7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

With so many amazing people with great talents moving around, there has always been a craze not only among the children but also among the adults to view such great talented people. Youtube helps you reach to those amazing personalities on just a click of your mouse. If you are wondering whether superheroes exist in life, then yes you are absolutely at the right place. Though the superheros may not be able to fly or banish themselves as shown in many cartoons and fiction movies, there are still people who do unbelievable things which is no less than what superheroes do.Check out https://www.humanrightsfilmfestival.ca/10-youtube-video-of-people-doing-amazing-things/ interesting post on 10 youtube video of people doing amazing things.

Below are the top 7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills:

  1. Incredible brain

    Daniel Paul Tammet, and autistic savant can perform most complicated mathematical operations, sequence memory, and other natural language learning techniques on his own. He verbally describes the numbers as landscapes and creates artwork in watercolor.

  2. Boy who can see with sound

    Ben lost both his eyes in his 3rd year because of cancer. He still plays basketball, bicycle and leads a normal life. He uses echolocation like sonar or a dolphin to navigate around the world without using any guides, or dogs or even his own hands. The click noise bounces back and guides him all the way.Read more about Ben here

  3. Rubberboy

    7 Videos Showing People With Unbelievable Skills

    This rubberboy is the 5 times Guinness Record holder and is very well known for the amazing flexibility. He is also a great contortionist besides being a professional baseball and basketball player. This amazing guy dislocates his arms to crawl through a tennis racquet and performs amazing acrobatics. He has performed in popular TV shows like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Best Damn Sports Show Period, ESPN’s Sports Center, HBO’s Carnivale and many more.

  4. Mister eat-it-all

    Michel Lotito eats metal, rubber, glass, bicycles, television and almost anything in this world. He does not even suffer from any stomach upsets even after consuming poisonous materials. He parallelly consumes water and mineral oil for digestion.

  5. Magnetic man

    70 year old Liew Thow Lin has an amazing gift of sticking objects magnetically to his skin and now has added car pulling to his skills list. He pulls car almost 20 m by using an iron chain hooked to iron plate on his midriff. This is a hereditary skill which is present in his children and grandchildren.

  6. Torture king

    Tim Cridland doesn’t have any feeling for pain. He pushes needles into his arms without flinching and performs the most terrifying act for all audiences throughout America. Tim can tolerate higher pain levels than usually possible for any human being. He can even push skewers through his body and subject it to heat or cold in extreme conditions without harming his body.Read more on Tim Cridland http://wiki.bme.com/index.php?title=Tim_Cridland

  7. The Lion whisperer

    Kevin Richardson, who is an animal behaviorist wins the hearts of lions, play, cuddle, caress and spends night with them without a slightest fear. This magic works on other animals such as cheetahs, hyenas and leopards.

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