How Real Campus Life Is Different From Movie Campus Life

Movies can teach kids a lot about life, places, how to deal with situations and about all the crazy things that people do to one another.  There are plenty of movies out there that will prepare your child for a lot of things that is probably going to cross their paths at some point and some movies can give them terrific pointers on how to deal with these situations.  But your child needs to know that movies are often a lot different from real life, especially movies around campus setups.

Most students actually live on their own

Yes, there are still a lot of student homes, sororities and boarding school setups in campus but most parents prefer to have their children live on their own so they can be safe from peer pressure and so they can learn how to be an adult and how to make responsible decisions on their own.  While campus apartments are not quite as secluded as real grown up living is; it is still a lot the same.  UT apartments west campus, for example, is close to everything your child will need such as university, college, shops, entertainment centers and grooming salons but the students are still all on their own.  There may be thousands of other students in the same area but they live as individuals and make their own choices and build their own paths.

How Real Campus Life Is Different From Movie Campus Life

The dangers are real

Campus students face the same dangers as just about any other adult.  They can easily fall victim to robberies, muggings, fraud and they can easily be prey to other students who have misconduct in mind.  Your child needs to take the necessary precaution measures to secure his or her own safety.  They need to stay off the streets during the late hours of night, never venture around alone and they need to lock up and keep belongings secure or lose it.

Campus life can be dull

Campus life in movies is often filled with challenges, terrific conquests and fantastic experiences.  But real life campus life is actually quite dull for most students.  The first reason for this is the fact that just about all campus students are on a tight budget since college and university is already expensive with the exception of living cost.  The second reason is that the studies are actually tough and you do need to put in lots of hours each and every day or drop out.  Making friends in campus is also just as hard as making friends in high school, if not harder.

Studies are actually tough!

A lot of students suffer terribly from stress and anxiety during their college or university years because they know that if they don’t make a success of their educations they won’t get good opportunities in life. On top of all of the studies they also have to make real life decisions regarding relationships, family and friends and they have to learn to be responsible for their own lives and take responsibility for their own actions.  It is no surprise if a campus student isn’t a big party animal due to all of the stress and responsibilities.

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