Healthy Eating Advice from Documentary Film

Most people know that healthy eating is a fundamental requirement to an overall healthier life, but determine exactly what changes to make can be a challenge.  If you are looking for information on healthy eating, and you don’t know where to begin, consider watching the following documentary films as a starting point for your healthy eating inspiration.

Super Size Me

One of the most well-known food-related documentaries, Super Size Me Follows the host, Morgan Spurlock, as he begins a 30-day challenge where he is restricted to only eating food items from McDonald’s.  There are other requirements involved in his plan, such as having to supersize the meal anytime he is asked if he would like to, as well as having to consume each item on the menu at least once during the 30-day period, the documentary does show what can happen if a person bases the majority of their diet on processed, fast food items.

Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives is a film that puts special emphasis on a plant-based diet, and limiting animal-based and processed foods, as more than just a path to general health, but also as a method for controlling degenerative disease.  The tips can not only be a great starting point if you are considering how to get skinny in a healthy way, but can also provide a path to an overall better quality of life.

Healthy Eating Advice from Documentary Film


This documentary explores what happens when a group of volunteers who partake in a normal omnivorous diet decide to live as vegans for a period of six weeks.  This film does not only center on how food choices can affect a person’s health, but also introduces a variety of considerations on the moral-side of the vegan position.  Regardless of your personal feelings about animal-based food items, the information on increasing your intake of healthy produce can be beneficial to those who are considering altering their diet for health reasons.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead follows Joe Cross as he works to reclaim his health through juicing.  For 30 days, Cross obtains all of his nutrients from homemade, fresh fruit and vegetable juices.  During the time, he consumes no solid foods, as well as no animal products of any kind.  His goal was not just to lose weight, but to gain control over the autoimmune disease that had lead him to increasingly higher doses of steroids in hopes of controlling the effects.  While many consider juicing as your only source of nutrition to be quite extreme, some of the other information presented may be deemed helpful to those looking to make a change in their diets even if juicing is not a path with which they are comfortable.

While the information covered in these films might not be completely applicable to your lifestyle, they can serve as a foundation for making changes that will help you lead a healthier life.  Most of the films conclude that increasing your intake of fresh produce can be beneficial, especially when it leads to a lower amount of processed foods and animal products in your diet.  That being said, you are not guaranteed to see results at the same level as those which are presented in the films, and it is always recommended that you speak with a doctor before making any significant dietary changes, especially if you currently suffer from a medical condition.

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