Documentaries that Restore Your Faith in Humanity

If you’re a fan of influential documentaries, then there are a few must-watches that cannot be missed at any cost. These are documentaries that tell you about the universe, the world, it’s people – and last but not the least, restore your faith in humanity. All such documentaries can be found on ShowBox, so head over straight to Download ShowBox App right now.

Documentaries that Restore Your Faith in Humanity


The Century of the Self is an intriguing, four section narrative depicting how Freudian and post-Freudian thoughts regarding human instinct were embraced by partnerships and government officials to control society and open qualities in the twentieth Century. There is a specific spotlight on the impact of Edward Bernays, the creator of advertising, on American society, business, and governmental issues. This is an all-around created, engagingly paced, and reliably fascinating narrative, which has subsequent to built up somewhat of a clique taking after.


Regularly alluded to as ‘the greatest educational series of all time’. Carl Sagan‘s capacity to obviously convey complex ideas in basic dialect without washing down the substance of his clarifications is such an uncommon methodology. On the off chance that you have the smallest interest about how the Universe functions, this is a definitive narrative arrangement, taking you on a complete 13 hour ride through the Cosmos. The whole documentary series is accessible on Youtube.


Hold your assumptions on this one, it’s likely not what you think. This narrative approaches the ‘new age’ and ‘all you need is affection’ outlooks to scrutinize the over grasping of adoration and dissent of negative reality.


This is a captivating perfect work of art about the social and prudent flow of the present day contrasted with antiquated relentless developments that have fallen. Investigating the steadily developing issues we confront as a society and offering attentive mechanical arrangements which would all be able to be set up instantly on the off chance that we cooperate. This is streamable on Netflix.


Our everyday lives are commanded by enterprises, most products, services, data and diversion now spill out of immense multinationals. Yet, imagine a scenario in which this prevailing player in our presence is certifiably crazy. This film is a convincing story of the abhorrent that can be and is finished by and for the sake of enterprises. Heaps of definite case on top of meetings on top of narrative film cuts, exceedingly prescribed. You can easily watch it on YouTube.


A capable visual perfect work of art that takes you on a voyage through the globe. In the event that man sends another Voyager to the far off stars and it can convey one and only film on board, that film may be “Baraka.” It utilizes no dialect, so needs no interpretation. It talks in great pictures, regular sounds, and music both created and found. It respects our planet and the life upon it and stands outside of recorded time. Profoundly suggest it’s subsequent film Samsara as well, which can be easily found on the internet.

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