Movie night with friends and family

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHTMovies have a long standing relationship with parties and BBQs. Many movies feature cookouts such as Fast n Furious, and of course The Cookout which is appropriately named, to name a few. But one thing is for sure, you can’t have a movie night without a cookout. Invite the neighbors get the electric smokers out and start some meat on the grill. The best time to have a movie night with a cookout is the summer times. Since the kids are out of school, bedtimes are a bit more lax and parents are a bit more fun.

Feature movies that celebrate family time and summer fun during your movie night. Use an affordable projector to project the movie on your back wall of your house. Just hang a white sheet up over the back wall of the house and shoot the movie there. Start the cookout mid-afternoon so the food is good and done by the time it gets dark and start the movies when darkness hits. This is a great way to enjoy movies and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Cookouts are an all-time favorite of families. Adding a movie to the mix just makes it even more enjoyable. If you don’t have an electric smoker then do a little research and read more on which one is the best, most affordable option for your needs. Not every smoker is going to be right for you and your family’s needs. But you should be able to find the right one for your needs.

Choosing the movies to watch should be super easy. IF you have kids over then you first want to show something for them to watch that is also entertaining for you such as the new movie Nut Job. It adds entertainment for the whole family. Once the kids are asleep you can put in an adult movie such as Ride Along, which adds comedy to the night. These are great choices but you don’t have to go with them you can choose your own feature films by getting input form the kids and guests. Sometimes you can do a theme evening geared around a certain actor that everyone enjoys, or a certain subject like comedy or action.

Having kids over for a slumber party is a great way to use the projector as well. Showing tons of kid’s movies that are all geared towards summertime fun can be a great way to enjoy the evening. Kids love movies but what they love more than movies is popcorn. So make sure you have lots of popcorn and snacks for them to chow down on.

Making movie night fun is all about what you put into it and how much fun you make it. Movie night is a great time for all. Having lots of snacks and drinks and options for movies is a great way to celebrate the summer and a holiday or special occasion. Slumber parties, birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays are all great times to throw a movie party with lots of friends and family.

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