Breaking into Comedy: Tips for Comedians

Being a beginner in stand-up comedy can be quite an intimidating affair, and especially if you are around seasoned comedians. There is the act of standing before a crowd, and then there is the act of making them laugh the whole time you are on stage. This is something that makes people cringe with anxiety and stage fright, leaving them making many mistakes, even though they had their acts well-rehearsed. The good thing is that with time, they usually overcome these things and actually perfect in their acts. In this article, Breaking into Comedy, we are going to take a look at tips for standup comedians.

Breaking into Comedy: Tips for Comedians
Breaking into Comedy: Tips for Comedians

Start Now

The best tip is to get started immediately, and this is because of the fact that you might want advice and mentorship, experience is the best teacher. This is the best way that you will learn what works for you, and what doesn’t.

Don’t Freak Out When You Bomb

You need to understand that you will not always bring the whole house down, and this means that you have to be ready to bomb. This will actually be the best part of your learning process, and it will teach you to think on your feet.

Keep Your Old Content Fresh

Working on new material is something that will always be ongoing, but you should also remember to keep your old content fresh. This can be done through catchy taglines or punch lines being added to the older jokes.

Don’t Steal

It is best to come up with your own fresh jokes because it isn’t worth it being labeled a plagiarizer because you decided to “borrow” or “rephrase” someone else’s joke. This is something that could affect the rest of your career negatively.

Keep Within Your Time

Many stand-up comics tend to forget the time that they have been given to perform on stage by the organizers, producers, etc. they end up eating into other comedian’s time and then at times they have to be cut off. This makes you look like a very unprofessional standup comedian, and having eaten into another comedian’s time, you will also put that comedian into undue pressure.

Tape Yourself

One of the best ways to gauge yourself is to record yourself so that you can evaluate your performance. Look at how the crowd reacted to your performance as you examine and reflect on your act, this will help you to improve your future performances.

Hit the Clubs

Even before you think of getting started with your career as a comedian, it is important to attend other comic acts. This means going out to the clubs to witness those acts, study them, and learn from them.

Carry a Notebook

It is very important to record those moments when you are hit by an idea, or something inspirational. You should jot down the ideas as they come to mind.

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