Cure Your Movie Addiction by Making Your Own Compost and Doing You’re Gardening Yourself

It is surprisingly easy to get addicted to movies or TV simply because work life takes up a whole lot of effort and energy and you just don’t have it in you to do anything more than flip through channels after a long day at work.  The more you watch TV the more used you get to TV shows and series and pretty soon you are faced with a terrible TV addiction.  Doing a bit of gardening each day can help you combat TV addictions and will help you fight depression.

Why gardening is the ultimate TV addiction cure

Gardening helps you break routines and gets you out of the house.  When you work in your garden you get plenty of exercise and you see something new and exciting each and every day.  You learn tons of terrific gardening techniques and you learn a lot about different plants.  Gardening puts your life back into perspective and gives you time to process your thoughts, ideas and problems.

Cure Your Movie Addiction by Making Your Own Compost and Doing You’re Gardening Yourself

Why you should make your own compost

One of the biggest garden enjoyment busters is not having everything you need when you are in the mood for gardening.  Garden tools are always there one you bought them but compost keeps running out.  When you make your own compost you can save a lot of money, you will always have good pot soil and compost for your plants and you can garden whenever you like.  You are also living much greener since you are no longer wasting plant foods.

The best compost maker

If you want to make compost making super easy and fun then I recommend the Jora compost tumbler.  The tumbler has a stylish look and doesn’t take up much space in your garden.  The tumbler is also super easy to use since you can add as much compost as you like whenever you like and you can easily mix your compost so you can get the best quality compost for your garden.  The tumbler has a nice and large capacity and has duel compartments which allow you to use and make compost as you go on.  If you don’t have cash for a compost tumbler right now you can still get started by building your own compost pile in your garden.

The best ingredients for good quality compost

Compost is surprisingly easy to make and you will find plenty of ingredients for your compost heap around the house.  You can rake up some falling leaves around your garden which is a terrific source of carbon energy for getting your compost heated up.  Freshly cut grass and just about any raw veggie table scraps are terrific for adding some nitrogen to your heaps.  The Jora compost tumbler is specially designed to add oxygen all on its own which means all you need to add is some water.  By adding tea, coffee or eggshells to your compost maker you can create terrific mineral rich soil that will help your potted plants flourish and blossom much better than any store bought compost.

Making your own compost and planting a beautiful garden is a fun hobby.  When you have a beautiful garden you can also get more friends over to your house for a BBQ which will also help you cut back on some TV time.

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