Careers in the Film Industry

If you think that the film industry is only for actors and directors, you’re wrong. Just like in any other business, the film industry also requires a lot of individuals with varying skills and knowledge to make it work. If you love to work in the film industry, here are some of the careers that you might want to pursue to get a position in the field.

Careers in the Film Industry


A producer is the one who is responsible in the entire film production process. The producer is there working for each and every phase of the project, from getting funds, to hiring staff, to marketing the film. Commonly, the producer works with other producers, such as co-producer and executive producer. It’s their job to ensure that the project is done on time and stays within the budget. To become a film producer, you must complete a degree program that teaches the basics of filmmaking. Once you completed your degree, you can apply for an entry-level position, such as a production assistant, then work your way up to become a film producer.


A director is responsible for giving life to the film’s written script. Unlike producers, directors aren’t usually involved in the financial aspects of the film unless they hold the position as a director/producer. The job of directors is primarily focused on the creative part of the project, which is translating the script into reality. But they can also be involved in the script editing and casting. There’s no formal education required to becoming a movie director. Most directors begin by making short films or videos, or by getting an assistant role in the industry and working their way up. But you can also attend film schools to improve your skills and fully understand the ins-and-outs of the industry.


A writer is involved in the creation of script for a film. In many cases, the writer writes a full script or story, then sells his or her work to producers. But not all screenwriters have to write the script. Sometimes, they can only pitch an idea, then it’s up to the producer whether to just buy the idea or hire the writer to write the script. There are many pathways for becoming a screenwriter. You can start as a journalist or novelist; you can also begin as an assistant writer or a contributor; or you can also go directly to a film school and study screenwriting.

Production Accountant

A production accountant is the one responsible for all aspects of finances for film production, from calculating the budget, to managing the finances, to keeping all the financial records. The production accountants must ensure that all legal financial requirements are met. They typically work in collaboration with the producers and other staff to prepare schedule and budgets. Depending on the scope of their work, they may also be responsible for dealing with banks and investors. To become an accountant, you must earn your bachelor’s degree in accounting or related field, pass a CPA exam, and get relevant experience in the field. (Learn how to claim your CPAexcel discount at

Film and Video Editor

A film and video editor turns raw footage of a film into seamless end product by editing the scenes, deleting unwanted shots, adding music, and incorporating dialogue and other effects. Most editors spend their days and nights in front of a computer or a machine to edit a film and produce a cohesive and enjoyable-to-watch story. Most film editors start their career by working as interns or production assistant, but some also consider attending film editing school.

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