Four Equipment to Buy if You Aspire to be An Independent Filmmaker

Independent movies are films made without a major movie studio or film studios such as Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Walt Disney Studios, or Universal Pictures. If you are a filmmaker who wants to make a feature film without affiliating it with the film studio system, then you are an independent filmmaker, and the genre of your movie is “Indie film.” Movies like Donnie Darko, Juno, The Blair Witch Project, Memento, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Lost in Translation are few of the famous indie films made until this day.

The independent film industry is expanding day by day. However, making a film is a lot of hard work. It requires immense forethought to write a good screenplay along with knowledge about directing, producing, editing, promotion, and distribution of the film. If you desire to be as good as Thomas McCarthy, Steve McQueen, Lynne Ramsay, or Nicholas Winding Ref, then you need to have the necessary equipment to make a good film.

Four Equipment to Buy if You Aspire to be An Independent Filmmaker

Yes, you can make a film with just your iPad but is it going to win you a Sundance award? The answer is, not likely; you need to have the following four important things to shoot a good movie.

  • A good video camera:

Making an indie movie is how famous directors have entered into the film industry and garnered a name for themselves. A video camera is the actual star of your film. If you have a potential story line but the graphics of your film are lacking, your movie might not get the recognition it deserves. Don’t splurge on a top-of-the-line camera instead spend according to your budget.

Camcorders are the ideal option for a filmmaker because of their high definition video quality, which is the same or sometimes finer than the video quality of DSLRs. Camcorder trumps DSLR in many ways. Sony HVR-V1U is one of the best DV camcorders in the market, so be sure to check it out.

First, because of its built-in microphones which provide a better audio than a digital video camera. Moreover, this camcorder has an automatic zoom that is easier to handle than a digital camera, whereas DSLRs have a manual zoom which takes a lot of practice to handle.

  • Shotgun microphones:

Yes, your camera might have a built-in mic but don’t just rely on it to be the only source of audio for the movie. Get a shotgun microphone for a clear sound and audibility. These kinds of mics are attachable on top of the camera or a boom pole. A shotgun microphone must be near the sound source for better quality. It’s extremely handy when you are in a hollow and wide space because the voice it records doesn’t echo.

  • Support for your camera equipment:

Additional gear is necessary for cameras such as a camera support because often our hands shake. As a result, the shot we are filming is either blurred or shaky. Therefore, a tripod stand is essential for when you want to shoot a steady shot, as they help you in filming the scene without any bumps. Tripod stand also gives you a break, because you might tire your arm after holding the camera all the time, so they take some of the load off from your shoulders.

  • Artificial sources of light:

Improper lighting can ruin all your hard work. You need to have extra sources of light with you while shooting. Don’t just shoot with the glow coming from one bulb, except for when you are filming a horror scene.

So, switch on the floor lamps and open the windows. However, be careful not to make the room extra bright. Perfect lighting is a balance between not too much light and not too much darkness. You should also get a light reflector too, as they help you illuminate the actor’s faces and add a glow to their features.

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