Through the looking glass: How the world sees our flaws, even on film.

dermatololgyWhat if I told you that our blemishes are about as visible to the all-seeing eyes around us as a penny inside the lens of a microscope? When you really think about it, do you even need to use a microscope to see the penny at all? Fascinating perspective? But if you still don’t buy into the idea that our faces are literally walking billboards to the general public around us then I am afraid that you currently live inside a dream world. I am here to tell you that the time has finally come for you to wake up.

On average there are about sixty million Americans with active acne. According to recent studies twenty percent of these Americans are adults. Of these acne sufferers, twenty five percent will eventually retain acne scars from their current skin conditions. For this reason, many dermatologists believe that the secret to healthy skin is in our diets. Thus they pride themselves on leading a more natural practice through holistic medicine. Other dermatologists have taken a more commercial approach through the hands of science. Both ways have been proven effective as many dedicated dermatologists fight for a cure.

When it comes to skin care issues those of us who are not so fortunate might sometimes ask ourselves these questions. Who is currently treating our flaws? And on average how much does a dermatologist make off of them? It is time we all take a deep look into the looking glass and into our own reflections. Whether we like who we see gazing back at us or not, it is important to understand the science of what it takes to have a flawless face.  It just looks either when we view faces and complexions seem flawless on film.

I know what you are thinking. What do you mean by flawless? After all beauty is subjective right? In the eyes of a dermatologist this perspective is considered inaccurate.  A truly flawless face lies deep within the hidden layers of a patient’s epidermis. A career as a dermatologist is kind of like becoming a minor. The dermatologist is in charge of extracting a face’s potential impurities via chemicals, creams, and medication.  If you are interested in pursuing this profession, you should expect to make well in the six figures starting out around $150,000. After experience these numbers tend to double. After all, who said that our imperfections don’t pay? For more information on health care careers read more here.

All in all, a career in dermatology could prove to be very beneficial. We currently live in a world that prides itself on appearances. So whatever you consider to be beautiful in your eyes, it is important to remember that this beauty begins only internally. If you wish to start a career in dermatology it is imperative to remember that though the world sees only our outward appearances, it is still vital to nourish and cultivate the beauty that lies within. As our faces change this will remain an important mission.


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