Earn and Invest as a Filmmaker

When one thinks of making a movie, and making a ton of cash out of it, they probably think that all that one has got to do is to shoot the movie and the money starts flowing in. that is a lie because there is a lot that needs to be done. The very first thing that one has to look for is quality. Don’t shoot just any indie movie, make sure that the quality is top notch and will make people want to watch over and over, and even recommend it to others.

There are very many movies out there that are done very poorly, and in many cases, you could have a good movie but it is difficult for it to get noticed because of the low-quality movies. This brings us to the next point, marketing. One needs to come up with a great marketing plan and then execute it. This is the key to making money in film making since it brings in the audience. There is nothing as hard as produce projects, source an audience and get a return on your investment, and that is why filmmaking isn’t as easy as it sounds.


Earn and Invest as a Filmmaker

Before making a movie, there are some basic things that someone must consider, namely:

  • Do not make a movie unless you know your niche audience.
  • Do not make a movie unless you know how to reach your audience.
  • Do not make a movie unless you have enough money to market your movie.

The moment that one can answer those three simple things, they have the key to the golden ticket. One can find out more on making and marketing movies here.

Investing Movie Profits

Assuming that one answered the three questions above, made the movie, and made a lot of money from it, it is now time to invest the money. There is a very good investment that very few people think of, and that is what we are going to talk about here, precious metals. Gold and silver are some of the most precious metals in the world and an investment in their products would be sure to keep your money safe while making an interest because the value is sure to increase.

Economic Turbulence

The turbulent global economy is one of the things contributing to market uncertainty. Investors are afraid of investing for fear of economic and financial trouble. And then there is also the Brexit vote last year, something that many believe will limit financial growth in the United Kingdom and European Union in general. It is hard to tell just how much the EU and the global markets will be impacted, and that has scared investors. It is during such times that one would opt to invest in gold and silver since they are the best bet against a volatile economy.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand are another reason that one should choose to invest in gold and silver. The demand is always higher than the supply, something that was prompted by mining companies slowing down production in order to increase efficiency and profit. Gold is becoming more expensive with each passing day because of the investor demand as well as the world’s Central Bank’s needs.

Currency Fluctuation

Another reason for the increase in the price of gold and silver is currency fluctuation. Whenever the dollar falls, gold prices rise. The fact that the United States Federal Reserve might not raise interest rates has got investors looking for safer investments.


For a very long time, gold has been known as one of the best stores of wealth. It does not matter whether the gold is in form of bullions, coins or a gold IRA, gold is a worthy investment.


Despite the fact that amongst the precious metals, gold gets the most attention, silver is yet another excellent investment. It is more affordable than gold, making it easier for investors to own more of it quickly and easily.

3     Reasons to Invest in Silver

  1. Silver products have a wide array of uses

Silver is one of the most used precious metals around the world, and that has made the demand even greater. It contains elemental properties that make it easily used for many things such as jewelry, electronics, industrial applications, batteries, silverware and many other things. This is the reason that the demand for silver is on the rise.

  1. Silver products provide an excellent hedge

It has always been known that the prices of silver products tend to rise at the slightest sign of inflation. In 1980, silver reached it’s all time high when there was a 14 percent inflation. There is also the stock market. When it becomes volatile, investors tend to go for safe investments and those include precious metals.

  1. Silver always retains its intrinsic value

Silver contains the following properties:

  • Malleability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Electric conductivity

These properties mean that silver will retain its value over time. There’s also the fact that silver has and still is used as a currency.

IRA and Retirement

Physical Possession IRA

The economy today is very unstable and unpredictable, and this is pushing many investors to protect their investments. That is the reason why GSI Exchange came up with Physical Possession IRA. This is a legal process through which one can control their retirement with Gold or Silver IRA.

The structures and transfers of the Qualified Retirement Program allows one to buy and store precious metals with a Gold or Silver IRA.

Invest Money Better!

In 1996, Self-Directed IRA’s became fully legal in the case of Swanson vs. Commissioner, where the tax court rejected attacks made by the IRS approving a new IRA structure. The good news is that the Physical Possession IRA plan is a type of Self Directed IRA whereby once put in place, it is easier for one to invest through as compared to the traditional custodial plans.

How To Set Up A Physical Possession IRA

The fact that the Physical Plan IRA plan is structured properly means that long term savings are protected. The GSI Exchange platform brings about the proper environment for one to control their IRA funds without custodian regulations. Account executives will advise on whether a Limited Liability Company or a Solo401K is the right one depending on one’s personal income. A person can choose which metals to buy with money from their qualified retirement plan.

Who Sets Up the Whole Thing

Once the GSI Exchange executives decide the plan that is best, their Physical Possession IRA team will outline the plan of action. Depending on the state that one is from, the requirements and fees vary. The team also help in determining the most secure legal structure and all the paperwork at a fee of $395.00 when opening a Physical Possession IRA plan.

Simple and Hands-On

  • With a Physical Possession plan, there aren’t many administrative fees. If the LLC sells assets profitably, the gains are deferred via the IRA.
  • One can invest in a wider range of assets.
  • It includes but isn’t limited to Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium coins.

The Physical Possession IRA Plan Includes

  • Quick and easy LLC set-up
  • Articles of Incorporation filed
  • EIN filing with the IRS
  • Transfer money to your Physical Possession IRA
  • Operating Guide and Binder Overnighted
  • Assistance setting up your LLC checking account
  • Free shipping of Precious Metals to your desired location.

There you have it, the best way that one can invest their money after being successful as a filmmaker.

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