Documentaries about Trash and Waste

The increasing amount of garbage in the world’s landfills is a well-known issue.  Not only do these films aim to change how we look at our planet, and how we manage our waste, they often make interesting recommendations on how to help.  While the traditional recycle, reduce, reuse adage still applies, some of these take that simple concept and take it to another level.  So instead of throwing away that aluminum can, ignoring the option to sell surplus wireless telecom equipment and throwing it away instead, or throwing away leftovers instead of eating them, consider what these films have to say.

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Bottle water has become quite a controversy when it comes to waste.  Not only are their accusations that the companies producing the products are overcharging for something that should be highly accessible, the amount of waste those water bottles create is also a factor.  Tapped focuses on both of these issues while exploring the world of bottled water.

Questions are asked about whether water should be considered a product, or if it is a basic human right.  Additional attention is paid to the actual quality of bottle water, and if it is really all it is cracked up to be.


Although this is a fairly short documentary, Trashed faces the issues relating to garbage and waste head on.  It follows the path trash takes once it is thrown away.  Many area landfills follow the standard pattern of one layer of dirt, one layer of trash, and then repeat as necessary.  However, this solution is only so effective in regards to space.  Available alternatives do exist, but are generally considered not to be cost-effective.

It also brings attention to the amount of recyclable materials end up in these landfills, and discusses what happens when garbage ends up in city drains or swept out to sea.  While recycling centers have been working diligently to help solve the problem, there is still a long way to go.

Garbage Warrior

While not entirely about garbage, Garbage Warrior, examines the idea of a sustainable home that can be made from the items discarded by most of society.  The home would heat itself, manage water and food needs, recycle its own waste, create its own power, and require no expensive technology.  The documentary looks to bring public attention to the idea, and try to support interest in a more sustainable and efficient future.

Will These Films Change Your View

It can be hard to ignore the messages presented in these films.  When issues regarding waste become harder to ignore, and some of the solutions seem to readily available, it is difficult to fathom why more isn’t being done to make a difference.

Even if you are not in a position to make large strides in the name of the cause, consider making smaller changes that can lead to a better tomorrow.  Recycle and reuse everything you can, and try not to use anything you don’t have to.  Consider making an effort to reduce the amount of waste you create, and make sure that the garbage you can’t avoid is properly handled.  While the efforts of one individual may not seem like much, when the efforts of many individuals are combined, who knows what we can do.

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