Four Best Crossbow Scenes on Film

CROSSBOWS IN FILMThe Crossbow. Is there a more satisfying weapon? The clink as you load in the arrow. The click as you pull back the handle. The whoosh as it pierces the air and the thud as it hits home with devastating reality. Yes, the crossbow has to be one of my all time favourite weapons, and with just a bit of effort I am sure you can find the best crossbow for the money if you are a fan yourself. But here I present to you: the Crossbow on film.


–       Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal portrays the prince of Persia in this movie based on a console game. Although I preferred the game, one of my favourite scenes in the movie was when the Prince uses a heavy crossbow to plug arrows into a wall and thus create a sort of ladder for himself. Definitely the most ingenious use of a deadly weapon I’ve ever seen.

–       Mad Max Two: The Road Warrior, 1981

Mel Gibson is Max Rockatasnky. And he’s in the Australian Outback. Or something. Mad Max lives up to its name: It’s pretty mad alright. But in terms of awesome crossbows you have to give it credit for the armbow. The wild enemies roaming around the barren wastelands have managed to craft together a type of crossbow that fits on their hand and reacts when they need it to. You know, like Spider Man’s web device. Only less sticky and more killy.

–       Get Smart, 2008

Who can forget Brick, er, sorry, Steve Carell, in the ludicrous spy-spoof Get Smart? It’s that toilet scene that does it for me where he has to “Squeeze the lemon” and instead attempts to uncuff himself using a personal pocket crossbow. And yes, it goes about as well as Steve Carell manages to do anything on film. That is: badly. Crossbows in the ear. Up the nose. On the face. Through the walls. Pretty much anywhere that isn’t the cuffs on his hands. Oh, and all the while he sounds like he’s squeezing the most enormous lemon out of his rear end. Priceless.

–       Game of Thrones

Ok, so it’s not a movie, but come on. If you’re going to talk about crossbows how can we not mention King Joffrey the Spiteful and his “Two Whores One Bow” routine? Has there ever been a sadist on screen as diligent and deadly as the young king? The way he brandishes that crossbow, he doesn’t even have to use it to strike terror into people. Truly the stuff of madness.

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