Doctors as humanitarians

“Living in emergency” is a film described to go beyond the adrenaline and drama to show how far doctors without borders will go to provide medical care to less fortunate companies. It is said that they encounter blood, pain and panic daily and have to sometimes face their own wavering faith. It makes perfect sense that these kind souls would sometimes doubt their selfless decision to take on something so trying and traumatizing but if it weren’t for them we would probably not be able to get the right medical care in less fortunate countries.

This film provides us with an inside look into the lives of four humanitarian doctors that visit the Congo and Liberia to save as many lives as they possibly can. This is the first time that MSF gave a documentary crew uncensored access to operations. With some of the most extreme conditions it is no surprise that these doctors have to face hell itself to do their job and to take on a task most people wouldn’t have the courage to do. The film is said to be on the level of the controversial and heart ripping documentary “The Cove” which makes it an absolute must watch. Click here to read more about “The Cove”. It is an in your face approach and will reveal to those that aspire to join doctors without borders what to expect when helping countries that cannot help themselves.

Doctors as humanitarians

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The film “Living in Emergency” features two new recruits that include a 26 year old Australian doctor practicing in a remote bush clinic and an American Doctor that finds it hard to cope under all the pressure with all the demand for medical attention. The other two featured doctors are seasoned at medical care and keep morale high and tensions low. The one is the head of a mission to provide medical services and the other is an exhausted individual that seems to be tired of all the strain and stress and that wants to return home. The film was considered for an Oscar in 2010. Click here to read more about The Democratic Republic of Congo in order to get a better view of the area that these brave doctors find themselves in. It also makes it obvious that no one is untouchable and that everyone is sometimes only human and can break under pressure. The doctors without borders project is a fantastic movement and makes a difference in the lives of many individuals but is still and incredibly stressful exercise for those brave individuals that take part.

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