Get the Best Dental Care So You Can Enjoy Movie Junk Food

What is a good movie without some popcorn, slush puppies and snacks? Popcorn and other snacks have a tendency to get stuck between gaps in your teeth and can cause terrible agony. If you like to enjoy your snacks during your movie then you need the best dentist in Singapore to ensure your teeth are gap and cavity free for a painless popcorn experience.

How often should you be visiting the dentist?

The amount of visits that you need depends on your habits and the health of your teeth. If you do a lot of smoking, have gum frequent gum diseases or simply cannot control your sweet tooth then you might need a few more dentist visits than the average person. Those with a lot of dental diseases and tooth problems can visit a dentist every three or four months, perhaps even more. People with healthy teeth can get away with one two visits a year to ensure that their teeth are clean and cavity free.

Get the Best Dental Care So You Can Enjoy Movie Junk Food

Dentist services

Dentists have a lot of basic services and some will even go above and beyond by creating tailor services for your specific problem.

General dentistry – This usually include oral / wisdom tooth surgery, dental x-ray and comprehensive examinations, scaling and polishing of your teeth and root planning.

Advanced dentistry – This is usually for people with a greater healthcare need such as dental implants, root canal treatments, tooth-coloured fillings and dentures.

Cosmetic dentistry – not all dentists provide cosmetic dentistry but those that do often include teeth straightener with envisaging, teeth whitening kits, orthodontic braces, porcelain crowns / bridges / veneers in their services.

How lower income citizens can also enjoy great dental care

Some dentists are supported by programs such as the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) that have been created by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to help Singapore citizens who don’t earn a lot of income. Eligible citizens can apply for discounted or free dental care if they meet the minimal requirements. There are also pioneer Generation packages that honor pioneers for nation building by providing dental care solutions.

What to expect from a dental visit

First of all, you will have to make an appointment with a dentist since dentists are often rare in certain locations and can be booked for up to a week.

Once it is time for your appointment, your dentist will check your teeth for problems.

X-rays are often taken during the checking because most cavities and dental problems such as Wisdom Teeth can only be seen with the help of X-rays. The X-rays are done in the chair and results are instant.

Once the dentist has established the cause of the problem, he will advise you on the best steps to take to restoring your teeth. You will still have complete say in all the procedures and can walk away if you simply can’t stand to get a procedure done just now.

Most dentists are fully equipped and ready to instantly take on a problem and get your teeth fixed or cared for without the need to schedule a second appointment.

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