Adverse Effects of Not Looking After Your Skin

When we discuss skin care neglect, we’re not talking about how you let your skin get damaged on purpose all the time. Sometimes, it happens without us noticing or because we’re not careful enough. Nonetheless, it happens. You would have seen several YouTube videos and other videos on the net that feature people who currently regret not having looked after themselves well enough, and those videos serve as a warning to remind us that we could be in his/her shoes as well.

Adverse Effects of Not Looking After Your Skin


Did you know that facials actually do more harm than good to your skin? One major example of that is Sophie Anderton, a model, who revealed that instead of doing her good, facials have actually sapped the youth out of her skin. Although her skin was already blemish free, she wanted it to remain that way which is why she opted for various kinds of super-facials, such as the microdermabrasion, which is said to make your skin look clearer, younger, and prevent signs of aging.

However, years after these regular facials, the model reveals that the skin on her face has actually thinned and that it has begun to turn black. Although it may seem surprising to you now, but think about it, you’re most probably friends with or know someone who regularly pampers themselves in such salons as well. However, they have an adverse reaction in the long term, and although the skin looks bright and young immediately after the procedure is completed, it is slowly chipping away at your skin little by little, and is, instead, causing adverse long term effects which you will notice years later.

The 2 treatments that many dermatologists have said to be doing more harm than good are microdermabrasion and glycolic, the second of which is a type of chemical peel. They both remove the top layer of the skin and expose the layers underneath, which makes it look as though the skin is repaired.

And not only that, remember those at home peels that many women try out on their own? Just because you think that it has less chemicals doesn’t necessarily make it any less dangerous, as home remedies tend to go unsupervised, causing the same or similar amount of damage to your skin. Removing the layers of skin leaves it vulnerable, which ends up affecting it even when it is under the sun. If you’ve removed the top layer of skin, chances are, even strong SPFs will not work as effectively on your skin as it would have otherwise.

Additionally, extreme amounts of exfoliation is yet another common but alarming way to damage your own skin, as it can easily trigger hyper-pigmentation without you even needing to go out into the sun. That means that your skin will easily produce more melanin make you look more tanned.

If you’ve already exposed yourself to such treatments, then you could always try out gentler, natural remedies that will fix your skin over time. Click here to learn more about it. If you want to read more about it, click

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