Filming U.S. Victims of Iranian Terror

There are countries that are well known for terror attacks and one of the countries that are well known for this is Iran. The terror attacks going on in Iran has a way of affecting other countries as well and one of these countries is the United States. According to Foundation for defense for democracies, there are Americans who are victims of Iran terror attack and in that regard there is a case that is going on so that they get justice and whether or not they are allowed ownership of belongings from the Central bank of Iran as a Judgment measure.  The Iranian attacks on the US are mainly political and the US politics have an effect on the world that is why many people are keen on following up on US politics. For example the US victims wanted to take belongings from the central bank as compensations of court judgments won against the state.

Filming U.S. Victims of Iranian Terror

According to Mark Dubowitz who is Iran sanctions expert, Iran is working to use the American legal system to destroy the architecture sanctions that were developed by the US over the years.

Since this is something that happened long ago and there is a book that has all its information, it’s only the book that can be filmed into a movie. As much as there are many book lovers who prefer to read, there are some people who prefer to watch the movie version as well. With the clear picture of what happened during that time, making a movie should be an easy thing to do.

To successfully turn a book into film, there are several stages that are involved. They include:

The pitch

The pitch of the story is what determines whether the book is filmable or not. For example the pitch used in women fiction stories disqualifies it from being filmable. There are some pitches that are on high demand and others are not that is why the pitch has to be determined first because no one would want to produce a film that is not on demand.  The pitch chosen however depends on the production house; there some companies that deal with only specific genres while there are those that are all rounded.

The option

Not all options result in movies and thus option payment is like a freebie. The fee for an option however varies with some options fetching more money for the authors than others. In an option, an author can give the specific terms and conditions in case the movie is released. The terms include the amount of money the author will get from the movie and the number of tickets that the author can receive from s movie premiere. One should make sure however that the contract of the studio does not conflict with the rights of the publisher. In the option, there are agents that keep a percentage of what the author gets which is in most cases the producer gets 20% of what the author gets, the literary agent gets 10% and the book to film agent gets 10%. Basically in the option the following parameters are determined:

Returns from the option: This is basically how much the author will get paid from the option. Authors get paid when the movie is made and they are also paid by the producer during the filming period.

Period of the option: The term of the option is normally in terms of months. The common terms are twelve months, eighteen months and twenty four months. The option money can be a determinant of the term such that less money translates to a short term.

Renewability of the option: There are some options that once they expire that is it while there are options that are renewable. There is a possibility that an option can be taken to a different producer for consideration.

Author name in credits: there are some terms that will enable the author to get his name in the credits though basically it depends on the preference of the author. The author can also decide who they want to be in the credits and their font size.

Script reviews: This is in terms of whether the author has a right to review the script and make any necessary changes in the filming process.

Writing of the script

Once the option has been determined, now a screen writer can be sought for to adapt the written work into screen. This is normally determined by a producer which in many cases screen writing involves several screen writers. Throughout this phase, the author is not involved unless they are bestselling authors. Most producers however do not prefer authors to be involved in screen writing.


Once the script is fully written it can then be produced. For production finances are an important factor and main determinant in production. The production period depends on the amount of work involved. It also depends on the production house and the kind of setting required in the movie. Some production houses take a longer time as compared to others.

For the case of independent authors, it is a bit complicated to get a book considered by Hollywood for filming. They will therefore have to get a production agency without a literally agent. You will have to take an extra step for pitching. The author can write the script on their own and submit it to studios and agents for production


Unlike many books that cannot be turned into films, the US victims of Iranian Terror are filmable since it has spurred a lot of interest. With the right procedure followed the film will be successfully be produced. It is a great way of knowing about the story as will give you more of a visual touch which is important as well. The advertisement of the film is what will determine the popularity of the film and make it a success therefore a proper advertisement strategy should be adopted.

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