Easy Ways to Stay Hair Free On Your Travels

Unwanted body hair is pretty embarrassing for most people.  While you can easily cover up your unwanted furs on casual days it is quite a challenge to keep hair covered up when you are on holiday.  Getting rid of body hair while you are touring is also quite a challenge because you don’t always have the time for proper hair removal and a terrible rash can be quite nerving wrecking if you have been dying to wear that new bikini on holiday.

If you want to enjoy a stress-free, hassle-free holiday with no visible body hair and skin that is smooth to the touch then you can definitely check out the following tips for staying hair free on your travels.

Easy Ways to Stay Hair Free On Your Travels

Easy Ways to Stay Hair Free On Your Travels

Why you shouldn’t shave

One of the quickest ways to remove unwanted body hair is by shaving.  Shaving is quick, easy and mostly painless but this method does have quite a few disadvantages.  For one thing, hair grows back much more bristle and darker when you shave it off.  Shaving also only lasts about 2 days before you will see new stubble regrowth.  The biggest problem with shaving is, however, the rashes.  Shaving has a tendency to damage your skin, cause ingrown hair and cause terrible razor burn.  It also looks pretty nasty when your legs or bikini area is all bumpy, red and inflamed.  For these reasons shaving probably isn’t your best solution when you are on vacation.

Give hair removal creams a try

Hair removal creams are very convenient during travels.  You don’t need much more than your tube of hair removal cream in your bag and you are set to go. These creams are designed to remove body hair in 3 minutes and allow you to simply rinse away all of the hair on applied areas.  Hair removal creams are a great alternative for anyone who constantly struggles with shaving rashes and these creams give you the same lasting effects as normal shaving.  On http://hairfreeclub.com/brazilian-laser-hair-removal-at-home-top-5-devices you can check out the five best hair removal creams on the market so you can stay hair free and smooth on the go.

Give waxing a try

Waxing is quite painful but it does give you a much smoother result that lasts a lot longer.  You can also do hot waxing from the comfort of your home or while you are on holiday.  Waxing also results in damage to hair follicles which reduces regrowth and hair has a tendency to grow back much thinner.  The only downside to waxing is that you will have to wait for your hair to grow rather long before you can get another wax.

Laser hair removal is the best permanent solution

If you want to enjoy a holiday without having to shave at all then laser hair removal is the best choice you can make.   This treatment can be done on your own with home laser hair removal kits and the smooth hair free results last incredibly long.  When hair does finally grow back your hair will be fewer and fewer with every treatment since this method results in permanent hair removal.  It is, however, important to start laser hair removal quite a while before your holiday if you want to skip out on the shaving for good.

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