Best Travel Films on the Internet.

CAMPING IN FRANCE PHOTOThe world that we live in is absolutely beautiful, each and every place has a unique character, architectural and historical sites that are the heritage holding the deepest secrets that have been passed through centuries; there are oceans, seas, fjords, lakes and stunning beaches to see, things to do and cultures to explore. A lifetime may not be enough to see everything that the world has to offer. It has been said that the best way to learn about a place is visiting it; whether it is to see the place that you read about in a travel magazine, or a park you saw a video of, or even a culture you would like to know more about, it is through traveling that you can unveil the real essence of it all. Every trip is a rich source of new experiences, knowledge, impressions and emotions.

Many people can only afford to travel once, may be twice a year, because they have obligations and responsibilities holding them back, such as a job, their house and other material possessions, the issue of budget, children, parents and much more. Yet, there are others who have dedicated their life to exploring the world around them. They have jobs that they can work on from a distance, such as online freelance jobs, or jobs that they can have anywhere they go, such as translations, even teaching yoga or foreign languages. They travel with backpacks that have everything they need, which is not much, and they document and take pictures and videos of their adventures. Some of the best videos about traveling, that have been uploaded, are viewed by thousands of people on a daily basis, those who are hungry to see the beauty of the places that others are visiting, or just out of curiosity, or when choosing the destination that they want to visit next, watch the following categories again and again.

 1.     South East Asia

The numerous videos, vlogs and photos about South-East Asia are magnificent. From the various majestic temples in Cambodia and Myanmar, to the strikingly beautiful beaches in Thailand, and the pristine coves in Boracay island, all these are thrilling, aesthetically pleasant and simply astonishing to watch. Not only do they show the real nature and allure of each place, but they urge the viewers to visit those places as well. Travelling in South-East Asia has become really popular in the recent years, and it is not only attributed to the fact that it is somewhat exotic, but also because its for those seeking to travel on a tight budget.

 2.     Europe

We have seen the postcards with national emblems and famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Acropolis, the Vatican, and more from when we were children. As alluring as Europe is, getting there is not only expensive, but it also includes a long plane ride. The videos about travelling in Europe are usually divided into 2 categories, and that is either the luxurious, hotels and restaurants included, kind of videos, and others, which involve a lot of low key, simple and independent travel and exploration of cities that are magnificent, yet not as popular as the mass destinations. Activities such as camping in France are much more wonderful and interesting than simply staying at a hotel, as you get to see, explore and experience much more that way.

 3.     Russia

The country of contrasts, luxurious architectural palaces and museums left from the Tsars, vodka and bears remains to be a place of wonders and the variety of videos that are about this country is endless. From videos about exploring Siberia, to walking down the Red Square or visiting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, they don’t stop to fascinate viewers from around the world.

 4.     Africa

Videos about the vast African deserts, exotic animals, breathtaking safari tours and rustic living attract thousands of viewers on a daily basis. Be it out of pure interest or as a means of educating oneself, this category of travel videos remains among the top most popular searches on the Internet.

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