Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to see their point of view from a different angle.  Theirs.

HUMANITYLet’s see, if you were to hear a story about humanity, what are some of the things that you would look for in the story?  You’d look for a story about someone who was going about their days in what was normal to them.  Then this person would fall into some type of tragedy.  You’d feel for them, root for them and want to see them overcome.  You’d see their struggle, and the kind person that comes into their life and is sympathetic to their situation.  In conclusion, the end of the movie would show the person either overcoming their issue, finding a way to live with it, or just not feeling alone anymore.  They wouldn’t be a victim anymore.

You wouldn’t know these things unless you walked a mile in their shoes.  A documentary by Jason DaSilva called When I Walk shows all those things.  It shows humanity at work, in his reality.  See he was a young, up and coming film maker who one day things started not working well with his body.  All of a sudden he could barely walk and went from using a cane, to a walker, to a wheelchair to a motorized chair.  He documented it.  He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS.  His whole life changed.  You get to see it from his point of view.  From the looks he got from people at the odd way he walked at first, to progressively getting worse.  During the progression as his condition worsened, he went through stages where he was looked at and treated rudely, where he couldn’t access places because of steps or has no handicapped access, and more obstacles to face.

Eventually he met a woman who didn’t have MS or any type of handicap or disorder.  A perfectly normal woman with a heart of gold.  She lived an active life.  She’s was the type of person you’d picture eating healthy and being into home gym fitness.  She was living a life he once did and she thought none the less of him because of his situation. Together they came together as a team to film his story and grew close even though every day was a challenge for him.   Long story short, they married and they danced their first dance as he sat her on his lap and they rolled around the dance floor on his scooter with her arms around him.  It was a classic ending with the humanity inside us all coming through in the end.  In watching this documentary, you’re watching a real story. Not fiction, or “based on” movie or video, but a real story.  From the eyes of someone who filmed people who were in dire situations before he had his own to film.

This is the kind of video that evokes feelings in us that show that we are human.  That we all have our struggles, that we all try to overcome, and that sometimes, if we’re lucky enough we find someone to share our lives with.  Someone who learns to walk a mile in our shoes.  In this case, drive a mile in someone’s scooter.  Humanity isn’t scripted in films, it’s lived every day with every breath we take.  Take a break from the sports movies, horror, or chick flicks, and watch a good documentary sometime.  Maybe you’ll come out better for it as you see life through someone else’s eyes.  Walked in their shoes.  Don’t just watch humanity.  Live it.

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