A Few Facts About Cyber Bullying

There are a lot of documentaries that are being made right now. All of these documentaries tackle various things. There are some that tackle drug use and addiction while there are also some that tackle the wars that are going on in different countries. Just recently, some documentaries on cyber bullying have surfaced. Adults, teenagers and kids are now learning more about it than before.

Bullying has been around for as long as people can remember but since the appearance of the Internet, more and more people are being bullied online. There are a lot of minors who have killed themselves because of cyber bullying. One of the most well documented cases is the case of Amanda Todd who was bullied because of the topless photo that an older person, an internet troll has taken online. She was bullied wherever she went and it became so bad that she took her own life.

A Few Facts About Cyber Bullying

There are millions of people who have viewed her video in various online sites and most parents cannot help but wish that what she went through will never be experienced by their children. There are a few facts about cyber bullying that you should know but before that, remember that you can prevent it by getting the right tools like refog free Keylogger. This will allow you to know what your kids are searching for and will also give you details on what they are copying and pasting on the Internet.

Here are a few facts about cyber bullying:

  1. The most common medium that teenagers use is their cell phones. This is because phones can be connected online and can contain applications that will allow them to check their social media sites often.
  2. A lot of people bully other people online because they feel that it is easier to get away with cyber bullying than real life bullying wherein more adults can see and more people can interfere.
  3. A lot of children, teenagers and even adults who are bullied online rarely tell other people about what they are going through. Sometimes it is because they are being threatened by their bully. Other times, it is because they feel that they deserve to be bullied.
  4. People who are being bullied online sometimes contemplate doing suicide in order to end the pain that they are feeling and the bad messages that they get from a wide variety of people.
  5. There are some people who know that other people are being bullied but they will not do anything about it. Rather, they would just check the website dedicated to bullying and will not report it to anyone. Of course, there are also some responsible ones who will know the right thing to do.

You can usually tell if your children or other people that you know are going through bullying if they have a tendency to be too hard on themselves and if they seem depressed for apparently no reason. You can stop cyber bullying if you would make an effort to do so.

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