How Filmmakers Can Choose a Video Camera

For filmmakers, the kind of camera that they have has a lot of influence on their success. Even though one may have all the necessary skills, success will not be attainable without the right equipment. When it comes to choosing the right equipment, there are many features to evaluate. That will help you to have a piece of equipment that will suit your needs better. There is a wide array of cameras and they all serve the different kinds of photography for example there is M43 photography that will need a certain set of equipment. That said, the first step should be analyzing your needs so that you can choose accordingly. Some of the features to consider when choosing a camera for filming include: 


When it comes to a live video footage, a high definition resolution is very important. That can either be 720p or 1080p. The resolution will determine the clarity of the footage that you will take. A high resolution will help you achieve less grainy videos. 


When it comes to the output of a camera, it can either be HDMI or SDI output. Not all cameras have the ability to give you live video. Most of the time when a camera gives a live video, it never has a clear signal. That is why you must get a camera that is specifically designed for live streaming. That means that when you are searching for a camera that you intend to use for filming, check the video output specs which HDMI or SDI. Contrary to popular belief, DSLR is not the best when it comes to giving clean signals when streaming. 


When it comes to camera zooms, it can wither be optical or digital zooms. When it comes to optical zoom, the lens can zoom without compromising on the resolution quality. When it comes to digital zoom, it is the camera and not the lens that does the zooming thus compromising on the resolution quality of the image. 

Image stabilization 

Image stabilization is very important for you not to get blurry pictures and videos. Most cameras have image stabilization only that with some it is automatic and others it is not. With an automatic adjustment, there is more stabilization and thus will help cameras to have a clear video. 

Frame rates 

Frame rates refer to the number of images that can be taken in a second during a video clip. It affects how motion in a video comes out. The more the number of frames per second, the more the detail the video clip can have. When the frame rates are low, some fine details of the video may be missed making the video to appear choppy. It, however, depends on the kind of footage that you take. If it is slow-paced, then using few frames per second is okay.

Some cameras have standard frame rates and those are best for stationary shots or minimal movements.

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