How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pets are good but sometimes getting rid of their fur can be cumbersome. There is also a large population that is allergic to pet hair but still love pets, so the solution is a strategy to get rid of the hair. While there are many vacuums in the market, there are those that are particularly suited for pet hair. Filmmakers can, therefore, have pets without worrying about pet fur or allergies. Some of the factors that they can keep in mind when looking for a pet vacuum include:

How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair
How Filmmakers Can Choose A Vacuum for Pet Hair

Filter system

One of the most important components of a pet vacuum is the filter system. Most of the common standard vacuums only do away with dust and large particles sending the microparticles back to the air which may not be very good if you have allergies. If you are looking for a vacuum that will deal with fur and per allergens, then you will need a vacuum with fine filters to filter out even the tiniest particle. While checking the filter system, make sure that it is HEPA certified. When it comes to filters, there are also filters that do odor filtration hence if you are sensitive about odors that’s the path to take.

Suction power

If you are looking for a vacuum to clear away microparticles and allergens, then you would want to go for a machine with strong suction power. Just because a machine is a fancy or high end does not necessarily mean that it has a strong suction power and hence it is important to check for that. The good thing about a machine with a strong suction power is that it can suction dirt off cracks and hard to reach places. It can get rid of all the fine hairs that may be left by pets beneath carpet fibers.

Bagged vs Bagless

Vacuums can either be bagged or bagless. For allergy sufferers, they prefer to go for bagged vacuums as it contains all the suctioned dirt well and all you have to do is throw away the bag without having to empty it. Bagless vacuums also work out for some people too and save them the hustle of having to purchase bags. You should, however, be aware that emptying the trash bag will release allergens back into the air while you have been trying to get rid of it, so it doesn’t make sense.

Cord vs cordless

Vacuums can either be battery operated or corded. If you will be working where there is no socket nearby, it is better to go for the cordless variety. Both corded and cordless do the job, it all depends on your preference. If you decide to go for the corded variety, be sure to check the length to make sure it is a comfortable length so that it does not inconvenience you. The cordless is very convenient but the problem is it uses a battery and you may be obliged to change your batteries often.

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