cerro Negro slope region in Nicaragua, you would definitely want to go on volcano boarding if you are a dare devil. The live volcano is the host spot to most of the visitors to the location though the volcanic eruption occurred in late 1999. The boarders can reach up to 80 km/hr speed as the volcano can course down.

  2. Insanity ride

    Insanity rideIf you are not scared of heights, then trying this sport is a must. Hovering 270 m above the ground and 20 m over Las Vegas’ Stratosphere tower, the spinning mechanical arms allow you to pound your heart while you are latched to the seat at 350 m stratosphere tower which is the tallest observatory tower in the US. Though this is not a new one, it was still featured in the People are amazing series of 2013.

  3. Zapcat powerboating

    Zapcat powerboatingEnthusiasts sail in the inflatable catamaran hulls which are decked out with the most powerful racing engines you can ever imagine and those which are built on speed and thrills.However, they can be brutal on jumps and can hurt you terribly. The video features amazing moves of river rafting that sports men have played. You would not even differentiate if you are sailing or flying riding these zapcat boats.

  4. Deans blue hole free dive

    Deans blue hole free diveThis is the most popular sports in Bahamas. This is a dark, deep and intimidating as well as dangerous location for free diving. The tropical deepest well known sea water blue hole can help you feel that life is short and you must enjoy. After William Trubridge broke the unassisted free diving record of 100 m in 2011, this location has been much more popular and many videos have been posted on YouTube.

  5. Cage of Death

    Cage of DeathIf you love crocodiles, you must definitely watch this video on YouTube. The cage houses biggest saltwater crocodiles. Visitors are allowed to go inside the cage and closely view the crocodiles from a near distance. Just imagine if the crocodiles are awake and are curious, what would happen to you. The video looks amazing and adventurous and the experience looks a bit scary.

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