Become a Successful Stage Entertainer

One of the most satisfying things in life is being able to perform in front of an audience, from a stage. It all starts with walking to the stage with butterflies in your stomach, wondering if you will even remember the words you wanted to say in front of such a huge crowd. You finally open your mouth but no words come out. That is when you feel the adrenaline rush through your body, confidence bursting back as the crowd cheers at the sound of your voice. Such is how performing on a stage can be but it does not always work out right for everyone. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to become a successful live stage entertainer, whether it is a stand up comic, musician, or actor.

Become a Successful Stage Entertainer
Become a Successful Stage Entertainer

The 90-Second Rule

For a live stage performance, you have to hit the floor running. You need to start with a bang because the live stage audience is usually a very impatient and judgmental lot. This means that one has to be very innovative when it comes to coming up with content to engage them in the right way. Humor is one of the things that works the audience very well. It is also very important to try and keep it simple, avoiding flowery words that could easily make you look stupid.

Engage the Audience

You can have the best message to pass over to your audience, just what they need, but if you are not engaging enough, they will barely pay attention to anything you say and might even start grumbling. You need to be charismatic and engaging on the floor so that the audience will want you to go on and on. Put yourself in the feet of the audience and try and imagine what would make you interested. Depending on what you are doing, you can invite some members onto the stage, you can sing, you can crack jokes. The list is endless as to what you can do.

Look Relaxed

When in front of an audience, one needs to look relaxed but confident. This is something that will get the audience warmed up towards the artist. On the other hand, being too confident will make the audience start being critical.


Instead of only talking, you can also add spice to the performance by using thought provoking photos and charts, just to get your point home.

Learn by Heart

It is best to be prepared so that you do not have to keep going back on your cues. This is something that can make the audience lose touch with what you are performing.

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Scary as it might look, being a stage entertainer can actually be very fun and fulfilling if you follow some of the tricks above. It could be just what you need to propel your life to the next level.

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