Addiction Documentaries

Documentaries are fascinating. They open up truths to us that we would never experience had their producers not had the foresight and gall to delve deeper into the world around us. We are catapulted into the lives of people we might never have known. And, we are exposed to situations and circumstances that vary greatly from our own. So, when it comes to documentaries on addiction, we find a firsthand look at a problem we would prefer to never experience personally.

Addiction Documentaries

Certainly some of the people in the documentaries we are preparing to discuss, might have found need for a Los Angeles DUI lawyer. In fact, several of them have probably already hired a lawyer or two over the course of their addictions. Taking note, here, that DUI does not only apply to being inebriated by alcohol. So, what then factors into addictions and the crimes that is committed under the influence? These are questions best answered by these documentaries on addiction:

  1. The Wet House– Based on the British “wet house” a place where homeless people are allowed to live and continue their drinking binges. Some refer to this hour long documentary as both haunting and hard to watch. There are people in the midst of delirium tremens and a twitching woman huffing a bag of glue. Glimpses of clarity and lucidity appear throughout the movie. It offers you a shocking and tragic view of who these people were before addiction gripped them and hurled them into its endgame. Read more about that here.
  2. The Life of Junkie Junior– Filmed in the South Bronx in the early 80s, this reveals the escapades of Junior Rios trying to maintain a $200/day dope addiction. This 40 minute film chronicles his rooftop scrap metal thievery and his children’s cries to stop his heroin addiction. He ends up in a state run rehab facility but ultimately runs away. This is a sad film.
  3. Ibogaine: Rite of Passage– Unlike the other documentaries mentioned thus far, this explores an African hallucinogenic substance, ibogaine. The producer discovered some information that this drug had the potential to aid in the curing of addiction. Yet, the big pharmaceutical companies want nothing to do with it. This led him to investigate further. His video allows sneak peeks into African rituals, and ibogaine treatment. Unfortunately, one is left wondering if the pharmaceutical companies are boycotting the drug due to its healing properties or because it’s a hallucinogen. There’s more information for you to learn.
  4. Black Tar Heroin: The End of the Street– Filmed in the mid-late 90s, the film showcases a group of young heroin addicts in San Francisco. Their world of tricking, scoring, and overdosing sucks you in. The transformation in Jake’s character is heart-wrenching. You watch him become an HIV+ shadow of his former self. There won’t be room for a dry eye when you watch the tragedies in these doomed lives.
  5. American Drug War: The Last White Hope– This is an attack on the American approach to the war on drugs. The producer is angry and that is evident throughout the intense nature of the film. He gives talk time to some well-known supporters and dissenters. If nothing else, it is worth the watch for the part that includes Tommy Chong.

Thankfully you won’t need a lawyer to get you out of trouble for watching these videos, but you might want to reconsider any addictive leanings you have. Here are some more addiction documentaries too.

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