How to Create a Good Vacation Video

There are a lot of people who love going on vacation especially during the summer months wherein they can take their pic where they would like to go. People would like to document their vacations so they do it by taking pictures or even by taking videos. These pictures can be posted on social media while vacation videos may sometimes be too long to post.

In the beginning, people who would like to see where you have gone to for vacation will be interested in seeing your video but if it takes too long or if it merely composed of people saying hi to the camera all the time and obstructing the view, the video can become very boring to people who are watching.

It will always help if you are going to a place that is naturally good looking like the Occidental Vacation Club. There are different branches of this club located in various parts of the world and if you have a chance to visit one, it is normal that you want to take videos of the various spots of the location as well as the amenities that it can offer.

How to Create a Good Vacation Video

One thing that you have to remember is this: You do not have to make one hour long vacation videos. Even wedding videos right now are cut down to about 5 – 10 minutes. Only the highlights of the occasion are included and this is how you should make your vacation videos as well. Here are a few more tips that you have to know in order to create good vacation videos:

  1. Shoot shots that are short.

When you are taking videos of people, make sure that you are going to take short shots only. It is okay to take a picture of your brother as your brother does something but any longer than that, then it will become boring to people who are watching.

  1. While it is okay to take pictures of scenery, it will be more interesting if there are people included in the frames.

You have to remember that the scenery available in the tourist spot where you have gone to is great but there are other professional photographers and videographers who have taken better pictures and videos of these places. Make those spots even more interesting by adding people there. It will also make the vacation videos more personal.

  1. Create a story.

The vacation video should tell a story. You can shoot in sequence or edit the video in such a way that it will show just how fun the whole vacation is. If you took a cruise, show how the people that you are with entered the cruise plus how you have all gathered in one location. It will give people an idea about what you did for the trip. It may also entice them to visit the place and experience the same great vacation that you have just had.

Can you still think of other tips that will make taking videos more interesting? Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments you share.

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