Get the Best Ideas for Films by Spending Time in the Shower

Showers are important for so much more than just your personal hygiene.  It is the perfect place to escape to when you need a moment to cry, daydream or work through some stress.  Showers make you feel much better and more refreshed and energized which is probably why 79% of people get the best ideas of their lives in the shower.  If you have been struggling with writers block or need a new and fresh idea for your films then it is time to start enjoying showers more.  Your body and mind will absolutely love you for it.

Get the Best Ideas for Films by Spending Time in the Shower

How to make showers better

Get better water pressure – Water pressure is fantastic for flushing away dead and depressing thoughts and for sending a rush through your body.  You can now enjoy much better water pressure in your shower by getting a shower head that will actually improve the water pressure in your shower.  The best low water pressure shower head reviews is the perfect place to find out more about how these showerheads work and what you should look for to improve the quality of your shower.

Look for a speaker showerhead – Music is probably not the best thing for developing great ideas but it can distract you from problems and improve your mood so you can focus better later on.  If you love to listen to tunes in the shower then it is time to get a Bluetooth showerhead so you can put the spring into your step each morning.

Invest in some indoor plantsIndoor plants in the bathroom can greatly improve the vibe and the oxygen levels in your home.  Your body will instantly feel more vibrant and healthy when you stare at some natural greens in the shower.

Top reasons to shower instead of bathe

There are those that argue that bathing provides just as many great ideas as showering but they couldn’t be more wrong.  A bath makes you feel tired, lazy and dreamy.  You thing sluggish thoughts and you move sluggishly when you bath.  A shower is practical and much more of a rush and is much more therapeutic which is why so many people get more ideas in the shower than in the tub.  There are also some other benefits to showering such as;

Quicker – Showers are much faster than bathing so you can fit more into your day

Cleaner – Soap and dirt gets washed away much more effectively in a shower than in a tub

Healthier – Showers are much healthier than tubs because you are less likely to catch a chill due to quicker showers and the spread of diseases from one partner to another is much less likely.

Clear thinking – Showers promotes clear thinking because you are less foggy, quicker and you can think much clearer in a standing position than in a sitting position.

Save water – When you shower you consume a third less water than you would have in a tub which means that you are actually saving the environment a little bit with each passing day.

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