Best Fluke Multimeters

If you are an electrician or someone who likes fixing the electrical problems at home, there are a few things that are essential for you. Granted that you need the general screwdrivers and the pliers and wires, but you also need things that are more technical, such as fluke multimeters. These multimeters measure the ohms or the volts which might be necessary in certain cases. This device can easily be considered a toolbox essential for anyone that handles electrical devices on a day to day basis. That said, here are some of our best fluke multimeter reviews for digital and analog models.

Best Fluke Multimeters

Fluke 1587

This one is larger than the average DMMs that you will find in the market. This multimeter is made specifically for professionals who deal with electrical issues regularly, and it is versatile in terms of both troubleshooting tasks and maintenance. This is definitely a high quality device, and not only that, it is also simple yet durable.

This will allow one to easily work on cables, switches, generators, motors, and several electrical and industrial jobs as well. Aside from the multimeter, the package also includes alligator clips, K-type thermocouple, remote probe, and test leads. One should keep in mind; however, the fact that the cost of this fluke multimeter is actually on the expensive side, meaning that it isn’t as affordable as one would expect it to be. That said, this is a good quality product that comes with a 3-year warranty.

Fluke 177 ESFP

A digital multimeter that has efficient and better functions in comparison to many other multimeters out there, the Fluke 177 has some major functions that come in handy, such as resistance and current measurements, and AC/DC voltages. Other functions, such as capacitance and frequency are also included.

Fluke 177 is equal to other fluke multimeters in every sense, which is why it is just as sturdy and even has an integrated holster to protect it. However, it has features that cannot be found in other fluke meters, such as the 4 language interface, analog graphics and digital display, manual/auto range selection, etc.,

Fluke 117

Yet another digital fluke meter, this is perfect for commercial use due to some of its distinct advantageous features. This multimeter is a true RMS, and it measures many things aside from just the voltage, such as the resistance, current, frequency, and capacitance. In addition to that, it can also measure the temperature. The only thing that will be needed for that is a temperature probe.

Some of the features of this fluke meter include a safety rate of CAT III 600V, prevention of a false reading due to ghost voltages, and an automatic selection function of AC/DC, among others.

Bottom Line

There are many essential items that an electrician needs in order to carry out their work, and fluke meters are among them. These best fluke multimeter reviews for digital and analog models should guide you to buy the best fluke meter the next time you decide to get one.

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