5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

People are amazing videos are the series posted on YouTube which showcases the amazing personalities, adventures and stunts performed by daring people. Though not all may not be the world’s biggest, scariest and dangerous stunts, they are still breath taking ones. Not everyone is capable of performing those dangerous moves. Some people are gifted for these actions and are very fond of showcasing their unique talent to the whole world. The program people are amazing has posted some of these dangerous videos online on YouTube.Here is a good post to read about 7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills https://www.humanrightsfilmfestival.ca/7-videos-showing-people-with-unbelievable-skills/

Here are some 5 best people are amazing videos featured in the year 2014. Though each of these amazing stunts are very unique, they are still not comparable with each other or can be compared with the ones listed for previous years. Each year the crazy stunt men have been inventing innovative way of showcasing their talents and dare devilness to impress the public through people are amazing videos.

  1. Scariest parkour

    This video is one of the scariest of all those featured in the people are amazing video series of 2014. Mustang Wanted, a crazy Russian showcases his best talent and climbs in just one compilation. This is one of the scariest videos you might ever see. Probably he was born with no fear and likes scaling heights by performing dangerous stunts. People who watch this crane climbs and stunts would definitely want to check their blood pressure first. It is so scary to even imagine climbing cranes, just imagine and watching Mustang do it without any protection.

  2. Hot air balloon walk

    This video features the French dare devils walking over the tight rope between the hot air balloons. Off course we can make out from the video that the people do use precautionary measures while walking between the hot air balloons, however, it is still very dangerous act and very scary for the audience.5 Best People are Amazing Videos of 2014

  3. Canyon cliff jump

    Can you ever imagine this kind of breath stopping stunt? People are amazing videos have captured cliff jumping in one of their videos which has received thousands of likes. This is the world’s most insane cliff jumping and rope swing ever. People who do this stunt are really dare devils and strong hearted. Video link http://youtu.be/fdJc1_IBKJA

  4. Dangerous magical tricks

    Harry Houdini’s dangerous magical performances are captured in the people are amazing videos. If you ask what is so special about him, then the Chinese water torture cell featuring how well he can magically perform the tricks to free himself from the water torture cell with his body wrapped up in iron chains and thrown in the water cell.

  5. Cannonball

    David Smith, the human cannonball has been performing one of the most daring and entertaining stunts featured in the people are amazing videos. It is said that he was fired out of his cannon more than 500 times leaving the audiences all over the world astonished by the daring stunts. David maintains the position of the highest flying human cannonball in the world.Click here to Watch David Smith video

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