Great ways that will help you to effectively and efficiently train your dog

The process of narrowing down your options and selecting a new dog can be long, tedious and drawn out. However, when you first get your new dog home, it is extremely enjoyable and rewarding for both the dog and yourself. However, there is an initial period where the dog needs to get used to its surroundings and to learn how they should conduct themselves.

If you got a pup, they will not be toilet or house trained. This could mean smelly and wet carpets, furniture and walls. They might tear up your furniture and cause havoc with the various fixtures and fittings that are to be found around your house. These are just a few of the issues which you may have to deal with when you first bring your new dog home. Here is some helpful advice that will help you to streamline this process.

Great ways that will help you to effectively and efficiently train your dog

Use a remote dog training collar

A great that you can train your dog and help them to differentiate good behaviour from bad behaviour is to purchase a remote dog training collar. The basic premise of this device is to provide a safe shock to the dog anytime they do something that they are not supposed to. After a short while, they will be able to recognise which activities they are supposed to do and which activities they are not supposed to do.

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Help the dog to relax when it first arrives

Dogs are like humans when it comes to moving to a strange place. They need time to adapt and to get used to their surroundings. Moving to a completely foreign setting can be stressful and overwhelming, so you want to minimise these feelings as much as possible. You should provide an environment where the dog can relax and be comfortable as soon as they arrive in your home. You should give it a warm bottle as well as placing a ticking clock nearby.

These items will re-enact the sounds they would have heard when in the den with their mother and fellow siblings. You should set up a designated area for its own private den. This provides a nice space for the dog to have for itself, as well as providing both parties with some valuable alone time.

Teach it how to follow commands

One of the most important areas of training your new dog is to teaching it when to come and when to follow your commands. You should also command your dog by its name and speak with authority. These will re-inforce your position of being the boss and the alpha in the relationship. When starting off, you should get on the same level as your dog and give it a lot of positive reinforcement once they reply positively to your commands. The next step is to practice commands during a time when they are busy doing something they enjoy.

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