Best Baseball Documentaries

Baseball is an All-American sport. It is well loved by millions and the investment that some players have made over the ages has been memorable. These same ball players have affected history in ways that created a desire for film makers to document their greatness.

Unfortunately, very few of these documentaries about baseball and its greats have ever made it to the big screen. That doesn’t make them less worthwhile though. That is why we have included them here. Hopefully, as a baseball and documentary fan, you will find something worthy of your viewing engagement.

Baseball Documentaries

8 Great Baseball Documentaries

Whether your involvement in baseball only incorporates purchasing an Easton S2 for your favorite little leaguer, or multiple trips to major league games, there is a movie on this list to meet your desires. Take a gander at these eight great baseball documentaries:

  1. Baseball- This is a 1994 series created by Ken Burns. It was produced by PBS and divided into 9 episodes to represent the innings in baseball. It covers the evolution of the sport. You can read more about the series here.
  2. The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg- This deals with the religious prejudice experienced by America’s first Jewish baseball star. At one point he almost matched Babe Ruth’s homerun record in a season. This movie is entertaining and enlightening. Certainly well worth the view. It was produced in 1998. You can visit this site to learn more.
  3. Dem Bums: The History of the Brooklyn Dodgers- This is a full length movie that covers the struggles realized by the Dodgers from the advent of their team. It includes some great footage from the archives and was produced in 2000 but came out on DVD in 2008.
  4. Change Up- Produced in 2002, this movie documents the trials and triumphs of two friends. Both are from the Dominican Republic and they dream of becoming baseball stars. Both boys, Alex Sosa and Rafael Rodriguez, are pitchers and though they are best friends they will have to compete with one another for their dreams. It sounds like a pretty interesting mix of documentary and drama.
  5. This Old Cub- Ron Santo, a nine time all-star third baseman, is the focus of the film. His battle with diabetes is also at the forefront. Apparently he played most of his career never telling anyone of his Type I Diabetes status and is the first and only person with that disease to play major league baseball. The director of the 2004 movie is his son, Jeff.
  6. Mantle- The movie reveals that Mickey Mantle was humble and shy and actually didn’t like the limelight. Produced by HBO in 2005, this movie includes archived footage and revelations of Mantle’s rough times due to his heavy drinking. There are interviews with people who knew and loved him as well.
  7. Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey- Produced in 2006, this video documents the life of Bill Lee. He was an incredible left-handed pitcher with an uncontrollable personality. He got blacklisted from American baseball in the early eighties. So, he spent a good deal of time thereafter traveling the globe looking for a place to play.
  8. Harvey’s Wallbangers: The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers- Produced in 2007, this documents the Brewers and their league leading 95-67 record that brought them to the World Series.

If you would like to know about more great baseball movies in general, click this.

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