Drone Documentaries

Given the covert capabilities afforded to drones, it is not surprising that we will soon start seeing drone documentaries popping up everywhere. In fact, it is this sneaky ability of drones that keeps people trepidatious about their existence. No one wants to be spied on by a drone and yet somehow there has to be an understanding of how much drones can teach us.

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Drone Documentaries

Documentaries about Drones

Before we can look at documentaries from the perspective of drone cinematography, we should take a gander at some of the documentaries that have been written about them. Drones have inundated the media and the majority of the news has been a little disarming. That’s mostly because people are greatly concerned with how these wee planes can be armed and dangerous. Here are some documentaries to help understand the purpose behind these tiny aircrafts:

  • Drone On– Produced by Motherboard, this documentary offers a chance to see people who build and sell drones. There is also the opportunity for the stars of the video to get the opportunity to learn how to fly them.
  • Attack of the Drones– When the US Military started firing missiles around Pakistan’s border people became greatly disturbed. There was a fear that war would become a grand computer game. This documentary addresses those concerns.
  • National Bird– This production, put together by Wim Wenders and Errol Morris, reveals the whistleblowing stories of three Air Force veterans. The men in the video reveal what it was like to kill people from the safety of their computer consoles. It will certainly bolster the issues average citizens have with the US drone program.
  • Drone- Addressing some very serious armament issues, Norwegian filmmaker, Tonje Hessen Schei, asks people to consider the potential ramifications for war without faces. There is the certainty that other countries will develop similar tactics. And then what?
  • Rise of the Drones– WGBH produced this film with a little bit of financial help from Lockheed Martin (a company that produces one of the drones mentioned in the film). The film aims to focus on these “unmanned flying robots” that can range in size from miniscule to rather large. The documentary was shown on NOVA and claims to be prepared to reveal the “amazing technologies” that are utilized in the creation of a drone’s impressive power.

Videos Made by Drones

Ok, so they aren’t really documentaries in the commonly understood meaning of the word. However, these three videos created by imagery taken from drone cameras are worthy of consideration. If drones can open our eyes to things like this, maybe just maybe that will be their redeeming quality. Here are three videos you should definitely see:

  1. Travel the World with a Drone– The images in this video are a collection of one year’s worth of world travel. Bolivia’s salt flats and Vietnam’s rice fields are just a couple of the amazing things you’ll see here.
  2. Whale Watching– Humpback whales, near Hawaii and its connecting islands, are filmed from the vantage point of a drone flying overhead. Watch it now.
  3. Waimea Bay Hawaii– Jumping rocks and massive waves will astound you in this video.

Expect more documentaries from and about drones in the future.

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