If it makes you feel, then the movie has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.

SHAWSHANKThroughout the history of movies there have been a plethora that center on humanity.  The focus of good use of humanity in a movie is the quality of kindness shown to us through humane and non-humane actions.  They are made specifically to focus on those who have that quality and then weave their tale be it fiction or non-fiction.

Many times a movie with such power and strength to bring a tear to your eyes or draw out emotions from within yourself due to the humanity being displayed is unfairly termed “a chick flick.”  That is not as it should be seen.  If a movie can draw out such feeling inside that you can’t just shake it off, then it’s done something special.  And usually it’s through humane acts of kindness and survival against the odds.

It’s cheering for the underdog who’s been given a chance to prove themselves which is usually due to someone showing them an act of humanity.  An act which in turn brings out even more humanity which is normally already represented in the recipient of such said act.  A character who has already touched us from the beginning.

A movie that should be mentioned when you think of a showcase of humanity on film is Shawshank Redemption.  That makes a fine example of a movie that drew out much emotion from those who have seen it.  It invokes a plethora of feelings throughout constantly changing from rooting for one character to the next and bringing tears to the eyes of those who pick up on their inner sensitive side being challenged.  It is a great movie of which you should see if you haven’t.  It’s a basic storyline woven into a marvelous tale of humanity that is in all of us, just some need to be tapped into a little more than others and to see the workings of that effect will invoke deep feelings inside you.

The story original penned by Stephen King, of which you automatically think is strictly horror based, shows a different side to horror in this story as what happens when one is faced with inhumane circumstances to find that humanity can still exist against the odds.  The story in short is a banker sentenced to life in prison for a crime he claims to be innocent of.  That’s all that will be said as to say even a word more about the story will draw a picture for you that won’t have the same effect as if you are to see it with your own eyes.

Take an evening and stock up on movie snacks and maybe a few friends to enjoy it with.  Better yet get a range of wholesale catering supplies at GotStock and make an event of it.  It is a movie that will draw out emotions of all sorts and makes you feel, and see humanity in action.  If you have not seen this movie, it is highly recommended that you do.  If it makes you well up inside, makes you feel, then it has done its job and shown you a side of humanity.


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