8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet

We all like to snuggle up with our furry friends when it is cold or wet outside or when we are battling the nasty flu.  One of the best things to do as you snuggle with your beloved dog or cat is to catch a movie, eat some popcorn, have a cup of hot chocolate and simply relax while giving your pet some tender loving care.

8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet
8 Best Animal Films to Watch with Your Favourite Pet

Lots of people miss out on the fun of spending time with their pets and of snuggling up on cold days because they fear pet hair on clothes and upholstery.  If only you had the right cleaning tools such as a pet hair vacuum like the ones found here, you too would be able to make your pets part of the family by bringing them inside for cuddle time.

If it is time for you to turn into a couch potato and if you love animals then you will absolutely adore the following best animal and pet films ever created. 

1.     Lady and the Tramp

This is one of the most romantic movies ever created.  Even you as a human can relate to Lady as she falls for the rough and courageous back alley guy with his charming personality.  The film was released back in 1955 and is still just as entertaining to this very day. 

2.     101 Dalmatians

The Dalmatians series are good for a watch whether you prefer the original animated version or have a need to see real life spotted dogs in the 1996 films.

3.     The Lion King

If you haven’t seen this movie just yet then there is something very wrong in your life. Seriously.  The Lion King is one of the all-time best movies ever created and a modern version is expected to be released in July 2019.

4.     Free Willy

Free Willy was a big hit in 1993 and will provide you with lots of entertainment if you are looking for something deep, classy and dramatic to watch.

5.     Seabiscuit

Love horses?  Then you definitely need to watch Seabiscuit right now.  This movie is based on the life of a thoroughbred racehorse that obtained multiple winnings in his life.  While the movie doesn’t reflect the life of the real Seabiscuit it sure is an interesting watch.

6.     Hachi – A Dogs Tale

This is a good watch for anyone that loves beautiful dogs and for those that have always been in love with Richard Gere’s charming looks.  Hachi is a superb family drama to watch with your pet or with the entire family.

7.     Air Bud

If you have a love for Golden Retrievers or are busy enjoying your movie festival with one of these beautiful dogs then you can certainly look out for Air Bud.  The whits of the dog in this 1997 film will amaze you.

8.     Eight Below

This survival drama is based on the events of three members of a scientific expedition and their findings in the very cold arctic.  This is a good watch for anyone that loves adventure films or Huskies.

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