Movies Are Big Business!

CSS AND FILMMovies and movie related sites are big business. Every few months a new movie comes out and with that new movie they need people to advertise for them so they hire people to write press releases and make commercials. Each press release has to be sent to publication and many bloggers receive compensation for releasing the press release. Many bloggers are movie buffs who write a daily or weekly article dedicated to movies and the characters in them. These bloggers need buttons for their pages and the best way to get buttons for your site are css button maker applications online. You can make a button for anything you like. Movie buttons are a great way to show your like of a movie or to direct people to your press release page.

Movie blogs are great to follow, they know all the new movies and all the best actors, and they love to write about them. There are many types of movie blogs online. There are ones geared only towards scary or horror and there are ones geared towards action and adventure. The most popular movie blogs are the ones that discuss every movie and give a rating based on likeability. Movie rating sites are one of the go to sites for movie goers now. Why would you want to watch a movie that you have no idea if it’s good or not? With the economy so rough these days how can you afford a ticket to a $10.00 or $12.00 movie if you don’t even know if it gets good reviews? So review sites get lots of business and are the go to site to check before watching a movie at the theater.

Imagine having the ability to stay up to date on all things movie related. That is what a movie blog does for you, they take the time to go to the premieres, pay the cost of the ticket or get invited to the feature premiere for publicity and then write their opinions and feelings related to the context of the movie. Movie bloggers are some of the most sought after bloggers. They get to walk down the red carpet and see the featured premiers of the movies before anyone else does. They get to hob-nob with the actors, interview the co-stars and stars, and write the press releases for magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs.

If you could do one thing in the world that involved movies, but couldn’t act or direct, then movie blogging would be your ideal option. You get to work on your own time and create awesome buttons and articles related to your favorite subject. You get free trips to New York City for premiers and to Los Angeles to view the making of some movies. This is a dream job for some movie buffs. Making a movie blog is as simple as writing a blog geared towards your favorite movies, getting your blog name out in the world, and pitching your blog to serious movie studio PR reps. It can be done and is one of the best careers to have.

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