Famous Homes in Las Vegas

There are many things in Las Vegas aside from its casinos, but the casinos, obviously, overshadow everything, which is why people don’t pay attention to everything else in Las Vegas. Famous homes, for instance, are something that everyone should know about, as these are old movie sets or houses of former famous celebrities, etc. If you’re interested in knowing about these famously notorious houses in as Vegas, then read on.

Famous Homes in Las Vegas

3515 Cochise Lane

One of the several luxury homes Las Vegas has to offer, this one was actually the site of the movie “Casino”, and even after more than 20 years of the movie’s release, it still looks just like it did in the actual movie, with no changes at all. You wouldn’t think that the house is as old as it is, and yet, despite its age, it has maintained a graceful and eternal beauty that many houses tend to lose quite often.

The biggest coincidence, however, is the fact that an actual executive of a casino lived in this house. His name was Irving Ash Resnick, and he had been targeted by a car bomb, which were found in his car when he was at Caesars Palace. It was weird how Resnick’s real life incidents matched that of the movies, as he had to face allegations of being involved in an organized crime just like the movie’s main character had.

This house is one of the monumental parts of Las Vegas’s history, complete with sculpted shrubbery, colorful ground lightings and rock pillars.

971 Vegas Valley Drive

This home belonged to the casino executive Rosenthal, which is complete with bulletproof windows and windows, and as appealing as it may sound to any rich homeowner, there is a reason why Rosenthal chose a house as such.

Once again related to the 1995 movie “Casino”, the main character was inspired by Rosenthal, who managed to survive a murder attempt just a shirt while after his car exploded from a bomb blast, which, once again, was at a close proximity to his home. Then again, Rosenthal was related to the mob, so he was used to expecting attacks as such.

He also installed hidden safes for his guns and had soundproof rooms to ensure that the federal agents could not hear his private conversations.

6629 S. Pecos Road

This was Wayne Newton’s residence for decades until 2014. This house, just like the ones mentioned earlier, has an extremely interesting story. Newton was in a state of serious bankruptcy, from which, his friend decided to dig him out of by selling his home, called Casa de Shenandoah, to a potential buyer in 2010 who wanted to turn it into a museum.

But the plans stalled and Newton, in 2013, moved out of the property, which led to the property being called Sunset Spring Ranch for a while.

These are just some of the many interesting luxury homes in Las Vegas, and you can read more about some of them here http://lasvegassun.com/news/2015/jun/30/homes-character-see-some-las-vegas-most-famous-and/

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