How to Create the Perfect Setup for a Winter Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are great fun.  You get to catch up with all of your old friends, enjoy strange and bizarre drinks and have your fill of some of the best movie sequels ever. Even watching movies that you have seen a couple of times like the Star Wars or the The Lord of the Rings set is great fun and definitely worth a bit of effort because you get to snuggle up and enjoy all of your best buddies gestures and jokes all night long.  Having a winter movie marathon is great since it is one of the most affordable and easiest events you can have in your cozy little home.

Pile up on the blankets

Friends may be good friends but that does not mean that they want to share blankets.  If you want all of your guests to have a blast then stock up on some blankets like;

Goose down comforter – Goose down comforters is the mega of all blankets.  This type of comforter is incredibly lightweight so you never feel suffocated and they are incredibly warm due to the geese feather’s natural capabilities to shield against even the chilliest of winters.  You can click here to find the best goose down comforter’s at the most affordable rates.

Fleece blankets – These thin loose blankets are terrific for giving that extra bit of heat during a chilly horror scene.

How to Create the Perfect Setup for a Winter Movie Marathon

Pile up the pillows and mattresses

Pillows and scatter cushions are always terrific for a movie marathon because it gives everyone the freedom to pile them as high as they need so they can get a clear view of the TV set.  A couple of loose mattresses are also terrific for making everyone feel super comfortable and cozy.

Serve hot drinks

Hot drinks like cocoa, hot chocolate and coffee is a must for your movie marathon since everyone will need the extra sugar to keep them awake for the entire night.

Get some easy snacks

Popcorn is one of the best snacks for entertaining plenty of guests since it is affordable, easy to make and each guest can spice their popcorn the way they want.  You can also include some tasty treats like corndogs, doughnuts, muffins, cookies and mini sausage rolls.

Get the right movies

The chances that none of your friends have seen the movies that you are viewing are quite big but the movies are only part of the fun anyway.   Your friends are there to have a blast and to see if they can endure an entire night of movie viewing and eating.  Some of the best movies for your movie marathon are;

The Marvel Collection – Marvel is bringing out a new superhero movie every other day.  If you want to have a blast and have 14 and half hours to kill then that is your best choice.

Dark Night Trilogy – The dark night trilogy will take almost 8 hours to watch.

Twilight Saga – This set takes 10.5 hours to watch and will definitely warm all of your girlfriends right up.

Harry Potter – Harry potter will keep you busy for 19.5 hours and is sure to put quite a lot of magic into the air.

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