Emotions Through Your Video

If you have been recording videos for a long time you already know that one way that you can get more people to watch the videos is if you would showcase some emotions clearly. When you trigger people’s emotions, you can get people to change their beliefs or sometimes do some actions that they never thought they would do.

For example, if you would show someone who always had trouble understanding his parents a video about the things that parents do for their children, he might start to feel guilty for ignoring the efforts that his parents has done for him.

When you elicit an emotional response through your videos, it can translate to sales so if you are campaigning for something that you truly believe in, you should do it through the videos that you create.

Emotions Through Your Video

You may want people to consider other housing options that can be better for the environment like Timber Frame. You can make a video about it showing how it can be good for nature in the long run. The good thing about Timber Frame is there are so many designs to choose from. Those who are interested can choose from a wide variety of designs. Once they find the one they want, the log home will still be modified to suit their preferences.

If you would only show a boring video about what you are promoting, people will like it but will not be too interested in it. You can learn more about triggering emotions through videos when you check this out. Here are some of the emotions that you can play up in the videos that you will create:

  1. Make sure that it is funny.

A lot of people love to laugh but sadly, there are some people who find it hard to laugh because they cannot find anything in their lives that they can laugh about. Sometimes, the video that you will show will be enough to put smiles on people’s faces. They will begin to associate the products you are promoting with happiness and this can translate to sales.

  1. You can make it surprising.

If you would like the video that you have created to become viral, you should place an element of surprise on the video. Think about the different videos that have gained popularity over the past months. You will notice that most of these videos have a surprising ending.

  1. Make people go “WOW!”

When you create a video that will make people say “Wow!” Then you know that you have a good chance of triggering people’s actions. If you want people to be awe struck while watching your video, think of a good story that is highly emotional or you can also tell a true to life story that will be appreciated by most people.

Remember that the above mentioned emotions are meant to make people take interest in what you are promoting but if you truly want to make people feel strongly about your message, you can trigger people’s anger. Remember though that you are only recommended to do this when you are not trying to sell anything. This is meant to challenge people’s beliefs about the things that are currently happening to the world.

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