Everything You Need For a Back Yard Movie Night

Weekends and school holidays are terrific for getting friends over to your home.  You can catch up on old times, make new memories and have an absolute blast.  The only downside is that people like to enjoy new things on a regular basis.  Coffee, dinner and barbeque get-togethers can get dull pretty soon because that is exactly what everyone else do all the time. If you want to entertain your guests and be a bit different then it is time for you to start hosting outdoor movie nights in your back yard.

Dedicated Timber Deck

Timber decks are perfect for movie nights as well as other special occasions because it gives your home an elegant and luxurious look and feel.  You can simply roll out a blanket or a few mattresses onto a timber deck and enjoy star gazing, outdoor movie nights, story nights and wine evenings with friends.  Your timber deck will give everyone a clean and cozy feel even though they are outdoors.  Timber decking in Perth is also one of the most affordable decking solutions there is and will make even the smallest of back yards look absolutely luxurious.

Everything You Need For a Back Yard Movie Night


Projector technology has improved a lot over the last few years.  You can now get your very own projector at an incredibly affordable rate. Modern projectors can operate through memory SD cards and through your satellite connection so you can easily view any content you like. The hardest part about using a projector is figuring out how to set up your projector.

Speaker system

What is a good outdoors movie night without good quality sound?  You can use your home sound system for your projector or invest in a dedicated set of outdoors speakers.


A blank wall or a huge white canvas is also a must for your outdoor movie night and the bigger the better.  A good rollup canvas is the perfect white background screen on which you can easily view movies and you can easily store it away when you are not entertaining guests.


When it comes to outdoor movie nights, seating is probably not the most important factor.  A few duvets scatter cushions or some mattresses should be enough to satisfy anyone when it comes to seating for a movie night.


Snacks are a must for your movie nights but your snacks shouldn’t be too messy or too hard to prepare.  Your movie night snacks should include easy items such as popcorn, jelly candies, mini meat pies, fries, sausages and more.  If you really want to go all out then you can always combine your movie nights with a BBQ session.


The movie you choose can either make or break your outdoors movie night.  It is hard to find something that everyone would love to watch and the only way to ensure that no one has seen what you are viewing is to eater get some oldies like black and white vampire and horror films or to get the latest releases.

An occasional movie night is the perfect way to work in some difference into your guest receiving routines and to get everyone out of the house for a bit of outdoorsy fun.  It can be a terrific birthday party idea or simply good clean family fun.

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