How filmmakers can choose a robot vacuum

With the busy lifestyle of filmmakers, many prefer something that will bring efficiency in their lives. One of the big things used is robot vacuums. That explains why they are growing in popularity by the day. There are many different robot vacuums in the market, and it may be confusing which one to choose. Some of the things to consider to make sure that you end up with the best robot vacuum for your home include:

How filmmakers can choose a robot vacuum
How filmmakers can choose a robot vacuum

The size of your house

Different robot vacuums have various sizes of dustbin. That is why some robot vacuums will work best for small spaces and others for big spaces. Robot vacuums also differ in terms of battery life. When it has a short battery life, it might not finish cleaning up the house before it needs a recharge. You should, therefore, consider the size of your home for more cleaning efficiency.

Type of flooring

The most common flooring types are carpets, hardwoods, and ceramic tiles. Different robots are best suited for certain kinds of floors. For example, if you have a carpeted floor, you should consider a vacuum that comes with a HEPA filter so that it can easily do a deep cleaning. If you do not have a carpet, you can consider a vacuum that has a mop feature for thorough cleaning.


If you have pets in your house, you should consider a vacuum that can efficiently deal with pet hair. There are robot vacuums specifically meant for houses with pets. They come with special brushes, a strong suction, and great navigation to make sure that your house is sparkling clean.


For a house that has kids, you need a vacuum that can access any area of your house, even the hard to reach areas. It should be able to do a deep clean and give you the option to map a no-go zone. For example, you can map the robot not to go to a room where the child is sleeping.

Ease of operation

The main aim of a robot vacuum is to make your work easier hence it should be easy to operate. Most vacuums have companion apps that help you control it remotely. It should be able to map out where it has cleaned to avoid doing double work.

Battery life

Robot vacuums with long battery life are always better as they can do a better cleaning job and clean a more substantial area comparatively. A machine with a low battery life means that it will have to pause at some point to recharge.


Most of the time, the price of a vacuum reflects its quality and set of features it has. Vacuums with more features will automatically be more expensive. If you are tied on a specific budget, and you want great features, you may be forced to opt for a used vacuum. It is essential to decide what you want and the features that are important to you before looking for a robot vacuum to find the best.

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